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What Does Jebaited Mean On Twitch? – Origin & How To Use It

If you have been in a Twitch stream you have probably seen or heard people say words like “Jebaited”. But what does this mean? 

In this article I go over the meaning of “Jebaited”, the origin, and how you can use this emote on Twitch and Youtube as a viewer and as a streamer. 

What Does Jebaited Mean On Twitch?

The word Jebaited and the Jebaited emote on Twitch mean that someone is trolling or that someone was just tricked. For example, if a user has the streamer click on a link, and it is a Rick Roll video, the chat would spam the Jebaited emote because the streamer was baited into being trolled.

It is basically a reaction from the chat whenever a streamer is pranked or trolled on stream.

It can also be used by users in chat if they see that the streamer they are watching is about to get tricked by another viewer or streamer.

Users in chat may even say things like, “They are Jebaiting you.”

Jebaited Emote

Jebaited Origin

The Jebaited emote is based on the face of Alex Jebailey, the creator of CEO (Community Effort Orlando). The photo was taken at an event hosted by Jebailey, but the picture wasn’t turned into a Global Twitch emote until Septmeber of 2016.

After Jebaited became a Global Twitch emote, it grew massively in popularity. This was thanks to streamers like Admiral Bulldog, a Dota 2 player, who posted a video titled “Bulldog Jebaited Aegis Steal” where he “Jebaited” the Aegis Steal.

From moments like this the emote grew as users loved using the emote whenever another user was tricked or trolled on stream.

The Jebaited emote is currently one of the most popular emotes on Twitch.

How To Use The Jebaited Emote On Twitch

To use the Jebaited emote on Twitch, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Twitch chat of a stream.
  2. Type “Jebaited” in the streamer’s Twitch chat (without the quotation marks) and send the message.
  3. The Jebaited emote will now appear in the streamer’s chat.

Make sure you type Jebaited exactly as it appears with the correct spelling and capitalization. If you don’t, it won’t work.

Also, the Jebaited emote is a Twitch Global Emote and so a streamer does not have to have BTTV, FFZ, or be a Twitch Affiliate in order for this emote to work.

Another cool thing is that if you are on PC, you can just click the little emoji button and select which emote you want to send in Twitch chat.

Twitch Global Emotes

How To Use The Jebaited Emote On Youtube?

  1. Add the BTTV Google extension to your Youtube account.
  2. Make sure the streamer has the Jebaited emote enabled on their channel.
  3. Type “Jebaited” in the streamer’s chat (without the quotation marks) and send the message.
  4. The Jebaited emote will now appear in the stream’s chat. 

If you need more help I wrote an entire article about adding BTTV emotes to your Youtube account. This guide will help regardless if you are a streamer or a viewer. 

Unfortunately, FFZ and Youtube Gaming are not currently compatible and so you will only be able to use this emote on Youtube with the BTTV extension. 

When To Use The Jebaited Emote?

The Jebaited emote is best used when someone is tricked or trolled on stream. For example, if a user tells the streamer to jump off a building in a game and they won’t take fall damage, but they end up taking lots of fall damage, chat may spam the Jebaited emote.

It can also be used for times when a streamer gets bad advice and follows the advice to their detriment.

Why Is The Jebaited Emote Not Appearing In Chat?

Here are common reasons why the Jebaited emote may not be appearing in chat:

  1. The viewer trying to use the emote does not have the BTTV extension.
  2. The streamer does not have the BTTV extension.
  3. The streamer does not have the Jebaited emote enabled on their channel
  4. The viewer is trying to use the emote on mobile (the emotes DOES work on Twitch mobile though).
  5. The person did not type “Jebaited” correctly.
  6. Twitch or Youtube banned the emote.

The reasons listed above are the most common reasons why the Jebaited emote won’t work in chat. 

Also, I want to point out that not having the BTTV extension to use this emote would only apply for those who are streaming, or watching streams on Youtube.

If you are on Twitch then the Jebaited emote is a global emote that anyone can use without having to enable it or add any special extensions.

And as far as mobile viewing is concerned, you CAN use this emote on Twitch mobile, just not on Youtube Gaming mobile since you would need the BTTV extension in order for this emote to work and BTTV is not currently compatible with mobile.

Once you have checked off everything listed above, and the emote still won’t work for you, then check out my article here where I go into more detail as to why your emotes may not be working and how to fix it. 

How To Pronounce Jebaited?

The correct way to pronounce Jebaited is Je-baited. The ‘Je’ letters sound like the word “jug’ without the ‘g’ at the end and then then word “baited” is pronounced normally. Jebaited.

Some users even prefer to use the word in the present tense, for example, “I am going to Jebait them”. In this case the pronunciation would still be the same, you would just remove the -ed ending.

Is The Jebaited Emote Popular On Twitch?

According to Stream Elements, the Jebaited emote is currently the 85th most used Global Twitch Emote. Although it is a well-known emote, it has become less popular as the years have gone on.

Now that we have covered the Jebaited emote in depth, let’s wrap up with some FAQs regarding the Jebaited emote.


Who Is The Person In The Jebaited Emote?

The person in the Jebaited emote is Alex Jebailey, the creator of CEO (Community Effort Orlando) and was taken at a tournament that he hosted.

Where Did The Jebaited Song Come From?

The Jebaited song is written by Sordiway and features a mixture of different memes and copypasta. The song was uploaded to Sordiway’s Youtube channel on April 16, 2019 and currently has over 6 million views. The song itself was inspired by the song “We like to Party!” by Vengaboys.

You can check out the song below. It’s super short, but pretty catchy. It’s often used on streams if a streamer gets “Jebaited”.

Another song that is often associated with the Jebaited emote is the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

On Twitch there was a time where users would get the streamer to click on a link, and the link would take the streamer to the song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. When streamers click on the link to the song unknowingly it is called getting “Rick Rolled”.

Here is an example of Pokimane getting Rick Rolled.

After streamers are “Rick Rolled”, everyone in chat spams the Jebaited emote since the streamer has just been tricked, or Jebaited as they call it on Twitch.

This type of thing still happens today, however getting “Rick Rolled” was just a trend on Twitch and does not happen as often as it used to.

Is Jebaited A Real Word?

Jebaited is not a real word. It is internet slang that people like to use when someone gets tricked or trolled. The word “Jebaited” is most commonly used on streaming platforms like Twitch and in online gaming.

What Does Jebaited Mean In Dota 2?

In Dota 2 the word “Jebaited” means to bait someone, or that someone just got baited. It is often used to refer to someone who is baiting, or has baited someone in the match. However, Jebaited can be used in any game, not just Dota 2.

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