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[15] Best Cryptocurrency Discord Servers 2023 (LEGIT Servers!)

Cryptocurrency feels like the wild west sometimes, which is why it’s important to find communities that are trustworthy and legitimate. Here’s a list of the best cryptocurrency servers that Discord has to offer.

  1. Stock Dads
  2. Cryptodra
  3. r/Cryptocurrency
  4. Cryptohub
  5. r/Bitcoin
  6. Cryptorand
  7. Cracking_Crypto
  8. Spacestation
  9. Axion
  10. Filthy Rich Futures
  11. The Crypto Nation
  12. Elite Crypto Signals
  13. Satoshi’s Data
  14. Mylol Crypto Community
  15. Giga Chad’s Crypto Fraternity

1. Stock Dads


  • NBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and many more legitimate outlets have written about Stock Dads
  • Most professional and organized Discord server for Crypto – treated as a legitimate business not just pump and dump planning
  • Multiple membership tiers make the server accessible
  • Members have a very high success rate
  • Admins are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and have built a welcoming and skilled community
  • Paid server so you won’t encounter spam, scams, or bots


  • No free tier available

#1 on the list of best Discord servers for cryptocurrency is easily Stock Dads, and it’s not even really that close. It’s a robust community that has everything you could want in a crypto server.

To begin, Stock Dads pairs each of their new members with a mentor who walks you through the Discord server, helps you set goals, learn to trade using a custom Roadmap that they’ll set up for you, and is there to answer any questions you may come across during your journey.

Once you are in the server you will find dozens of professional traders, licensed and certified CPAs and CFPs, their proprietary Stock Dads Academy, and daily live streams to help you learn everything you can. They really do want you to succeed.

Beyond the incredible learning material, they also have an amazing tight-nit and extremely active community with over 100 well-organized channels where people can chat about things like stocks, sports, side businesses, and much more.

I am a member of this community myself and the people inside are fantastic (I’m not paid to say this, either). There is so much to learn here and incredible people that are there to help you every step of the way.

If you are considering joining this community, now is the time because I spoke with the founder of Stock Dads and for a limited time he is offering my readers a 30% discount when they use code “stream30” at checkout. To learn more about Stock Dads check out their website here.

2. Cryptodra


  • Uses a different philosophy and approach to the Crypto market – very similar to how stock traders approach the stock market
  • Admins have 6+ years of experience in Crypto and are very knowledgeable
  • Free membership still offers useful analysis of crypto coins


  • Free version is limited to one channel, basically
  • Not very newbie friendly

Cryptodra takes a very different approach than most other crypto Discord servers. They don’t focus so much on analyzing the market, instead they look at data and focus on swing trading.

If you’re newer to crypto, stocks, and trading in general, you’ll have a much better time in something like Stock Dads. If you’re willing to spend the money, though, you’ll definitely benefit from Cryptodra.

Whether you choose Cryptodra or Stock Dads will basically come down to which server “speaks” to you more – Cryptodra has a bit of a different approach to the market, while Stock Dads takes a more traditional approach.

If you don’t want to spend money yet, you can still join Cryptodra and get some price alerts and some free analyst tools.

They’re pretty basic though (tell you when to buy / when to sell.) Still, free is free, so you might as well check it out!

3. r/Cryptocurrency


  • Very beginner friendly
  • One of the largest Discord servers
  • Many different people from unique backgrounds
  • Traders of all skill levels
  • Very active
  • Has sections for trading and mining
  • Tier levels for traders of all levels (requires participation to unlock more channels)


  • Many members also means many members that don’t know what they’re talking about so you have to know how to snuff out who is trustworthy and who isn’t

r/Cryptocurrency is the official Discord server for the subreddit r/Cryptocurrency. Since this server belongs to one of the most popular crypto communities online, it’s no surprise that this is one of the largest crypto servers on Discord.

There are pros and cons to being this large and this popular. First of all, it is extremely newbie friendly and welcoming.

If you’re just starting out then I highly recommend joining r/Cryptocurrency. The downside, though, is there will be a ton of non-knowledgeable members.

Even worse, the non-experts are going to think they’re experts and be more than happy to deal out poor advice.

