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Why Isn’t Discord Sending The Verification Email?

Like many other social networks, Discord requires a valid email address for security from spambots and users who abuse the platform. As such, new users are required to verify their email before accessing their accounts. But some people claim that they haven’t received a verification email. I’ll touch on why that may be and more below.

Why Isn’t Discord Sending The Verification Email?

There are two main reasons you have not received your Discord verification email: It’s either you’ve entered the wrong email address upon registration, or the email was sent to one of your folders in your email such as the spam folder or social folder.

You Input The Wrong Email Address

You’d be surprised, this issue happens more frequently than users would like to admit. I know most of us are used to inputting our email addresses for various accounts, but sometimes we do make mistakes.

Before reaching out to Discord for help, double check to make sure that you have entered the correct email address. Make the changes if necessary and then try again.

The Email Was Sent To Your Spam Folder

If you’re a hundred percent certain that you input the correct email address when you registered, Discord might have sent the verification email directly to your spam folder or to your social folder instead of your main inbox.

So, if you haven’t received the verification email, don’t fret just yet! Some emails are redirected to the spam folder for user security, among other reasons.

So check your spam folder, check your socials folder, and if you still do not see the email then it may be time to reach out to Discord for help.

Creating a new Discord account is usually pretty easy, but a verification problem sometimes does occur. Down below I discuss how to get the verification email or bypass the email verification process if needed.

How To Get the Verification Email

When you sign up for a Discord account you will be asked to verify your account by either email or phone. Click on the box that says “Verify by email”. An email should be sent to you within a few minutes. If you do not see the email after a few minutes try clicking “Resend my verification email”.

If after clicking on “Resend my verification email” you still don’t receive the email then make sure you input the correct email address and that the email wasn’t sent to your spam folder.

If these two things don’t work then you may want to try using a completely different email altogether.

Having a verified email address is necessary for Discord users to send messages to a channel with a low to a high level of security. It ensures that spambots aren’t able to enter servers and send spam messages to everyone.

How Long Does A Discord Verification Take?

The whole Discord verification process can take about thirty seconds up to a few minutes. However, this will depend on how quickly you can navigate from your Discord page to your email account and how fast your internet connection is.

In most cases, once you enter a valid email address while registering, you’ll receive a verification email almost instantly.

Open your email account, and in your inbox, you’ll find a message from Discord. If the message isn’t in your inbox, you can check your spam folder and follow the safety tips mentioned above. 

When you see the email in your inbox, you can open it and click the “Verify Email” button. You’ll be redirected to a CAPTCHA verification wherein you have to tick the “I’m not a robot” box.

When you revisit the Discord page after the email verification, you’ll see a pop-up box with a list of terms and conditions. Tick the box below if you agree with the terms and click submit.

Is There A Way To Bypass The Discord Email Verification? 

If you want to bypass the email verification process on Discord you can choose to have your account verified using your phone instead. If choosing to verify by phone you will provide Discord with your phone number and they will text you to verify your account.

So what will happen is when you are trying to log into Discord without verifying your email, you’ll be redirected to a page that says “Something’s Going on Here.”

There are two options at the bottom of the page:

  • Verify by email
  • Verify by phone

When you click on the “verify by phone” option, you’ll be prompted to enter your mobile phone number. Note that Discord doesn’t accept landlines and burner phones, so you must use a valid mobile phone number that you can easily access.

To complete the verification process, follow these steps:

  1. Select your country code and enter your mobile phone number. You’ll receive an SMS message with a six-digit verification code almost instantly.
  2. Enter the code into the Discord phone verification box.

If it takes you some time to enter the code and it expires after several minutes, you can see the option that says ‘resend code’ below.

Keep in mind that there are five security levels on Discord that’ll determine your permission to send text messages to other people on certain channels.

Without a registered email address, you may only communicate with people whose server security settings don’t require it.

Does Discord Share Your Phone Number With Others

Discord does not share your phone number with others. Only you can see your phone number on Discord and nobody else. Discord only uses your phone number to verify your account and to verify your identity if you are ever hacked.

You may have heard stories of people claiming to see your phone number, but these are often hackers trying to scam you into giving them more of your information.

Don’t fall for these tricks and if you ever feel like someone is trying to scam you on Discord then report them immediately.

Getting your email verified by Discord should be a quick and easy process. If you choose not to use your email then you can always use your phone instead to verify your account.

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