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What Does Pog Mean On Twitch? Tik Tok? Gaming?

What Does Pog Mean On Twitch? Tik Tok? Gaming?

If you have watched Twitch, Tik Tok or any other gaming platform then you have probably heard someone shout “POG” or “POGGERS!” Maybe even a “POG You!” But what does this mean !?

What Does Pog Mean On Twitch? Tik Tok? Gaming?

POG is an acronym for “Play of the Game.” Although that is the literal meaning, it is most commonly used today by viewers and streamers when someone does something cool or amazing or something cool happens on stream. POGGERS may also be used instead of POG. 

So for example, if someone makes an amazing play in the game that they are playing, you will see the chat spam “POG” or “POGGERS!”. They may also spam the PogChamps emote (which I will talk about below).

It’s all just different ways of saying “That was awesome!”

But “POG” and “POGGERS” didn’t just come  from nowhere. In fact, the term originated from the POG Champ Emote.

What Is The POG CHAMP Emote?

The POG Champ Emote is used by Twitch users to express hype, excitement or shock in Twitch chat. The emote was originally a picture of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez with a shocked look on his face, but he has since been removed from the emote and has been replaced by a komodo dragon with a shocked face. 

The original emote was created when Ryan was on set filming a video and he noticed a cameraman knock over a tripod. His priceless, shocked expression was captured and subsequently turned into one of Twitch’s most popular emotes.

However, in 2021 Ryan was removed as the face of the PogChamp emote and was replaced by a komodo dragon with a similarly shocked expression.

This is what the PogChamp emote currently looks like:

PogChamp Emote

You have probably seen this emote spammed in a chat before when something crazy happens on stream. The POG CHAMP emote is and has been one of the most popular emotes on the platform for some time.

It’s an emote that is easily recognized on the Twitch platform and an emote that is generally understood to represent hype or excitement for something that happened on stream.

How To Get The POG CHAMP Emote

The POG Champ emote is one of Twitch’s Global Emotes and so it is available to all Twitch users; however, the current POG Champs Emote is of a komodo dragon and not of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez. Furthermore, you will only be allowed to use the emote in chats you have permission to chat in. 

Like was mentioned, Ryan was removed as the face of the POG Champs emote and so you will not be able to get that emote free through Twitch. Instead, you will have the komodo dragon as your Pog Champ emote.

Global emotes are emotes that are available to all Twitch users with a Twitch account and so you won’t have to sub to any channels in order to use the emote.

However, just because you have the emote does not mean that you will be able to use it in chat. Many streamers, especially big streamers, set their channels to sub only chat in order to reduce spam on their channel.

So even if you have this emote, you may be unable to type it in a streamers chat if they do indeed have the sub only chat mode enabled.

How To Use The POG CHAMP Emote

The POG Champ emote can be used by simply typing “PogChamp” in chat (without the quotation marks) and clicking ENTER. The PogChamp emote will then appear in chat. Keep in mind that proper capitalization matters so make sure the letter “P” and “C” are capitalized.

This is what it should look like:

PogChamp in Chat

You can also click on the emote button near the chat bar, search for the POG Champs Emote and then select the emote and click enter. I find this way takes longer, but you will also be able to see your other emotes doing it this way which is nice. 

Here’s what that would look like if you choose to do it that way:

Click the emote button

Emote Button

Search for the “PogChamp” emote in the search bar.

Emote Search Bar

Choose the Pog Champ emote.

Pog Champ Emote

Click it and press enter and it will send your chat.

Like I said, this is definitely the long way of doing it, but if that’s what you prefer to do then more power to you.

When To Use The POG CHAMP Emote?

These emotes are to be used when something exciting happens on stream. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gameplay and can include things such as your favorite streamer securing a new brand deal or getting invited to be a Twitch Partner.

These would all be great reasons to spam the PogChamp emote in the chat. And the cool thing is that everyone has these emotes since they are Global Twitch Emotes and so everybody can use them.

It always stinks when chat is spamming their sub emotes and you are left behind because you are not a sub to the channel. That won’t happen with these emotes.  

What Does POGU Mean?

PogU is a variant of the acronym POG, but the meaning is the same. It literally means “Play of the Game” and is used to express excitement, hype or shock in Twitch chat when something cool or exciting happens. Some people will also say things like PogTron or PogYou, but it all means the same thing.  

Certain streamers and viewers like to put their own touch or style on the word POG, but it really all means the same thing and so don’t overthink it.

Other platforms may even use different variants of the word POG, but just understand that all that lingo originated on Twitch and is meant to represent something that is cool or exciting. 

It’s a great way to engage Twitch users and for those on the channel to get HYPED !

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