So while r/Cryptocurrency is full of knowledgeable traders, you’re going to find those knowledgeable traders much easier on a server like Stock Dads.

However, if you’re just starting out then r/Cryptocurrency can be a great place to learn the basics before you eventually climb up the ladder to a more legitimate and “pro” level server.

4. Cryptohub


  • One of the best servers for beginners
  • 100% free and open to everyone


  • Not great for more advanced or in-depth information

Cryptohub is a nice place for beginners to join in order to learn a ton about cryptocurrency. The server doesn’t focus on any one particular crypto and was built to be a hub (hence the name).

Cryptohub is very similar to r/Cryptocurrency, since both servers are pretty much populated by crypto enthusiasts looking to learn and discuss crypto.

So even if you’re a casual investor, you can get a lot out of Cryptohub. I wouldn’t use Cryptohub as a definitive source of information or advice, but you can still find some good tips here.

The admin are very helpful and the moderators in general are all very kind and knowledgeable. If you seek more in-depth trading or investing knowledge, though, I still highly recommend joining Stock Dads.

Of course, you can still also join Cryptohub purely for the community and discussions that it provides since it is free.

5. r/Bitcoin


  • Very mature community
  • Seasoned admins that are very knowledgeable
  • Most members have in-depth knowledge on fundamentals of Bitcoin
  • Best community for Bitcoin trading


  • Basically only for Bitcoin
  • May be a bit too much for newbies

I’m sure everyone here knows what Bitcoin is, so I won’t go too much into it, but Bitcoin is probably still the definitive Cryptocurrency and by far the most widespread and well known.

Since Bitcoin is so popular, you may expect a Bitcoin Discord server to be full of casual traders and a lot of people that don’t particularly know what they’re doing (similar to the Cryptocurrency Server above).

However, r/Bitcoin actually has seasoned traders that have been through the coin’s ups and downs. What makes the r/Bitcoin server so special is that its members truly understand the fundamentals of crypto trading.

That’s no surprise since Bitcoin is one of the most seasoned Cryptos so its traders have had a lot of time to learn the market.

If you’re interested in Bitcoin at all, then the r/Bitcoin Discord server is a must-join. It’s invaluable and has so many resources for learning.

6. Cryptorand


  • Very casual server that anyone interested in Crypto can join
  • Lots of members to talk to and discuss with
  • Very active community
  • Cryptorand has a solid reputation in the crypto community and built its reputation on Twitter for years
  • One of the most fun crypto servers


  • Mostly for fun and general discussion – not a place to learn a ton or see in-depth analysis

Cryptorand is one of those Discord servers that I think everyone should join just because overall it’s light hearted and fun.

If you only look at crypto analysis, the market, pump and dumps, etc. then it can be easy to quickly get burnt out on crypto in general.

Sure, if you’re a seasoned crypto vet, you may not want to join Cryptorand as it could be a bit too casual for you. But for newbies or casual traders, the server is a ton of fun and has a lot to offer.

If you’re brand new, then joining a server like Cryptorand is a great way to take a swim in the community and learn the ropes through immersion.

You won’t find experts like you will in a server like Stock Dads, but you will get the fundamentals down (especially if you also join the Cryptocurrency server above) and eventually you’ll be a lot more comfortable with crypto.

7. Cracking_Crypto


  • Focuses on multiple different coins
  • Every crypto in the server has an expert with a ton of knowledge on it
  • Several Crypto Signal channels for a variety of coins


  • Crypto signal Discord servers can be hit or miss

Cracking_Crypto is a decent server. Usually I’d put crypto-signal centric servers further down on the list because these servers are a bit riskier and not for everyone (you really have to trust the signalers and they have to be very skilled to signal correctly the majority of the time).

However, Cracking_Crypto has very knowledgeable traders and it is a great place to ask crypto questions and get back some great answers.

I would never recommend risking your money at the advice of strangers, so don’t go trusting the signals blindly, but I definitely recommend joining Cracking_Crypto and asking any crypto questions you have.

Unlike r/Bitcoin, Cracking_Crypto has no main focus, so you can ask about pretty much any coin and get back some really good answers.

You’ll probably find more knowledge on a server like Stock Dads, but Cracking_Crypto is still a great place to go, learn a few things, and get a second opinion about a crypto coin.

