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Best Streaming Software

When it comes to streaming, having a reliable software to run your streams on is crucial. Having a choppy stream or having to constantly fix bugs on the stream could get old for both the viewer and the streamer.

For this reason, when it comes to streaming, there is no better software than Streamlabs Prime (click here to check it out and get a small discount). Streamlabs is the most commonly used streaming software among streamers and for good reason. 

Why I Choose Streamlabs Prime

I recently switched to Streamlabs Prime a few months ago and I have loved it. I was using the free version of Streamlabs, but it does not compare to all that Streamlabs Prime has to offer. Let me tell you why.

Overlays and Themes

For one, when you sign up for Streamlabs Prime you get access to hundreds of free overlays, themes and alerts. Yes, HUNDREDS! And they have themes for all kinds of things. Holiday themes. Space themes. CyberPunk themes. You really can’t miss their themes and overlays.

I like using Streamlabs Prime for themes and overlays because for one, paying a graphic designer to make an overlay can be expensive. And in my experience, if you want something really good you have to pay a lot more. Just on that fact alone Streamlabs Prime is more than worth it. 

Because now if you get bored of an overlay or theme, you don’t have to pay someone to make a whole new design for you. You just go into Streamlabs and you are good to go. If you have been streaming for a bit then you recognize that this is a major game changer.


Another thing I love about Streamlabs Prime is that it allows you to multi-stream. This means that you can stream to Twitch, Facebook and Youtube all with a few clicks. This is great for new streamers who are trying to see which platform they like the best.

Imagine having to stream on each platform individually. That means one hour on Twitch would be losing you one hour on Youtube and one hour on Facebook. Why not get the most out of all the time you spend streaming? Multi-Streaming with Streamlabs Prime allows you to do that.

App Store and Storage

Lastly, Streamlabs Prime gives you access to all the apps in their app store for FREE. Yes free! Pretty cool huh? And if that didn’t win you over you also get 10 GB of data available to you on Streamlabs once you get Streamlabs Prime. That means that all your clips and highlights can be saved right on Streamlabs. Now that is awesome!

Like I said at the beginning, I recently switched over to Streamlabs Prime and I absolutely love it! And I know you will too. And better yet, if you use my code (which you get by clicking here), then you get a discount on the software. 

As always, good luck streaming my friends and may all of your stream come true!