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Best Discord HypeSquad (ULTIMATE HypeSquad Guide!)

Discord Hypesquads are exclusive Discord groups for the most enthusiastic members of the platform’s vast user base. After taking a short, five-question quiz, you will be sorted into one of three Hypesquad houses. In this article I will go over some of the best features that each of these Hypesquads have to offer.

What Are The Discord HypeSquad Houses?

The Discord Hypesquads are:

  1. House of Brilliance
  2. House of Balance
  3. House of Bravery

After receiving the results of their test, many users start to wonder whether they have been sorted into the best possible Hypesquad or not.

Some may feel like the houses offer the same features, and the ranking can vary according to personal preference. Let’s dive into each of these Hypesquads below.

1. House of Brilliance

The House of Brilliance represents the patience and the discipline needed to become a vital member of the universe.


The house’s character is called Urdim, represented by a bear modeled after a wise sage. This symbol is chosen to show that without Brilliance, the houses would collapse from within.

House Of Brilliance Symbol

These are the fundamental characteristics of the house, without which all Hypesquads would descend into chaos and cease existing. 

For this very reason, the House of Brilliance is widely considered to be the most crucial Hypesquad on the platform. It’s the meaning behind the creation of the group that sets it aside from its counterparts, more than specific functions.


The name of the house’s character is derived from the word Ursidae which is the family of mammals represented by bears, and the name Dim. Dim is the name of a mole from a game called “Fates Forever.”

The house’s color is a pale red, corresponding to hex #F47B67. This choice in color represents some of the Hypesquad’s core qualities, such as courage, vigor, and passion.

This is also why the house color was changed shortly after creation, as it was apparent that this red would be the best representation of the group’s qualities.

The bear character modeled after a wise sage, which I mentioned earlier, wasn’t the first choice either. This symbol also changed to better fit the house’s values and unique characteristics.

These values are represented mainly by patience, discipline, and clarity. As the house’s representatives often point out, Brilliance is nothing if there’s no peace of mind.

Joining House of Brilliance

If you’re interested in joining this Hypesquad, you can do so even if you’re already assigned to Balance or Bravery. What you’ll need to do is go to “Settings,” where you’ll pick “Hypesquads.”

Settings > HypeSquad

At this point, you’ll be able to either join a house or change your current one by taking a short, five-question test.

Although you may think that Discord will assign you to a random Hypesquad after taking the test, and you won’t be able to choose your preferred option, this is not true.

The platform sorts its users into houses by their personality characteristics. This is why users have gathered their experience and have figured out how you can join any squad you prefer by choosing specific answers.

To get into House of Brilliance, you will need to avoid giving any answers that display self-centered tendencies.

This personality trait is what makes Discord place a user into the Brilliance Hypesquad. After you are assigned you will be able to follow your group’s events all around the world. You can check out the House Of Brilliance here.

House Of Brilliance Invite

2. House of Balance

House Of Balance is the Hypesquad with the most members on Discord. Most test-takers are assigned to this house because most people possess a combination of all three qualities: intelligence, courage, and peace.

This equilibrium is the most important and definitive value of the house.


Harmony, poise, and level-headedness are all crucial elements in creating a much-needed balance in the universe. This is where the meaning and importance of this house come in: The members are people who help maintain balance and peace in their lives.


The house’s color is a light teal, which is a color that combines calming properties of blue with renewing properties of green, making an excellent symbol for the group’s characteristics.

The role of Balance on Discord is to maintain stability and order on the platform and act as a support system for others. This is the reasoning behind the crystal structure that symbolizes the group.

Joining House of Balance

If you want to be assigned to the House of Balance when taking the Hypesquad Quiz, try going for answers that show a tendency to care for others.

These members tend to be selected for the House Of Balance more often. You can check out the House Of Balance here.

House Of Balance Invite

3. House of Bravery

Members of House of Bravery are characterized by their courage and confidence. They are the ones that bring tenacity and optimism into the universe, which is also crucial in maintaining order and balance amongst the other squads.


If you’re assigned to this Hypesquad, it means that you are characterized by discipline, leadership skills, and fearlessness. These are the characteristics that set apart the house’s members from their counterparts.

This house is usually ranked last by users because, although its characteristics are important in maintaining optimism, the other two houses represent characteristics that are deemed more crucial to the existence of the platform.


The purple color chosen to represent this house symbolizes luxury, power, and ambition, which perfectly encapsulate the house’s core values.

This softer lilac was also selected as a royal color to represent knights and fighters as the epitome of bravery and courage, a theme you can also find in the house’s emblem, represented by a shield.

The house’s character, modeled after a frog, is called Renwil, a name that resembles another character found in the game “Fates Forever.” 

Joining House of Bravery

If you want to get placed in this house, try to select answers that you think show courageous and daring moves during the test. Doing so will often guarantee you being assigned to the House of Bravery. 

At the end of the day, all Hypesquads represent close groups that can work and organize events together around the world.

So no matter how the meaning of each house is ranked by importance, the best option for you will be the one you’ll feel most comfortable in. You can check out the House Of Bravery here.

House Of Bravery Invite

Now if you are interested in joining one of these Discord hypequads, here is how you would go about doing that.

How To Join A Discord Hypesquad

Open Discord

Go To “User Settings”

Select “HypeSquad”

Click “Join HypeSquad”

Answer The 5 Questions

Your HypeSquad Will Appear

Once you finish the quiz, you will be placed in a hypesquad automatically depending on the answers that you gave.

Which Is The Best Discord Hypesquad?

The best Discord Hypesquad is the House of Balance as they have the most active members on their server; however, what a person deems the best Discord Hypesquad will vary from person to person. Some people may prefer other Hypesquds because they are smaller or because of their different characteristics.

If you want to know how to join the Discord HypeSquad, as well as learn more about what the Discord HypeSquad does, then check out my article here.

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