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What Is Zalgo On Discord? (And How To USE It!)

If you have ever seen funky looking text on Discord, with weird looking letters and shapes, then you may have been looking at Zalgo text. Below I go over what Zalgo text is and how it works on Discord.

What Is Zalgo On Discord? 

Zalgo on Discord is a type of font that adds “glitched” or distored looking characters to regular text. It is usually used when users are discussing something spooky or unsettling. Although the text looks interesting, it is often difficult to read is only used for effects.

Here is what Zalgo text looks like when I entered the phrase “Hello my friend. I hope you are well.” into a Zalgo text generator.

Zalgo Text

You are more likely to run into Zalgo in Discord servers that discuss things such as paranormal activity or aliens as it is meant to convey a sort of eerie feeling in those who see it.

If you want to use Zalgo text on Discord, here is how you would do it.

How To Use Zalgo On Discord

  1. Go to and access their Zalgo text generator
  2. Enter your words / sentences on the left side
  3. The text will be automatically converted to Zalgo on the right side
  4. Lastly, copy and paste the Zalgo generated text into Discord
Regular Text
Zalgo Text
Zalgo Text On Discord

As you can see is actually quite simple. One thing to keep in mind though is that each Zalgo generator will give you slightly different results. Each generator generates characters that look a little different.

The Zalgo generator I linked above was my favorite and easiest to use, but feel free to try a few others if you are not satisfied with what the characters look like.

Also, using a text generator is the only way to get Zalgo text on Discord. Discord does not have an option for changing the text on the platform itself.

So if you want to use Zalgo, or any other font on Discord that is different from the standard Discord font, then you will have to use a text generator and copy and paste the generated text into Discord.

And one more thing I want to add when using Zalgo on Discord. If you are into creepypasta, then Zalgo is great for that.

Using Zalgo for creepypasta adds an extra element to your story by making the typed characters of the story you share appear even creepier. Try it if you haven’t already.

Is Using Zalgo Safe?

It is safe to use Zalgo on Discord. Discord doesn’t have any rules prohibiting the use of Zalgo on the platform; however, since Zalgo is difficult to read, users should be cautious about copying and pasting another users Zalgo text if they are not 100% certain what the text contains.

Unfortunately, mischievous users have used Zalgo text to write inappropriate messages and then given those mesages to other users who share the bad messaging unknowingly.

This is uncommon, but it is still better to be safe, especially since it is often unclear what exactly is being shared with a Zalgo message.

Another thing to consider when using Zalgo is that certain devices, like smart phones for example, have been know to have a difficult time reading the Zalgo text.

Some phones might display the characters in a weird way or not display them at all. This applies mainly to older Android phones, but if you are having this issue you may just have to switch to your PC for it to work.

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