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What Is Eneba? (Is It SAFE?)

Those looking for great deals on digital products have probably stumbled across Eneba. But can you trust this website? I talk about my experiences with it below and what to watch out for when using Eneba.

What Is Eneba?

Eneba is a website that sells games, software, and gift cards, otherwise known as a key reseller. These games are usually cheaper on sites like Eneba. When someone purchases a game from Eneba (or a similar site), they will receive a code to enter on the platform the game belongs to (Steam, Epic, etc).

Key resellers are very popular because they’re a great way to get games cheap. This is especially true for older games. Sometimes games just never go on sale on Steam, XBox, etc.

This is where Eneba comes in handy. Instead of waiting and crossing your fingers for a sale, you can check key resellers like Eneba to see if you can find the game for a huge discount.

When you buy a game from Eneba, you’ll receive a code that you can enter on Steam, XBox, or wherever and have the game added to your library.

Is Eneba Safe & Legit?

Eneba is safe and legitimate. Eneba resells codes and gift cards, so the codes are real and they work. There are many digital key reseller sites online, Eneba just happens to be one of the most popular. Eneba also has a support team in case any code does not work or has already been redeemed.

There are a ton of sites online like Eneba. These sites pretty much let people sell their game keys and gift card keys on the website, and in return other people can buy and redeem those codes.

Why would anyone sell their codes for so cheap, you may be wondering? Well, many codes are from bundles, like Humble Bundle, for example.

People will purchase a bundle with 5 game keys in it and only use two or three. Then they will sell the rest on a website like Eneba.

So Eneba is legitimate, the keys are real, and it is a common business model. There are stories online where people were given a used Steam code or something similar.

However, mistakes like this happen on all of these key reseller sites and Eneba has a good support team that will fix any issues that may arise.

I’ve actually bought a huge number of keys. Whenever I want to buy a game that is a few years old, I always look around on sites like Eneba to see if I can get the game for $30 – 40 cheaper than directly from Steam.

Usually I will purchase a game, they’ll email me a code, I’ll enter the code on steam and download my game.

And just to put your mind at ease, I went ahead and purchased something myself specifically for this article just so I could show you that it is a legit website.

I first went to the homepage and then typed in the game that I am interested in. In this case Fortnite.

Eneba Homepage

I browsed around until I found something that I was interested in.

Eneba Selection Page

I clicked on it and made sure that it was what I was looking for. I then proceeded to purchase it.

Detailed Page Of Selected Item

I chose my payment option and then entered my info.

Payment Process

Once the payment went through I was sent to this page letting me know my payment was successful.

I then went to my email where the key was sent to.

Email Confirmation

Confirm that my product and location are correct and then click to display my key.

Product Confirmation Page

The key is now displayed to me and all I have to do is enter where I am supposed to.

My Key

I entered the code that was sent to me and…SUCCESS! It worked!

Display Key Confirmation

Although Eneba is generally safe to use, there are some people on the site who do attempt to scam others. So here is what to watch out for when using Eneba.

What To Watch Out For When Purchasing From Eneba?

Before purchasing from Eneba, you should make sure that you are purchasing the key from a trusted seller on Eneba. If you do not trust Eneba, you should also set up a Paypal account so that you can make purchases without giving your card information away. You should also know how to contact Eneba support.

Usually I’d say “if something seems too good to be true…”, but when it comes to key resellers this advice doesn’t work.

I’ve been able to get amazing games for $40 cheaper than retail off of key reselling sites and have only ever had an issue once.

The blame for that transaction landed on the actual seller, and not the key reselling site itself, although it was a bummer.

All you can do is practice due diligence and internet safety. If you’re super cautious, then I recommend making purchases with Paypal instead of your actual card so your information is safe.

Eneba also gives ratings to sellers and so if you are weary of a seller just look at their rating to see what other users have to say about them.

And lastly, if you ever have an issue, make sure to reach out to Eneba support. They are super helpful and should be able to solve your problem should one occur.

Is Eneba Legal?

Eneba is completely legal. It is not illegal to purchase games from Eneba and it is not illegal for Eneba to sell those games. Eneba is a gray market, AKA it is selling games legally, just not how the developers intended. It’s impossible to detect whether a game or key was bought through Eneba or not.

Eneba and other key reseller sites are legal and legitimate.

How some sites get their keys can be questionable, but most of them just buy their keys in bulk from countries where games are cheaper, then sell them for a bit of a markup.

However, there’s nothing illegal about purchasing games from Eneba. It’s not illegal and it’s not against any platform policies.

I’ve purchased many keys and have used them on Steam, Epic, etc. and have never had any issues with the law or my accounts.

But in case you’re curious, let me go over a bit more exactly how Eneba works.

How Does Eneba Work?

Eneba and other key reseller sites work by purchasing game keys in bulk from countries where the keys are cheap. Afterwards, they sell those keys on their website for cheap. So when you purchase a key from Eneba, you will receive a code that can be redeemed on the game shop (Steam, etc) for the game.

Sites like Eneba work in a pretty gray area in gaming. Usually they will obtain keys from other users selling the keys to them or from purchasing the keys in bulk.

In some countries, games are extremely cheap. So resellers can buy a bunch of the game keys from cheaper countries, then sell them on their site for cheap while still making a profit.

As far as actually purchasing keys from Eneba, you will have to enter some kind of payment information, whether it be a card or Paypal.

After you enter your payment information, you’ll receive a code which you can redeem on Steam, Epic, etc. (whatever the code is for) and the game will be added to your library.

So is buying games and other things from Eneba worth it?

Is Eneba Worth It?

Eneba is worth because it is a great place to find deals on games. Most of the time, the really good deals will be for older games or games that are not extremely popular. These games only cost a fraction of the price on Eneba as they do on other platforms like Steam, Epic, etc.

There’s really no reason not to use Eneba or any other key reseller site that you trust. In fact, whenever I’m looking at games to buy, I almost always take a look at a key reseller first.

You’d be surprised at the amount of deals you can find. The only exception is when I’m looking at indie games and want to support the developers.

In that case, I’ll buy the game for full price, although there are many deals for these indie games as well for those that can’t afford the full price.

I hope I was able to help ease your mind about buying from Eneba. To learn more about what game keys are and how they work check out my article here.

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