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How To Get Golden Kappa On Twitch

If you have been on Twitch long enough you have probably heard of or even seen the legendary Golden Kappa Emote. But what is it and how do you obtain this mysterious emote ? How rare is the emote? I will cover all that and more below. 

What Is The Golden Kappa Emote?

The Golden Kappa Emote looks the same as the regular Kappa Emote only it is colored gold instead of the usual grayscale. It is extremely rare and not available to every Twitch user. It is still unknown exactly how a Twitch user obtains this emote, but most believe the emote is given once per day at random.

Many say you will not be notified if you have received the Golden Kappa Emote. You will just have to look at your emotes, or use the Kappa Emote in chat to see if you have the Golden Kappa Emote.

But there is certainly more to know about obtaining this golden emote and I will touch on it below.

How To Get The Golden Kappa Emote On Twitch

At this time there are no specific instructions on how to unlock the Golden Kappa Emote. Instead, many believe that the emote is given out once a day to a random Twitch user to use for that one day only. So make sure to check your Twitch daily to see if you have been selected for the Golden Kappa Emote. 

But once that day is over, the Golden Kappa Emote that has been given to the lucky Twitch user will be taken back and their Kappa Emote will be returned to its normal grayscale color.

I know that may not be what you want to hear, but after doing tons of research all over the internet on Twitter, Reddit and other forums this seems to be the theory that most Twitch users stand by. 

Another theory is that the Golden Kappa Emote is given to Twitch users each year on the day that they created their Twitch account, but neither myself or others can verify these claims. I know I haven’t gotten the Golden Kappa Emote on my Twitch birthday and from my research it doesn’t look like others have either.

Also, others believe that the Golden Kappa Emote was just a mistake that Twitch made when coding the emote and that they just left it because it created buzz around the platform. 

As you can see the theories are all over the place, but most Twitch users including myself agree that the emote is given at random once a day to a lucky Twitch user. 

Now there was a day when Twitch gave EVERYONE on the platform the Golden Kappa Emote. This day was on October 26th, 2020 and everyone on the platform was freaking out!

But users soon came to realize that everyone having the Golden Kappa Emote was not a permanent thing and that it was only used to promote Twitch’s “Glitch Con” set to take place on November 14th, 2020..  

How Rare Is The Golden Kappa Emote?

The Golden Kappa Emote is extremely rare. There are currently over 15 million daily users on Twitch. If it is true that the Golden Kappa is given out once a day to a random Twitch user then your chances of getting the Golden Kappa Emote on a certain day would be 1 in 15 million, or 0.00000666666%. 

That means it is a very long shot that you, or anyone you know will ever get the Golden Kappa Emote. Maybe this will change in the future, but as of now the Golden Kappa Emote is by far one of the rarest things that can be obtained by a Twitch user.  

But even if you don’t have the Golden Kappa Emote, you can still use the regular Kappa Emote which is one of the most popular on the Twitch platform.

What Does Kappa Emote Mean On Twitch?

The Twitch Kappa Emote is used to convey irony or sarcasm on the platform. It can also be used to troll a streamer. The emote itself is a grayscale emote based off of Josh DeSeno, a former employee of the website Justin.Tv., which was the predecessor to Twitch.Tv.

It is definitely one of the more popular emotes on Twitch because it can be used in so many different situations. For this reason many Twitch chatters will use the emote to mess around with other Twitch users and streamers.  

How To Use The Kappa Emote On Twitch

To use the Kappa Emote all you have to do is type in “Kappa” (with a capital “K” and without the quotation marks) in a Twitch streamer’s chat and Twitch will automatically turn that word into the Kappa Emote when the message is sent.

You could also select the Kappa Emote in Twitch’s global emotes and send it that way.  

Here is what it would look like  if you were to type it into chat. 

Kappa Emote

And here is what it would look like if you were going to search for the emote. 

I prefer to just type the emote into the chat because it is much easier, but searching and selecting the emote is an option too, especially if you want to use a bunch of different emotes all at once. It’s really up to you. 

Is The Kappa Emote Banned On Twitch?

The Kappa Emote is not banned on Twitch, but it may be banned by certain Twitch streamers or viewers. Some Twitch streamers feel that the Kappa Emote is overused and that it has a sexual innuendo to it and so they block the emote from appearing in their channel.

If you stream, you can definitely understand why you might want to ban or limit certain emotes. Unfortunately every now and again certain emotes or words start to get abused in your chat and so you have to take action as a  streamer to restore order within your chat. 

So far this emote has not been an issue for me in my chat. 

Best of luck in finding the Golden Kappa emote. And if you do ever find it be sure to reach out to me and let me know!

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