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[19] BEST Gifts For Streamers (From An ACTUAL Streamer)

If you or someone you care about is a streamer, they would be STOKED to get any of the gifts below. As a streamer myself I am going to list the 19 best gifts that any streamer would LOVE to have. Trust me, major points if you snag any of these gifts below.

Best Gift Ideas for Streamers 2022

Here is my list of the best gifts for streamers in 2022:

  1. Elgato Stream Deck
  2. RGB Lights
  3. Blue Yeti X Microphone
  4. Boom Arm
  5. Audio-Technica ATH M-50X Headphones
  6. Elgato Ring Light
  7. Strip Lights
  8. GO XLR Audio Mixer
  9. SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard 
  10. Razer Deathadder V2 Gaming Mouse
  11. Blue Light Glasses
  12. Logitech Brio Webcam
  13. Green Screen
  14. Astro Gaming Headset
  15. Scuff Gaming Controller
  16. Twitch Merch
  17. Twitch Gift Card
  18. Steam Gift Card
  19. PlayStation, Xbox, Or Nintendo Switch Gift Cards

Having tried almost all of the items on this list myself I can assure you that ANY streamer would be absolutely tickled to receive any of the gifts above.

Keep reading so you can see why I put each item on the list and why each of these would be a great gift to give to a streamer.

1. Elgato Stream Deck

This little device right here is a game changer. It is literally like a mini command center for your stream and it totally changed the way I stream. 

With this device you can control your lights, run ads, change scenes and even clip your stream! This device really does it all and I think it is a must have for any streamer. 

The Elgato Stream Deck (which you can see here on Amazon) comes in three sizes: mini, regular and XL. The bigger the stream deck, the more buttons you can connect to your stream. 

I personally use the regular sized Elgato Stream Deck, but if the streamer you are getting this gift for has a ton of accessories on their stream then consider getting the XL because it has way more buttons.

Again, this device was a major game changer for me and a huge upgrade to my streaming setup. It would make a great gift for any streamer. Trust me. Here is what mine looks like with its commands on it.


My Stream Deck

2. RGB Lights

Have you seen streamers with really cool looking lights in the background? How do they do that? The answer: Daily Double. Jk (RIP Alex Trebek). They do it with RGB lighting. 

And you may be thinking “well cool lighting like that must cost a fortune!” Nope. Not at all. I got these RGB lights for around $50 on Amazon and they are fantastic. 

They connect to my smart phone and I have thousands of colors to choose from. They can even connect to your Elgato Stream Deck that I mentioned above with the right attachments.

Like I already said these lights are quite inexpensive and are a super unique gift you can give to your favorite streamer. You can check out mine all set up below.

My RGB Lights
My RGB Lights

3. Blue Yeti X Microphone

Great audio is essential for a good stream. In fact, many streamers will tell you that good audio is more important than good video and I would 100% agree.

But with so many mics out there, which one should you go with? Well let me tell you, if you want amazing audio at a reasonable price then the Blue Yeti X is the best choice (click here to see it on Amazon). 

Not only is this mic produced by Blue, one of the most recognized names in streaming equipment, it is also extremely easy to setup. You just plug it in and go. No drivers. No software.

I personally use the Blue Yeti, which is just a step down from the Blue Yeti X, and I love it. Best mic I have ever used. I just plug in the USB and I am jamming. It is seriously one million times better than the cheap gaming headset that I used to use. 

If you want to know how the mic sounds on stream, go to my streaming channel by clicking here and you can see it in action. Upgrading your audio is a major boost to any stream. 

4. Boom Arm

If you do end up getting the mic I mentioned above, then I also recommend getting a boom arm. A boom arm holds your mic and allows you to move it around easily. 

A boom arm also clears up so much space on your desk and honestly just looks so much better than the regular mic stand your mic comes with. 

When it comes to boom arms you have two options. You can go the cheap and simple route like I did. I got the Tonor Microphone Arm (click here to see it on Amazon) for about $40 and it came with a pop filter and bands to help with cable management. 

Or you can go the over the top route and get the Rode PSA1 Boom Arm. Both will get the job done just fine. One just looks nicer, works better, and costs a bit more.

Either pairs nicely with the Blue Yeti X though and makes streaming a lot easier. I recently upgraded to the Rode PSA1 and I like it a lot more. Here it is in my setup.

Rode PSA1 Boom Arm

5. Audio-Technica ATH M-50X

Straight up, these headphones are incredible. Whether you want to stream, game, record music, listen to music or anything in between, these headphones have you covered. 

When I was looking for a good pair of headphones a few months ago I wanted a pair of headphones that was versatile and could be used for many things since I game and stream.

I found just that in the Audio Technicas ATH M-50X. No matter what you are doing, you can be assured that your sound quality will be top notch. 

I even listen to my music with these headphones and when I do I feel completely removed from the rest of the world. That’s how good the sound is with these bad boys.

Me Wearing The ATH M-50Xs

If you want to gift someone a pair of headphones that can do it all, this is the pair that I would recommend. You can see the Audio Techinas on Amazon by clicking here.

6. Elgato Ring Light

The Elgato Ring Light is the easiest way to get quality lighting on your stream. This ring light has improved the lighting on my streams dramatically.

