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Do Twitch Bits Ever Go On Sale?

Cheering on your favorite Twitch streamers with bits can take your viewing experience to the next level. However, bit purchases can pile up pretty quickly if you’re not careful. So, you may be wondering, do Twitch bits ever go on sale?

Do Twitch Bits Ever Go On Sale?

Twitch bits do go on sale, although it is not common. Twitch has occasionally offered promotional deals on bits in the past, but this is not the norm. Twitch does however offer bits at a discounted rate if you buy them in bulk.

You can also earn free bits by watching ads through Twitch, but through the years Twitch has greatly reduced the amount of free bits that you will earn from watching ads on the platform.

This is not to say you can’t get Twitch bits at a discounted rate however.

This article will cover Twitch’s volume/bulk discounts, the ‘Ads for Bits’ incentive, and how bit purchases support your favorite streamers. Read on to learn more about Twitch bits and how to buy them at discounted rates. 

What Kind Of Discounts Does Twitch Give For Bits?

Twitch offers a volume discount for bits meaning the more you buy, the cheaper the bits will be; however, these discounted prices only begin to be applied when you buy 1,500 bits or more. Twitch also offers a discounted price for those buying bits for the first time.

Here is a breakdown below of what the volume discounts look like:

Purchase Bits Breakdown

Like was touched on earlier, there have been sales of Twitch bits in the past, but those sales are relatively uncommon. You are better off trying to save on bits by buying in bulk.

You will also be be given a 29% discount off your first purchase of bits, but you can only buy a maximum of 300 bits using this discount and it is only for people who have never purchased bits before.

This is what the first time bits purchaser discount will look like.

First Time Bit Purchaser Discount

Now if you don’t want to spend money, there are ways to still get bits.

Is There A Way To Get Twitch Bits For Free?

You can get Twitch bits for free by watching ads; however, you will only get between 5-10 bits per ad and you are capped as to the number of ads that you can watch in a given time period.

If you want to know how to get bits on Twitch for free through ads then go to my article here. In the article I give a complete breakdown of how you can use ads to get bits on Twitch.

Now 5-10 bits is not a ton of bits obviously, but it still gives you something to play around with and allows you to drop some love on other streamers.

A handful of bits is great to drop on some of the smaller streamers who usually won’t have a minimum bit requirement in order to donate.

Unfortunately, many of the large streamers require you to donate a certain amount of bits if you want to donate. For example, Tfue requires that you donate at least 100 bits if you want to donate bits in his channel.

Tfue Bit Requirement

The big streamers tend to have requirements for donating because if they didn’t their channels would go crazy with alerts and spam. Having a certain threshold helps to weed out some of the people who could abuse the donations.

Now like I said earlier you will usually get between 5-10 bits per ad watched, but there are some theories out there of how you can get closer to 10 bits per ad watched rather than the low end of 5 bits.

For one, some Twitch users speculate that interacting with an ad will earn you more bits, even if the ad does not require an interaction.

Additionally, some rumors imply that Twitch pays out more bits per ad at midnight PST, which is considered the beginning of a new “Twitch Day.” However, these theories are not confirmed and are pure conjecture.

If you find this to be true, whisper me on Twitch and let me know. Here is my Twitch channel. I want more bits too!

Now unfortunately, some Twitch users find ways to pervert equitable systems like ‘Ads for Bits’ for their gain. Bit farming via ‘Ads for Bits’ is a significant concern among the Twitch community. Some examples of ‘Ads for Bits’ abuse include:

  • Farm bits through multiple accounts, robots, or other automated tactics.
  • Use bits gained through ‘Ads for Bits’ on a duplicate account to cheer your channel.

Twitch’s Bits Acceptable Use Policy takes ‘Ads for Bits’ abuse very seriously. Taking advantage of the ‘Ads for Bits’ system can result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

While this may look like an overreaction for some, remember that ‘Ads for Bits’ abuse is not a victimless crime. Twitch provides a limited supply of ads over any given time, so when a user farms ‘Ads for Bits,’ they restrict other users from participating in the program.

In turn, fewer bits circulate through the content-creating community. Therefore, the broader range of creators lose access to revenue.

So DON’T BE THAT PERSON ! Is running the risk of having your account banned really worth the risk? I would think not.

There used to be another method of earning free bits besides ‘Ads for Bits.’ This program was called TwitchRPG or Twitch Research Power Group. Users enrolled in TwitchRPG could take part in surveys testing new Twitch features in exchange for 100-500 bits, but this initiative is no longer running. 

As you can see there are legitimate ways to get bits for free and I hope you use them. But now what do bits do for the streamers who get these bits?

How Much Do Streamers Get From Twitch Bits?

Twitch streamers get $0.01 for every bit donated. Twitch takes a 30% cut when the bits are purchased, but does not take anything when the Twitch bit is donated to the streamer. So 100 donated bits donated would equal $1 USD.

As you may have noticed in the Purchase Bits image above, you will pay $1.40 in order to purchase 100 bits. That extra $0.40 is Twitch’s cut. If you do the math that is roughly 30%.

But like I also mentioned that cut is taken off of the top and not directly from the streamer. So whatever number of bits you donate to a streamer they will receive in full.

Now I do have to point out that if you use some sort of Twitch extension that allows people to donate bits then the developers of that Twitch extension may take a cut of your Twitch bits.

Typically, if you use a Twitch extension that your viewers can donate through, the streamer will get 80% of the bits and the other 20% will go to the developers of the Twitch extension.

A few things to keep in mind is that bits are a digital currency to be used on Twitch and Twitch only. You can’t swap money and merchandise for bits or encourage your viewers to donate bits instead of subscribing. Bits are to be used to support streamers and that’s how you should use them.

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While Twitch bits sometimes go on sale, the most common deals are Twitch’s volume/bulk discounts. Additionally, one can earn bits for free through the ‘Ads for Bits’ initiative. However, bits are a limited currency and only have value in Twitch and cannot be exchanged for goods or services from a streamer.

Still, fans can take solace in the fact that the majority of their money goes towards compensating the streamers they love.

Good luck streaming my friends!

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