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What Games Are Banned On Twitch? | And Reasons Why

If you are looking for an edgy game to stream on Twitch, then you will want to first make sure the game is even allowed to be streamed on Twitch. Below I go over some of the prohibited games on Twitch.

What Games Are Banned On Twitch?

Twitch has an entire list of banned games on their platform. To see the entire list of games that are prohibited to stream on Twitch click here. Keep in mind that this list is constantly changing as games are added and removed from the list. Also, certain games not on the list may still be prohibited.

Twitch has stated specifically if a game “violates our Community Guidelines as it applies to hate speech, sex, nudity, gratuitous gore, or extreme violence” that it is prohibited from being streamed.

Likewise, if “the official ESRB rating is Adults Only” it is also banned from being streamed on Twitch.

But there is a way to stream games rated “Adult Only” on Twitch without getting in trouble. I cover how to do this further down below.

If you do intend to stream more mature content on Twitch though then I recommend that you set your stream to mature. I show you how to do this in the video below.

And like I mentioned, games are constantly being added to the list and taken away from the list of banned games on Twitch.

This is because some games may start out as being “Adult Only” and then shift to being “Mature” and visa versa. As games change and evolve so will their availability to be streamed on Twitch.

Also, like I mentioned up top, even if a game is not on the list of prohibited games it may still be prohibited if it breaks community guidelines.

With that being said, the prohibited games list should be seen as a guide to help show what kinds of games are allowed on Twitch and which are not.

Below I wanted to cover some frequently asked questions regarding banned games on Twitch such as what are some of the banned games and what happens if you stream them.

F.A.Q. Regarding Banned Games On Twitch

Can You Stream Unrated Games On Twitch?

You can stream unrated games on Twitch as long as they do not go against Twitch’s Community Guidelines. If an unrated game receives several complaints from viewers, Twitch’s moderation team will then review the game and decide if it should be allowed on Twitch or not.

What Happens If You Stream A Banned Game On Twitch?

Streaming a game that is banned on Twitch can get you a strike on your channel and may even cause you to have your account suspended. Even worse, if you repeatedly stream games that are prohibited you may end up losing your account entirely.

It’s like I always say when it comes to breaking rules on Twitch, it’s just not worth it. Risking losing your account just to stream a certain game is not worth the risk of losing your account.

I highly doubt that one game will make or break your streaming career and so don’t risk it.

Are Randomized Video Chat Platforms Banned On Twitch?

Randomized video chat platforms such as Chatroulette, Omegle and others are banned from being streamed on Twitch. Since the content on these platforms is random, it is extremely difficult for both Twitch and the streamer to monitor what video chats appear and then are streamed to viewers.

When using these random video chat platforms there were instances where content that was against Twitch’s Community Guidelines would appear in the video chat and then that video chat was broadcast on Twitch.

Although these random video chats were popular on Twitch because they were so unpredictable, it was this same unpredictability which ultimately led to Twitch banning them from the platform.

Is Mortal Kombat Banned On Twitch?

Mortal Kombat is not banned on Twitch. Although there has been some controversy surrounding some of the inappropriate content on Mortal Kombat, namely extreme violence and gore, it is not a banned game on Twitch.

Some have complained that Mortal Kombat is just as inappropriate as some of the games that Twitch has banned, but these complaints have yet to sway Twitch.

Twitch leans heavily on the ESRB rating which is the system used to rate what age group a video game is appropriate for.

Since the ESRB rates Mortal Kombat as “M” for “Mature” it is unlikely that this game will be removed from Twitch given how heavily Twitch relies on this rating system.

Mortal Kombat Category On Twitch

Can You Stream Violent Games On Twitch?

You can stream violent games on Twitch as long as they don’t go against Twitch’s community guidelines regarding “gratuitous gore, or extreme violence”. In other words, a casual shooter game is fine but a game with excessive blood or gruesomeness would probably not be ok.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can refer to Twitch’s list of banned games to get an idea of what Twitch would define as excessively gory or violent.

Can You Stream Games Rated Adult Only On Twitch?

You are not allowed to stream games rated “Adult Only” on Twitch; however, certain games rated “Adult Only” have an alternative version typically rated “M” for “Mature” which you would be allowed to stream on Twitch.

One such example of this is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For this game there is an “Adult Only” version and a “Mature” version. As long as you stream the mature version you can stream the game on Twitch.

Why Does Twitch Ban Certain Games?

Certain games go against Twitch’s Community Guidelines, in particular their guidelines regarding hate speech, sex, nudity, gratuitous gore and extreme violence. These things can’t be streamed, not even if they are occurring within the game you are playing.

Some people think that they can stream these types of games since it is not them saying or doing these things, but rather the game. However, this is incorrect.

Certain games are very graphic, racist or otherwise inappropriate and so it makes sense that Twitch would ban these games from being streamed on their platform, even if it is “just a game”.

If you want to see a comprehensive list of things that you CAN and CAN’T do on Twitch then check out my article here.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.


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