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[10] Best Valorant Discord Servers (With LINKS!)

Discord servers are some of the best places to find friends and get better at games like Valorant. In this article I’m going to go over the top 10 Discord servers for Valorant, and give you the link to each.

Best Valorant Discord Servers

1. Valorant (Official)

Valorant (official) is the official Discord server for Valorant, so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the best, if not the best Valorant servers you can find.

This server has pretty much everything you could ask for. There are patch notes, news, and all of that boring stuff, of course.

But there are also just channels to hang out in and discuss everything from the game, to school, to life in general. It’s not unusual to see people posting pictures of their cats, artwork, cosplays, crafts, etc.

For more competitive players, there’s a Looking For Group (LFG) channel, an Esports channel, and even a coaching channel.

Here you can find other players to grind and rank up with, or you can hire a real, high level coach to watch your live gameplay or review your VODS.

Overall, this server has everything you could possibly ask for in a Valorant server, and it’s official making it the best Valorant server available in my opinion.

Joining the official Valorant Discord server is super easy. The first thing you need to do is click the linked image below and then let it open your Discord app.

Afterwards you’ll be placed in the server and can start lurking. If you want to post, you’ll have to click on the “Complete” button nested in the blue bar at the top of the app. Afterwards you’ll be able to do whatever you want in the server!

2. Valorant LFG

Valorant LFG is more focused on the competitive aspects of Valorant. If you play Valorant competitively and want a community focused around try-hards like you (kidding) then Valorant LFG is the place to be.

Of course, this server has looking for group channels. It has channels for finding casual groups, competitive groups, etc. so you can find people to play with no matter what kind of player you are.

Beyond just the basic LFG channels, this server has tournament channels, which are awesome. The tournament channel is a place for tournament organizers to advertise their tournaments.

They will post information, including how to join, prize pools, skill-level, etc. Most of the time, anyone that wants to can join these tournaments and they are a lot of fun to compete in.

Tournaments are posted quite often, and this is the best server to find non-professional – semi-professional tournaments to compete in.

The only thing this server doesn’t have is a coaching channel, but if you’re not into coaching then this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

This server goes well with the official Valorant server. The official Valorant server is focused on community, while this server is focused more on actually playing the game!

This is one of the most active Valorant servers on Discord, so I highly recommend everyone join it. There are advantages and disadvantages to active servers.

The community may not feel as tight-nit as smaller servers, but you will always have something to look at and talk about!

Like many other servers on this list, joining this server is as simple as clicking the linked image below and accepting the invite:

Once you’ve joined, you’ll have to click on the “Complete” button at the top of your app (in the blue bar). Afterwards, scroll down and accept the terms of the server and you’ll be an official member!

3. /r/Valorant

/r/Valorant is the official server of the Valorant Reddit Subreddit. This server is kind of like a mishmash of the official Valorant server and the Valorant LFG server.

It’s a bit smaller than those servers as well, which isn’t a bad thing. Smaller servers usually feel more cozy, and you get to know people a bit better in them, which is awesome.

This server has all of the main features you want in a casual Valorant server. There are channels to find groups to play with (LFG), there are fan art and media channels, and just plain discussion channels.

There’s also a general chat where you can talk about anime, your pets, and whatever else you want. If you want to talk about more competitive aspects of the game, there are also channels for that.

Just like the Valorant LFG server, there is a tournament channel where tournament organizers post tournaments for players to join.

These usually have prize pools and are even streamed on Twitch sometimes, so they’re always a fun time!

Joining is as simple as ever. Simply click on the invite link (linked image below), accept the invite, and you’ll be immediately placed into the server.

Afterwards, you’ll have to click on the “Complete” button (as seen previously), scroll through the rules and accept them. Afterwards you’ll be able to start discussing, posting art, and doing whatever else you want!


VALORANT ASCENT is focused completely on the Esports side of Valorant. It’s not focused on discussing pro leagues and pro play, it’s focused on actually playing in tournaments, finding scrims, team recruitment, etc.

This is probably one of the best servers for players wanting to find tournaments to compete in.

The server is a bit small, so you won’t feel lost in the crowd, but it’s also active enough to actually find players and teams. If you don’t have a team, you can find teams here pretty easily.

If you have a team and want to find another team to scrim against, there’s a channel for that. There’s even an active tournament channel where new tournaments are being posted constantly.

Joining Valorant Ascent is pretty much identical to joining the other servers on this list. First off, click the linked image below and accept the invite:

Afterwards, you’ll be placed in the server and need to agree to the terms and rules. Once you’ve agreed to them, you can react to a chat to choose your roles, which will just tell other members which agents you play.