8. Spacestation


  • One of the best Ethereum Discord servers out there
  • Extremely popular and active server
  • Members consist of miners, developers, influencers, etc.
  • Great for newbies to ask questions about Ethereum and general crypto


  • Mostly just for Ethereum

Spacestation is the Ethereum equivalent of the Bitcoin server I mentioned above. It has a ton of members from all walks of life.

The one thing they have in common is that they like the Ethereum coin and know a lot about it. If you have questions about anything related to Ethereum, whether it be how to set up a wallet, how to mine it, or how to build a brand around it – Spacestation is going to have people that can guide you.

The only real downside, of course, is that Spacestation is centered around Ethereum, so if you have specific questions about other cryptos, you’ll probably be better off going elsewhere (Cracking_Crypto, r/Cryptocurrency, or Cryptodra would be good).

With that being said, Spacestation’s members are knowledgeable so if you have general crypto-questions, they’re more than capable of answering them.

If you want a server for tracking other Coins and learning which to buy / when to buy them, Stock Dads would be a better fit.

9. Axion


  • Very friendly vibe and tight-knit community
  • Great place to find help and advice
  • Can purchase 1 on 1 sessions for guidance


  • Little too click-baity for some people
  • There are some premium features like premium trade signals, entry, and exit points

I’ll say the same thing that I said when I talked about Cracking_Crypto, don’t go giving your money away to strangers without anything backing it up, especially in the crypto space.

Signals are nice for helping you determine when to buy and when to sell, but it’s really hard to find legitimate signal channels that really work a majority of the time.

Stock Dads is one of the best servers to join if you’re looking for a similar service. With all of that being said, Axion makes this list not for its premium or its signals, but for its community.

It has one of the friendliest communities and its mods are extremely helpful. They’re more than willing to answer any questions you may have and when you join the server you really do feel like a family.

The admins and analysts truly are knowledgeable, and there’s a lot you can learn by joining the Axion server, no matter what crypto you’re investing in.

10. Filthy Rich Futures


  • Free trading signals
  • Highly active community
  • Focused on education
  • Premium isn’t necessary to benefit from this server


  • Mostly based on futures contracts

Even though the signals in this server are free – I still recommend being wary and always doing your own due diligence.

With that being said, Filthy Rich Futures is one of the best Discord servers available if you’re interested in trading futures at all.

Afterall, that’s what the server was founded on, so the admins and analysts all have a ton of knowledge and are more than willing to spread that knowledge to newbies with a lot of questions.

The server is focused more on education than a lot of the other servers on this list, although they do offer premium services as well.

Filthy Rich Futures’ premium service mostly revolves around providing better signals and live trading sessions for paid members.

Filthy Rich Futures is more niche than the other communities on this list since it is focused around future trading, however I still find that it’s a valuable resource for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders.

It has plenty to offer to free members, as well, which is a breath of fresh air and why I recommend checking it out.

11. The Crypto Nation


  • Extremely friendly and feels like a family almost
  • One of the most down to earth communities
  • Not based on pump and dumping crypto coins


  • One of the smaller servers on this list

Crypto Nation is one of the smaller servers on this list, but in my opinion that’s a good thing because the community is much more personable.

People are far less likely to try to scam people that they know and care about. On top of that, since the community is so small, if someone infiltrates them with the purpose of trying to scam other members, they will be quickly snuffed out and banned completely.

Large, free servers have an endless supply of scammers and crooks, and the main benefit of a server like Stock Dads is that no one is going to pay a premium to try and scam people.

On top of that, the only people you’ll be taking advice from in a server like Stock Dads are the admins and analysts that are paid to help you.

Crypto Nation isn’t quite as useful for succeeding in crypto as a server like Stock Dads because Crypto Nation is much smaller.

However, it is by far one of the friendliest crypto communities out there and well-worth checking out, especially if you’re a beginner.

The admins and members are knowledgeable and more than happy to share their knowledge with anyone legitimately trying to learn and be successful.

