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What Should You Have In Your Panels On Twitch?

When people go to your channel on Twitch, one of the first things that they will see is your Twitch panels. For this reason, it’s important to have panels that let people know what you and your channel is all about.

What Should You Have in Your Panels on Twitch?

Your Twitch panels should give those who visit your channel a sense of what you and your channel are all about. For this reason, your Twitch panels should include an About Me panel, a Schedule panel, a Subscribe panel, a Donation panel, a Rules panel, a Social Media Panel (or one panel for each social media accounts), a Discord panel and lastly a Youtube panel. 

If you want to take a look at my panels and how I have mine setup then go to my Twitch channel here.

Other panels that you may consider adding are a Stream Setup panel, a Website panel (if you have a website like I do) and maybe a panel for an affiliate program that you are a part of.

These are just additional panel ideas, but I wouldn’t consider these “must have” panels like I do the panels that I mentioned above. 

Now let me go into greater detail about what should be in these “must have” Twitch panels that I listed above.

What should be in your About Me panel on Twitch?

Your about me panel is pretty straight forward. It should be a panel about you and anything you think your viewers should know.  Remember, Twitch is about making connections and building a community. So you should add a few things that you are into or that describe you like sports, the gym, being a nerd etc. 

I also think you should do something in the about me that catches a person’s attention. This can be a corny joke or some kind of major accomplishment that you have made. Anything that hooks a person in and makes them want to read more. 

Lastly, don’t get too carried away with your about me section. I think two paragraphs should be the max! I have seen people who write novels and life stories.

I doubt anyone read them to be honest. Let people know what they need to know and they can come to your store if they want to know you even more. 

What should be in your Schedule Panel on Twitch?

Your schedule panel should have your streaming schedule. What days and at what times you stream should be included. If you don’t have a streaming schedule then put that as well. Now you only really have to include the days that you will be streaming. If you don’t plan on streaming on a certain day then you don’t have to include that. It is a given that you won’t be streaming if a certain day or time is not mentioned.

I always recommend having a schedule so people know when you will be streaming. Like I have said before, it is a lot more difficult to get into a TV show if you never know when it will be on. The same goes for streaming as well. 

What should be in your Subscribe panel on Twitch?

This panel will only apply to you if you are a Twitch affiliate since you can only get subs as a Twitch affiliate or as a Twitch partner. You don’t have to add a lot in this section, maybe just a thank you to those who choose to sub, but I do recommend making this panel a clickable link that will take visitors to a place to subscribe to your channel. 

Even if you are not a Twitch affiliate yet, I still recommend putting this panel on your Twitch channel just so that you can get the right layout of your panels and how you want them to look.

If you don’t, you will have to go back and change the way the panels are organized once you are an affiliate to make it look how you want it to. Just do it now and you won’t have to worry about it later. That’s what I say. 

What should be in your Donation panel on Twitch?

Just like the subscribe panel, this panel should also be a clickable link that takes you to a place where those who visit your channel can donate to you. You should also include the links to your PayPal, Cash App, Patreon or whatever you use to accept donations from your supporters in this section. And lastly, you will want to put a thank you message to those supporters you donate to help you do what it is that you love. 

What should be in your Rules panel on Twitch?

The rules panel should include the rules of your channel. Common rules are appropriate language, no spamming, no self promotion, being friendly, no talks of politics, no talks of religion, no sexism, no racism just to name a few. The rules can honestly be whatever you want them to be, as long as they follow Twitch’s guidelines. 

Having rules in your panels helps to set the tone for what is expected on your channel. There are different levels of moderation on Twitch.

For example, some streamers are cool with cussing, others don’t want any foul language whatsoever on their channels.

The rules help outline this so that way you don’t have to repeat yourself a million times. People who come in and read your rules know what they will be getting in to. 

What should be in your Social Media panel on Twitch? 

Your social media panel should include links to your social media accounts. You can either put all your links under one panel, or make a panel for each social media account. If you choose to make a panel for each social media account then I would make each of the individual panels a clickable link. 

Rather than putting all my social medias under one panel, I decided to make a panel for each of my social media accounts.

I did this so that way I could make the panel a clickable link that would take the user straight to whatever social media they clicked on. If you click on my Instagram, it takes you to my Instagram. Twitter to Twitter. Etc. etc.

I prefer doing it this way because I feel like doing this makes your social media accounts stand out more and doesn’t make people read through your social media panel in order to try and find your various social media accounts. This is what most popular streamers do. I also think it just looks better.  

Here are my social media accounts by the way. Please give them a follow. I would be much appreciated!




What should be in your Discord panel on Twitch? 

Although Discord could go in your social media panel, I think it is better to give it its’ own stand alone panel. For this panel I would make the image a clickable link and then give those reading a brief description of what your Discord is all about. Is it for gaming only? Can you chat? Is it active? This is a simple panel, but Discord is important for gamers. 

What should be in your Youtube panel on Twitch?

Your Youtube panel on Twitch should be another clickable link. Then you should give a brief description of what your Youtube channel is about and why people should check it out. Do you post cool game clips? Funny videos? You want to offer people something and give them a reason to visit your channel. 

If you are trying to grow on Twitch then Youtube is key. As I have talked about before, Twitch doesn’t necessarily push your channel out there. It is up to you to do that and Youtube is one of the best ways to get your channel out in front of people.

And since you will be streaming frequently, it won’t be that difficult to cut a few scenes from your stream and edit them into a nice looking Youtube video. 

All of the popular streamers have Youtube channels and so should you.

As always, if you have any questions or just want to hang with me, stop by my Twitch channel here and say what’s up!

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

You can really make a Twitch panel say and be whatever you would like it to be. I just listed some of the most common and most popular ideas for Twitch panels that streamers use.

I feel like these panels are a must and that anything else besides the panels I listed are really just up to you and your creative mind. 

You can also do a lot of really creative things with your panels to make them look awesome! 

At the end of the day the Twitch panels are just meant to be a brief description and preview of what you and your channel are all about.

And with the panels being so easy to setup and create, there is no reason not to have something in your Twitch panels.

Good luck out there my friends! 

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