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Do Twitch Drops Stack? What You Must Know

Twitch drops are an easy way to get some sweet loot for your game. But the question is, do these drops stack or can you only get a certain amount of Twitch drops?

Do Twitch Drops Stack?

Twitch drops DO stack, and there’s no limit to the number of drops you can get on Twitch; however, certain game developers may limit the number of drops that you can receive and how many of them you can stack.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Twitch drops work and how to claim them for your favorite games, keep reading. I’ll cover how many drops you can collect, whether or not you have to actively watch a stream to collect them, and how long it takes to gain Twitch drops.

How Many Twitch Drops Can You Get?

You can realistically get as many Twitch drops as your inventory will hold; however, certain game developers may put restrictions on the number of Twitch drops that you can get through a certain game on a certain channel.

In order to check your Twitch drops, click on your profile icon and then select “drops” from the drop down menu.

Drops Button

You will then be taken to a page with your current drops. It will look something like this:

Drops Page

As you can see, I do not currently have any Twitch drops, but if I did they would appear here.

You could also click on the “All Campaigns” tab above to view all of the current games that are offering Twitch drops and what you need to do to earn said Twitch drops.

You could also link your Twitch account to the different games from this page which will allow you to receive drops.

For more information on linking your account to different games in order to earn rewards, check out my article here.

Take note too that Twitch does not have much to do with Twitch drops and so any restrictions or limitations are not set by Twitch but rather by the game developers themselves.

It’s also important to note that you will only receive Twitch drops for channels that you are currently viewing. You can’t open up ten tabs and have ten different streams playing and expect to receive drops for each of these streams.

You can only work towards Twitch drops one channel at a time. And when you are working towards these drops, keep in mind that there are two types of Twitch drops: mission-based and time-based.

Mission-Based Drops

For mission-based drops, a participating streamer with a drop-enabled stream has to achieve a specific milestone or complete a task in order for their viewers to receive Twitch drops.

Once they meet the necessary conditions for the drop, their viewers can claim it and receive certain in-game rewards decided by the game developers.

Time-Based Drops

For time-based drops, you have to be watching a participating channel for a specified amount of time. For example, a time-based drop might require you to watch a designated channel for 15 minutes between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 PM for you to be able to claim your drop. 

You’ll gain progress as you watch the drop-enabled stream, and once you hit 100% progress, Twitch will release the drop to your account.

Can You Be AFK For Twitch Drops?

You can’t be AFK for Twitch drops, as you have to claim drops manually while watching a drop-enabled stream. Many drop campaigns require you to be watching the moment the drop occurs to claim it, and if you’re AFK, you might not notice the drop in time to claim it for yourself.

If you must be AFK, do your best to check in frequently with the stream to see if you received any drops.

If the drops are mission-based, you could try turning up the volume of the stream and try to tune back in when the streamer is close to completing the task.

But again be cautious because if you are not present to claim your reward, you may miss out.

On a positive note though, once you have claimed your Twitch drops they do not expire.

How Long Does It Take For You to Get Twitch Drops?

Most Twitch drops will be placed in your account within a few minutes after you have claimed them; however, some game developers have specific dates or times that they will disperse their Twitch drops.

You must also keep in mind the time required for you to be in a stream in order for you to earn your Twitch drops.

Again, Twitch does not have any control over the task that must be completed nor the watch time required in order for you to receive your Twitch drops. This is all decided by the game developers.

So for example, you may have to watch a stream for 1 hour in order to receive your Twitch drop, or you may only have to watch for 30 minutes.

Likewise, the mission or task that must be completed by the streamer in order for viewers to receive drops may take 20 minutes to complete or it may take 2 hours. It really just depends on what the game devs decide.

The point is you have to calculate these things in order to estimate exactly how long it will take you to get some of these Twitch drops.

But once you have claimed your Twitch drop, it should be placed in your account within a few minutes unless otherwise specified by the game devs and you can usually stack your Twitch drops. Sweet !

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