12. Elite Crypto Signals


  • Founding members have been in crypto for a decade at this point
  • One of the best crypto signal servers


  • Only for crypto signals, which can be a bit risky (need to trust the signalers)

I’ve given my opinion on Crypto signals a few times in this article – but to summarize, there are a ton of “crypto signal” servers which are basically pump and dumps where the traders at the top giving the signals simply rug pull and leave their members holding the bag.

Elite Crypto Signals stands out because it has been around for a while and people seem to trust them quite a bit.

Despite my own opinions on crypto signals, I believe if you’re going to rely on signals, you should rely on them from a trustworthy server like Elite Crypto Signals.

So if you’re dead set on using signals and are looking for a server to handle them for you – check this one out.

If you’re looking to learn crypto fundamentals and advanced trading information, you’ll be better off with a server like r/Cryptocurrency or Stock Dads, but if you already know what you want from a Discord server and you want good signals – check out Elite Crypto Signals.

As always, I recommend doing your own due diligence with any crypto server you join, especially when signals are involved.

13. Satoshi’s Data


  • Plenty of channels for altcoins
  • Active and welcoming community
  • Great for new members and those new to crypto
  • Premium isn’t necessary for getting a lot out of the server


  • There is a premium service that has advanced signals
  • Not super good at any one specific thing

Satoshi’s Data is really comparable to a server like r/Cryptocurrency. It’s a great, general Discord server with a lot of different discussions and different members.

The main difference is that Satoshi’s Data is a little smaller and has some more niche topics, so if you’re brand new to crypto, a lot of topics, channels, and discussions may go over your head.

If you have a few months or a year of experience with cryptocurrency and know what you like and what you don’t, then Satoshi’s Data is the perfect server to check out.

No matter what niche or altcoin you may be interested in, Satoshi will have members with experience that you can ask.

Satoshi has a premium service available, which is a subscription that will give you access to better trading signals, expert trading advice, and a few other things.

However, if you want a premium, I still recommend Stock Dads. With that being said, Satoshi’s Data is a great resource and a fantastic server to add to your collection.

14. Mylol Crypto Community


  • Puts a lot of focus on education and teaching
  • Very generous to free members
  • Tight Knit community
  • Free one on one sessions are common


  • Lot of focus on signals
  • Premium still exists, even though free members receive a lot of the benefits

Mylol is a server very similar to Axion or Elite Crypto Signals. If you’re dead set on joining a server dedicated to signals, you should start with one like Mylol Crypto Community because it actually has a ton to offer for free.

If you’re willing to pay a premium for signals, though, Elite Crypto Signals may be the way to go (although, I’d personally recommend spending that money on a server like Stock Dads, but to each their own.)

Mylol, overall, is a great community with a ton of helpful members. A lot of these servers are run by “gurus” and people that somewhat know what they’re doing, but are more focused on pushing an image than anything.

Mylol comes off as very genuine and its admins are all very personable. They make the server really feel like a place where you go in order to learn.

They’re constantly giving away premium benefits to free members, so it’s obvious making money isn’t exactly their top priority.

Instead, their priority is on their members’ success – likely so they can build their reputation and a community of successful crypto investors and traders.

15. Giga Chad’s Crypto Fraternity


  • Uses an Ai bot to give pre-pump signals
  • Friendly and welcoming community
  • Great for new traders
  • Used to snuff out pump and dump groups, so an excellent resource for learning what not to join
  • Completely free


  • Can be a bit “meme-y” hence the name
  • Not too focused on actual crypto trading advice

Giga Chad’s Crypto Pump Fraternity is very different from the other servers on this list because its main purpose isn’t to provide signals or tell you what to buy.

Instead, its purpose is to tell you which groups to stay away from. There are a ton of pump and dump groups on Discord that will tell its members to all buy one crypto, then sell the crypto at the same time at an inflated price.

The problem with these servers, as I’ve discussed, is that the ones running the servers will usually dump before anyone else, leaving their members holding the bag.

Giga Chad’s Crypto Pump Fraternity is all about snuffing out the bad apples and warning members about them.

They do deep analysis on many groups out there, and I recommend everyone join them just so you know who to stay away from.

They’re an unbiased source and an excellent way to stay safe while trading something as vulnerable to scams as crypto is.

I hope you found my list helpful. I based the information in this article on my own experience and research and I encourage you to research these servers yourself before paying for anything.

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