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What Do Discord Admins Do? (EVERYTHING You Need To Know)

Most large Discord servers have a couple of admins in them, but what exactly do these admins do? And how are they different from mods? I cover that and more below.

What Can Discord Admins Do?

Discord admins create new channels, establish community rules, manage bots, assign mods, remove mods, assign roles, and adjust server settings. Simply put, admins can do anything the owner of a server can do besides deleting the server.

My Discord Server Admins

The privileges I mentioned above are privileges that most people who are admins in a server are granted, but ultimately what a server admin can and can’t do is up to the server owner.

Although most admins have near unlimited limitations when it comes to moderation and server customization, there are limitations to their authority when it comes to user privacy.

Let’s talk about some of these things below.

Can Discord Admins See Your Activity?

Discord admins can not see your activity on a Discord server. Things you do on a server are kept private and only you can see them. Discord admins can see the same thing as other regular users in a server such as your public messages and which channels you are a part of, but that’s it.

When joining a new server, many Discord users worry about what admins can see them doing. But don’t worry, when it comes to privacy, admins have just about the same access as anyone else.

With that being said, there is something within a Discord server called “audit logs” that track certain events that have taken place within a server.

For example, these logs keep track of things such as server settings that were changed, what new channels were created, what members were banned or kicked, etc.

These logs deal more with the administrative side of a Discord server rather than a users personal actions within a server.

Can Discord Admins See Your IP Address?

Discord admins can not see your IP address. Discord doesn’t allow any user to see your IP address, even if they kick or ban you from the server. This information is kept safe by Discord and is encrypted to ensure your privacy is kept safe.

You can, however, be scammed into revealing your IP address yourself. Malicious users can use IP address loggers—websites that record visitors’ IP addresses—to create phony website URLs and send them out claiming to link to a legitimate website.

If you click the link, you’ll get to that site, but first, you’ll be sent to the IP logger, which will capture your info. 

If you see an unfamiliar URL from someone you don’t know well, be careful. Copy the address and run it through a website, like Google’s Safe Browsing Tool, that will tell you whether a website is safe or not.

I ran my website through the tool, as you can see below, and it looks like my website checks out. Yay!

Safe Browsing Tool

For more information about keeping your Discord account safe, check out my article on protecting yourself from Discord hackers here.

And if you’re concerned about exposing your IP address, it’s best to use a VPN or proxy server to disguise your address. There are tons of great VPNS out there that do a great job of protecting your information.

Can Discord Admins See What You Search?

Discord admins can not see what you search in a Discord server. That information is kept private and only you can see your search history in a Discord server.

As was touched on earlier, many people falsely believe that Discord admins have more access than they actually do. In reality, Discord admins have no way to view your personal activity, including your searches.

Can Discord Admins See Invisible Users?

Discord Admins can not see invisible users on their server. If a user has their status set to invisible they will appear offline for a Discord admin just as they would for any other user. If an invisible user visits a server, the admin will have no way of knowing.

With that being said, if you are trying to lurk in a server, make sure not to respond or interact with any users on the server.

If you have your status set to invisible, and you interact with a message on the server, that is an obvious sign that you are actually online and only appearing to be offline.

For more about appearing invisible on Discord, check out my article here.

Can Discord Admins See Deleted Messages?

Discord admins can see when a message was deleted on the server through the audit logs; however, they can not see what was written in the deleted message. Once a message is deleted, it is gone for good.

Here is what a deleted message will look like in the Discord server audit logs.

Deleted Message In Audit Log

So if you sent something you didn’t mean to in a server, it’s best to delete whatever you sent as soon as possible before anyone gets a chance to see it.

Now there is a caveat. If the server you are on uses a bot to store chat logs then although your message may be deleted from Discord, it will still be recorded on the chat bot for the mods and admins to see.

If you are a mod or an admin looking for chat log bots, then check out this list of message logging Discord bots on

Can Discord Admins See Private Messages?

Discord admins can not view private messages. The only people who can read private messages are members of Discord’s Trust & Safety team and this is only under special circumstances.

Discord messages are usually safe, but they are not impenetrable. This is because Discord uses standard encryption to transmit data, not the more secure end-to-end encryption.

Therefore, in case of a data breach, hackers could potentially intercept your information, including private messages. 

To learn more about how Discord encrypts messages, check out my article here.

Can Discord Admins See Your Email Address?

Discord admins can not see your email address. Your email address is kept private and only Discord can view your email address.

If another user is asking for your email address, you may want to report them as this may be a scam.

Can Discord Admin See Your Age?

Discord admins can not see your age. Only Discord can see your age and they do not share that information with other users.

When you sign up for a Discord account Discord typically asks for your age to make sure you are old enough to join adult rated servers.

This information though is only viewed by Discord and not other users on the platform. If you want to change your age on Discord, I go over how to do that in my article here.

How To See Who Is An Admin In A Discord Server

There is no way to see who exactly is, and who is not an admin in a Discord server. The best way to find out who the admins in a server are is to ask in the general chat.

The reason that finding admins in a Discord server is so difficult is because most servers on Discord give unique names to the different roles on a server.

For example, on one server the admins may be called “Admins”, but on another server they may be called “Captains” or something else.

Some servers may even have different levels of admins and moderators making it very difficult to find who or what you are looking for. So when in doubt, just ask the chat.

Tips For Being A Good Discord Admin

  • Know your server’s purpose
  • Create clear rules and use them as the guidelines for making decisions
  • Be kind, fair, and impartial
  • Listen to different points of view
  • Add trustworthy moderators to your team
  • Engage often with your community
  • Make sure everyone feels included
  • Create a welcoming environment
  • Support the mods when needed

Being a good admin on Discord starts with being an active member in your Discord community.

Learning to be a good admin comes from working, managing, and strengthening your community. The best admins usually are experienced members in several Discord communities.

You can learn to be a good admin by reaching out to other admins and listening to their experiences and any information they’ve gained from running various communities.

Be courteous to your community, and don’t spam your members with excessive communication. Being an admin on Discord is a lot of work, but it can also be rewarding to see your community thrive.

Oh, and if you would like to know what Discord mods do, then check out my article. I go over all the responsibilities of a mod and tips for being a good Discord mod.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.


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