VALORANTPRO is exactly what it sounds like. It aims to be a hub for competitive Valorant gameplay. So if you’re interested in finding teams, tournaments, or coaching, then this is the server to join.

The server isn’t as popular as the previous servers on this list and it is a lot more focused on getting straight to the competitive point.

I only use this server to find smaller tournaments. It’s not a great place for discussion, hanging out, or anything of that nature.

If you’re looking for a community or a place to actually discuss the meta of the game, I’d recommend the /r/Valorant or Valorant LFG servers.

Joining ValorantPro is a bit more involved. You need to join it by clicking the linked image below and accepting the invite:

Afterwards, you’ll have to accept the terms of the server (click the complete button, scroll down, confirm you’ve read the rules).

After you accept the terms, you will need to react to a message in the “rules” channel with a thumbs up emoji. After you react to the message you’ll be a full-fledged member of the server.

6. SmG Gaming

SmG Gaming is one of the best general-gaming servers on Discord. It’s only this far down on the list because it isn’t specifically dedicated to Valorant.

However, you will find plenty of Valorant memes and even discussions on this server. The only caveat is you may have to start some of these discussions and post your own memes in order to generate discussion.

This server is great for players that just want to be part of a gaming community. There are channels for anime, gaming, Pokemon, etc.

So, while it’s not the best place to find Valorant groups to play with (We’ve already covered plenty of these), it’s a great place for finding gamers to hang out with and talk to.

Joining is simple. Just click on the linked image below, which will open up a new tab in your browser. It will ask you to open your Discord app. Say yes and when your Discord app opens you’ll be in the server.

Once you join, you need to click on the complete button at the top of the app. Then you’ll have to agree to the server’s rules. Once you’ve agreed to the rules, you’ll be able to post in the server.

7. Old Dogs

Old Dogs is a Valorant server specifically for older players. To join, you have to be 20 years old or older. It’s mostly focused on EU players, but players from any region can join the server and have a great time.

The server has pretty much everything from general discussions to discussions about Esports to Looking for group channels.

The main reason the server was created was so that older Valorant players could find other players of their age group to play with. Because of this, you will have to be 20+ if you want to join and play with the other members.

The server isn’t super active or busy but it’s also not small. It finds a nice middle ground where you can always start a discussion and find people to play with, but you’ll never feel lost in the crowd.

To join you just have to click on the linked image below and accept the invite:

Afterwards, you’ll have to agree to the server’s rules. After you agree to the rules you’ll be able to participate in any chat you’d like and start finding other players to game with!

8. Boomerants

Boomerants is another great server focused on Valorant players that are 20 or older. This server takes the age restriction a lot more seriously, though, and requires identification to fully join.

So if you’re not okay with that, I highly recommend heading to Old Dogs instead. However, once you’re in Boomerants is a pretty chill Valorant server.

It’s a great place to find older players to play with and just hang out and talk in general. Boomerants even hosts tournaments on occasion! So it has something for casual and competitive players alike.

Joining Boomerants is pretty difficult. First, you have to click on the linked image below and accept the invite:

Afterwards, you’ll be in the server but the only way to fully join and see all of the channels is to verify your age.

The server has the verification steps listed, but it requires taking a selfie and holding up a piece of paper with your age and Discord username on it.

9. The Void

The Void is another general purpose gaming server. It’s not specific to Valorant at all, but it’s still a great place for Valorant players to hang out.

If you’re into anime, pets, movies, or anything else, then The Void has a place for you and you’ll definitely find other members to hang out with and talk to.

One thing I like about The Void, even though it isn’t dedicated to Valorant, is how active it is.

The Void is one of the most active gaming servers, so even though it isn’t dedicated to Valorant, you’ll find some other players in there!

To join, you just have to click on the linked image below:

Afterwards, you will need to read the rules and follow the verification steps. These steps are super easy, you just have to click a “verify” button.

Afterwards a Bot will message you and you’ll be able to check out the entire server.

10. DeathMate Esports

DeathMate Esports is similar to The Void. It’s a server dedicated to a huge variety of games. The main difference is that DeathMate Esports, as the name implies, is more focused on the Esports aspects of games.

This means people join this server to set up scrims, play in tournaments, and find other competitive players to play with. Joining is super easy. Just click on the linked image below:

After you join you’ll be thrown right into the server and be able to start hanging out. There aren’t any extra verification steps or anything like that!

I hope I was able to help you find the Valorant Discord server that fits perfectly with what you are looking for!

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