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What Does Prayge Mean? – Origin & And How To Use It

If you have been in a Twitch stream you have probably seen or heard people say things like “Prayge”. But what does this word and emote actually mean?

In this article I go over the meaning of “Prayge”, the origin, and how you can use this emote on Twitch and Youtube as a viewer and as a streamer. 

What Does Prayge Mean?

The Prayge emote is used to convey that a user is praying and hoping for something to happen. For example, if a streamer is waiting to see if they qualify for a tournament, their chat may begin to spam the Prayge emote while they wait.

I have seen this happen before in Nickmercs channel. He was waiting to see if he had scored enough points in a tournament to advance and the chat began spamming the Prayge emote, as well as the word “prayge” itself.

This emote is not really meant to have a religious meaning. It is more meant to show that someone is hoping that something happens. It does not mean that a person is literally praying.

Prayge Origin?

The Prayge emote is a combination of Pepe the Frog, a cartoon created by Matt Furie in 2005, and the prayer emoji. The Prayge emote was originally uploaded to BTTV on August 20th, 2020 by Czharu and then later to FFZ on August 24th, 2020 by prayge_boi.

However, the original Prayge emote was uploaded by user Kipp20 to FFZ on March 16th, 2020. This emote looked very different than the current Prayge emote as it showed Pepe with his eyes open and a halo over his head.

Original Prayge Emote

Although the emote uploaded by Kipp20 is older, for what ever reason it never became as popular as the current Prayge emote.

The current Prayge emote is used on over 30,000 Twitch channels and has several variations, including a Christmas themed variation of the emote created by Crash_0715.

Christmas Themed Prayge Emote

These days Prayge is recognized as both an emote, and a unique way for viewers to say the word pray.

How To Use The Prayge Emote In Twitch Chat?

  1. Add the FFZ or the BTTV Google extensions to your Twitch account.
  2. Make sure the streamer has the Prayge emote enabled on their channel.
  3. Type “Prayge” in the streamer’s Twitch chat (without the quotation marks) and send the message.
  4. The Prayge emote will now appear in the stream’s chat. 

Make sure you type Prayge exactly as it appears with the correct spelling and capitalization. If you don’t, it won’t work. Also, a streamer must have the emote enabled on either BTTV or FFZ in order for it to work. 

Another cool thing is that if you are on PC, you can just click the little emoji button and select which emote you want to send in Twitch chat.

Twitch Emote Button

If you need more help I wrote an entire article about adding BTTV emotes to your Twitch account and adding FFZ to your Twitch account. These guides are helpful for both streamers and viewers. 

How To Use The Prayge Emote On Youtube?

  1. Add the the BTTV Google extension to your Youtube account.
  2. Make sure the streamer has the Prayge emote enabled on their channel.
  3. Type “Prayge” in the streamer’s chat (without the quotation marks) and send the message.
  4. The Prayge emote will now appear in the stream’s chat. 

If you need more help I wrote an entire article about adding BTTV emotes to your Youtube account. This guide will help regardless if you are a streamer or a viewer. 

Unfortunately, FFZ and Youtube Gaming are not currently compatible and so you will only be able to use this emote on Youtube with the BTTV extension. 

When To Use The Prayge Emote?

The Prayge emote should be used when viewers are hoping or praying for a good outcome. This could be when a streamer is rolling dice, drawing a card, or engaging in some kind of luck based activity. It is a way to wish a streamer good luck.

However, viewers can use the emote in situations that are not chance based as well such as hoping someone gets good loot when they drop in on Fortnite.

Why Is The Prayge Emote Not Appearing In Chat?

Here are common reasons why the Prayge emote may not be appearing in chat:

  1. The viewer trying to use the emote does not have the BTTV or FFZ extension.
  2. The streamer does not have the BTTV or FFZ extension.
  3. The streamer does not have the Prayge emote enabled on their channel.
  4. The viewer is trying to use the emote on mobile.
  5. The person did not type “Prayge” correctly.
  6. Twitch or Youtube banned the emote.

The reasons listed above are the most common reasons why the Prayge emote won’t work in chat. 

If you feel like you have checked off everything listed above, and the Prayge emote still won’t work for you, then check out my article here where I go into more detail as to why your emotes may not be working and how to fix it. 

How To Pronounce Prayge?

The correct way to pronounce Prayge is “pray-ge.” Pray, like the word pray, then the ‘g’ is a soft g and so it makes a ‘j’ sound as in the word gel or giant, and lastly the ‘e’ is silent. Pray-ge.

Is The Prayge Emote Popular On Twitch?

The Prayge emote is not very popular on Twitch and is currently only being used on around 31,000 channels. With that being said, the emote is relatively new and has grown substantially in popularity over the the last year.

It is crazy to think that an emote that is used on over 31,000 channels would not be considered popular, but such is the case when it comes to emotes.

Some of the most popular emotes on Twitch are used on hundreds of thousands of channels and are easily recognized by most Twitch users.

However, like I mentioned, the Prayge emote is relatively new having been available on Twitch for less than 2 years. I think that in time this emote will continue to grow in popularity as more streamers and users begin to discover it.

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