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What Is A Gaming Box? (HUGE Gaming Upgrade!)

What Is A Gaming Box? (HUGE Gaming Upgrade!)

Gaming Boxes are becoming more and more popular as technology advances. However, they’re still not extremely widespread so many people have never heard of, let alone seen a Gaming Box. So what is a Gaming Box and how could it benefit you?

What Is A Gaming Box?

A Gaming Box is an external graphics processing unit (eGPU) that can be plugged into laptops or computers (mostly via Thunderbolt 3) in order to give them the power of a strong GPU without actually installing said GPU into the computer itself. Gaming Box itself is a specific brand of eGPU by AORUS.

The Gaming Box is a specific product sold by AORUS and it is pretty much a GPU that can be quickly plugged into any computer or laptop.

This is convenient because it means you do not have to open up your computer or laptop and replace the GPU that’s inside of it.

AORUS isn’t the only company to make products like this, and the products themselves are called eGPUs, a.k.a. external GPUs.

So who should use these awesome little devices?

Who Should Use A Gaming Box?

People who want to play games on their laptop but do not have a good enough GPU for the games that they want to play should use a Gaming Box. As long as the laptop you want to game on has a Thunderbolt 3 port, a Gaming Box is a fantastic option for upgrading your laptop’s GPU without any hassle.

If you have a desktop PC, you shouldn’t get a Gaming Box. If you have a computer without a Thunderbolt 3 port, then you shouldn’t get a Gaming Box either.

A Gaming Box is a pretty niche product that will only help a select few gamers who are limited in their options for upgrading their GPUs.

You can’t upgrade the GPU in many laptops. Even in gaming laptops, the GPU is not replaceable most of the time.

This means that if you have a gaming laptop, but it’s not good enough to play new games, you’re out of luck. At least you would be if it weren’t for the Gaming Box.

If your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port, you can purchase a Gaming Box with a very powerful GPU and plug it into your laptop.

This will give your laptop the power of the Gaming Box’s GPU without having to actually open it up and replace your laptop’s current GPU.

The downside to the Gaming Box is that it is rather expensive and you will not be able to utilize the full power of the GPU inside of it.

So most of the time, you’re not getting the full bang for your buck with a Gaming Box. But if you want a better GPU without completely replacing your gaming laptop, the Gaming Box is the way to go.

How Much Do Gaming Boxes Typically Cost?

Gaming Boxes typically cost between $1,000 and $1,200 depending on the GPU inside of them. The more powerful the GPU, the more expensive the gaming box. Gaming boxes cost so much because they are built with powerful GPUs along with power supplies, cooling units, and other hardware to make them work.

Since Gaming Boxes are built with GPUs, which are already expensive, it’s no wonder that they themselves are very expensive.

The manufacturers need to get their money back on the hardware inside of the box afterall.

And Gaming Boxes will typically cost slightly more than a regular GPU since they are portable and built differently.

However only the Gaming Box can plug into laptops via the Thunderbolt 3 port. This convenience and compatibility is well worth the extra money to many gamers that want to upgrade their gaming laptop without spending money on a brand new one.

It may even save them money in the long run considering a gaming laptop with an RTX 3090 GPU would cost around $4,000.

If the Gaming Box sounds like something you might be interested in, here are some of the best Gaming Boxes available today.

Best Gaming Boxes


I chose the AORUS RTX 3080 as the best Gaming Box because it gives the best bang for your buck. The AORUS only costs slightly more than buying a brand new RTX 3080, so you are getting exactly what you pay for.

This Gaming Box connects via Thunderbolt 3, which is the gold standard in eGPUs and overall it’ll be a substantial upgrade to any laptop running on a GTX 1650 or less.


This Gaming Box has an RTX 3090 in it which is one of the best modern GPUs available.

So if you plug this box into any gaming laptop (via Thunderbolt 3), you’ll be able to play pretty much any game your heart desires.

Again, if you have a traditional gaming PC, you should just replace your GPU instead of getting an external one. However, if you have a gaming laptop in need of a GPU upgrade, this is the one you want

Razer Core X Aluminum External GPU Enclosure

This Razer Core X is not a Gaming Box but I felt like it still deserves to be on here. You need to know, this does NOT come with a GPU inside of it.

Instead it is an enclosure for any GPU you want. You will need to purchase your GPU separately and install it inside of this enclosure.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to plug this into a laptop via Thunderbolt 3 and reap the rewards of the GPU upgrade.

Now if you do end up purchasing a Gaming Box, here is how you would set it up.

How To Connect A Gaming Box To A Laptop

You can connect a Gaming Box to a laptop via your laptop’s Thunderbolt 3 port. You will also need to plug the Gaming Box into a wall outlet via the cord that comes with it. Once the Gaming Box is connected to your computer, a box should pop up on your screen confirming that the Gaming Box has connected.

The set up is really quite simple, as you can see from the video below.

Most of their Gaming Boxes should work pretty much the exact same way, regardless of the model that you are using.

You just plug them in and go through the dialog box setup. Just make sure that your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port. You can also connect an external monitor to the Gaming Box if you want.

After reading all this you may be thinking, “Wow, this sounds a lot like a mini PC”. But they are not the same. Not at all. Let me explain below.

What’s The Difference Between A Gaming Box And A Mini PC?

A mini PC is a computer that is small but has everything a computer tower needs in order to function (CPU, integrated GPU, RAM, hard drive, etc). A Gaming Box is only a GPU and needs an actual computer in order to do anything. So a mini PC can work alone while a Gaming Box needs a real computer to work.

A mini PC and a Gaming Box have two very different use-cases. A Gaming Box can be thought of as a GPU upgrade.

It’s just, instead of opening up your computer, pulling out the old GPU, and plugging the new one in, you can just plug in your Gaming Box and have a brand new GPU ready to go.

While a mini PC is a full-fledged computer, the Gaming Box is just a computer upgrade and can’t be used on its own without a computer to connect to.

A mini PC is not an upgrade and can’t be used as one. A mini PC is just a PC built inside a very small case.

You can plug monitors into a mini PC and have a fully functioning computer with an operating system, internal memory, etc.

So, overall, a mini PC is a full computer and you will only need to plug in monitors to get it to work while a Gaming Box is a specific computer component (GPU) that plugs into a real computer externally.

So should you get a Gaming Box?

Is A Gaming Box Worth It?

A Gaming Box is worth it if you want to upgrade the GPU on your laptop without purchasing a new laptop. If you have a desktop PC, there’s no reason to buy a Gaming Box because it would be much cheaper to just buy the GPU by itself. However you can’t do that with a laptop.

You can’t upgrade the GPU on most laptops. This means if you want to upgrade your laptop’s GPU, you need to buy a new laptop.

This could mean spending thousands of dollars, when all you really need is a GPU upgrade. This is where Gaming Boxes come in handy as they let you upgrade the GPU on your laptop quickly and easily.

Just make sure your laptop is compatible with a Gaming Box and has a Thunderbolt 3 port. And if you do upgrade, make sure to severely destroy all noobs in the games you play.

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