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What Does KKona Mean? – Origin & How To Use It

If you have been in a Twitch stream you have probably seen or heard people say “KKona”. But what does this mean? 

In this article I go over the meaning of “KKona”, the origin, and how you can use this emote on Twitch and Youtube as a viewer and as a streamer. 

What Does KKona Mean?

KKona and the KKona emote are used to convey that something is over the top, stereotypical American. It can also mean “hillbilly”. The emote can be directed at the streamer or at something that is stereotypically American happening on the stream.

KKona Emote

KKona Origin?

The KKona emote is based on Twitch streamer Konas “Kona” Korner. It comes from a photo of Konas and actress Danielle Spencer at the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con in 2010. It was uploaded to FFZ on May 31st, 2015 by FishyFing and later to BTTV on December 12th, 2015 by NightDev.

The name for the emote, as you may have guessed, comes from combining Konas’s first name and last name. Hence, K-Kona, or just KKona.

Konas himself began streaming when Twitch was known as making him one of the oldest Twitch streamers on the platform.

However, he no longer streams as consistently as he used to.

With that being said, he did go live about 4 years ago and during his live stream he revealed the original photo of the KKona emote. You can check out that clip here.

Even though KKona never became a major streamer, his emote is still one of the most popular BTTV emotes on Twitch.

It is currently the 74th most used BTTV emote and has been used over 45 million times.

How To Use The KKona Emote In Twitch Chat?

  1. Add the FFZ or the BTTV Google extensions to your Twitch account.
  2. Make sure the streamer has the KKona emote enabled on their channel.
  3. Type “KKona” in the streamer’s Twitch chat (without the quotation marks) and send the message.
  4. The KKona emote will now appear in the stream’s chat. 

Make sure you type KKona exactly as it appears with the correct spelling and capitalization. If you don’t, it won’t work. Also, a streamer must have the emote enabled on FFZ in order for it to work. 

Another cool thing is that if you are on PC, you can just click the little emoji button and select which emote you want to send in Twitch chat.

Twitch Emote Button

If you need more help I wrote an entire article about adding BTTV emotes to your Twitch account and adding FFZ to your Twitch account. These guides are helpful for both streamers and viewers. 

How To Use The KKona Emote On Youtube?

  1. Add the BTTV Google extension to your Youtube account.
  2. Make sure the streamer has the KKona emote enabled on their channel.
  3. Type “KKona” in the streamer’s chat (without the quotation marks) and send the message.
  4. The KKona emote will now appear in the stream’s chat. 

If you need more help I wrote an entire article about adding BTTV emotes to your Youtube account. This guide will help regardless if you are a streamer or a viewer. 

Unfortunately, FFZ and Youtube Gaming are not currently compatible and so you will only be able to use this emote on Youtube with the BTTV extension. 

When To Use The KKona Emote?

The best time to use the KKona emote is when someone on stream does something that is stereotypically American. For example, if a streamer is eating burgers, fries, and a soda on stream their chat may spam this emote since that is a very American style meal.

With that being said, the streamer does not have to be American in order for this emote to be used against them.

Anybody from anywhere in the world can have this emote used on them if they say or do something that is considered an American stereotype.

And the emote is not meant to have any malice behind it either. It is simply meant to point something out that is very American.

Why Is The KKona Emote Not Appearing In Chat?

Here are common reasons why the KKona emote may not be appearing in chat:

  1. The viewer trying to use the emote does not have the BTTV or FFZ extension.
  2. The streamer does not have the BTTV or FFZ extension.
  3. The streamer does not have the KKona emote enabled on their channel.
  4. The viewer is trying to use the emote on mobile.
  5. The person did not type “KKona” correctly.
  6. Twitch or Youtube banned the emote.

The reasons listed above are the most common reasons why the KKona emote won’t work in chat. 

If you feel like you have checked off everything listed above, and the KKona emote still won’t work for you, then check out my article here where I go into more detail as to why your emotes may not be working and how to fix it. 

How To Pronounce KKona?

The proper way to pronounce KKona is “k-kona”. You first say the letter ‘k’ normally, then you say the word “kona” which just sounds like the word “cone” with an ‘a’ added to the end of it. KKona.

Who Is The Person In The KKona Emote?

The person in the KKona emote is Konas Korner, also known as Kona on Twitch.

Was The KKona Emote Removed From Twitch?

The KKona emote was never removed from Twitch; however, some streamers may choose to ban the emote from their chat if they feel like users are using it in a derogatory way towards Americans.

Also, if you are not seeing the emote on Twitch it may be because you do not have the BTTV or FFZ extensions on your Twitch account.

KKona is not a Twitch Global Emote and so the only way you will be able to use the emote is through either the BTTV or the FFZ extension.

What Does KKona 7 Mean?

KKona 7, or the KKona emote followed by the #7 is meant to represent a salute. When you put the #7 next to the KKona emote it looks like he is saluting. Users will type the KKona emote with a salute to thank a streamer or to say goodbye to them if the stream is ending.

Some users may even at the # 7 salute to the emote if something REALLY stereotypically American occurs on the stream.

With this being said, anytime you see the # 7 next to a word or an emote in chat it is meant to be a salute symbol. For example, the letter ‘O’ and the number ‘7’ together are meant to look like a person saluting. O7.

It can be used in a lot of different ways, but I just wanted to show you what it means in case you were lost for a long time like I was.

Now that you know the meaning behind the KKona emote, feel free to spam it in chat the next time you see something ultra American happen on stream.

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