Some people may tell you to go with the Elgato Key Light (like this one on Amazon), but I disagree. 

For one, if you only get one Key Light and place it in front of your face, it will really bother your eyes. It will be like a direct light right on your face. Not cool man! 

And so you end up having to get two Key Lights and place one on each side to avoid eye strain or shadows on your face while you stream. Double not cool!

With the Elgato Ring Light you won’t have this issue. It is one light and you can adjust how bright you want your light so it doesn’t strain your eyes. 

My Elgato Ring Light

I also like using the Elgato Ring Light because it is easy to connect to your Elgato Stream Deck which I mentioned above so you can control your lights from your Stream Deck. How cool is that!? 

The Elgato Ring Light really helps to make your stream look more legit and could be a great gift to help someone improve their stream. You can see the Elgato Ring Light here on Amazon. 

7. Strip Lights

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift to give a streamer, then strip lights (like these on Amazon) might be the way for you to go. You can get a quality set of strip lights like the ones above for a super reasonable price.

Strip lights are just that, a strip of lights that streamers use to make the background of their streams look all cool and fancy. 

Also, these light strips allow you to change their color from your smartphone so you can adjust them in order to fit the vibe of your stream. 

It’s a simple and budget friendly gift that will help give your streamer’s stream that little extra fancy boost. And remember, the higher the pinky, the fancier you are. 

Strip Lights On My Setup

8. GO XLR Audio Mixer

Ok so this streaming device is a major, MAJOR game changer. The GO XLR is an audio mixer that allows you to easily control the audio of your stream.

It will allow you to switch from game chat, to voice chat to no chat all with the touch of a button. You can also use it as a voice changer and so much more. It’s like a mini DJ mixer for your stream.  

You may have seen streamers have funny voices or sounds when someone subs or contributes to a stream. They are using a GO XLR.

Every big time streamer uses a GO XLR. I am not a big time streamer, but I have one of these devices and they are so rad. This really is like the crowning jewel of a streaming setup.


But let me warn you, the GO XLR is not cheap; however, it’s a complete game changer when it comes to your streaming setup so it is totally worth the price.

Trust me, if you decide to get this device for a streamer they will be absolutely THRILLED. This device will literally change an entire streaming setup because there is so much that you can do with it.  

You can check out the GO XLR on Amazon by clicking here.

9. SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard

The thing is most streamers are also gamers, and most gamers play on keyboard and mouse. 

If you want one of the best keyboards for gaming, as well as one that will look really cool, then I recommend the SteelSeries Apex Pro (click here to see it on Amazon).

If you do a little research online you will see that people LOVE this keyboard.

Your inputs (clicking) will be super precise, it has an aluminum alloy frame, is durable, and last of all it is known to be one of the more quiet keyboards out there. This is great for streaming so your viewers don’t hear you banging on your keyboard all stream.

It can also light up and looks AMAZING and so you really can’t miss with this keyboard whether you are streaming or gaming.

10. Razer Deathadder V2 Gaming Mouse

This mouse is awesome! When I play on keyboard and mouse this is the mouse that I use and it is super responsive and light weight. 

I also like that this mouse is wired and not wireless so I don’t have to keep changing out the batteries.

Another thing I like is the extra buttons it has on the side that I can use if the game I am playing requires a lot of buttons like Fortnite.

And to top it all off, the Deathadder is made by Razer which is one of the best brands in the business when it comes to PC gaming equipment. 

People who use this mouse to game love this mouse and I am one of them. In fact, I am using it as we speak 🙂

You can check out the Razer Deathadder on Amazon by clicking here. 

11. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are going to be the cheapest gift idea on this list. If you know someone who is on their computer a lot like I am, then these are a great gift for them. 

Blue light glasses help to reduce the strain on your eyes that is caused by the blue lights emitted through screens. 

So if someone you know is spending hours a day working, gaming and streaming on their computer, then consider getting them a pair of blue light glasses like these on Amazon. 

They have helped me a lot to reduce the strain that staring at a screen all day can cause on your eyes. And they also make me look smarter…I think.

Me Wearing Blue Light Glasses

12. Logitech Brio Webcam

Why not get someone the best webcam in the game? I upgraded to the Logitech Brio webcam about 4 months ago and it has been nothing but spectacular. 

Any review you read you will notice that the Brio Webcam is consistently ranked as the top webcam. And how could it not be?

It can shoot in 4k, 60 fps and it has autofocus. It’s almost like an actual camera only much much cheaper.

I noticed with the cheaper webcams my streams were more pixelated and I felt like the quality was just not all the way there. I don’t feel like that with the BRIO.

You can view the Logitech Brio Webcam here on Amazon, but if the streamer you are buying this for has no camera or a really cheap webcam then this webcam is the way to go. It’s awesome. 

13. Green Screen

This is a really unique gift that you probably never thought of. So many streamers these days use green screens for various things that green screens have actually become relatively affordable now. 

You have probably seen streamers with a cool background, or a stream where the only thing you can see is the streamer and the background is just the game they are playing. This is done with a green screen.  

And green screens are great for making Youtube videos as well. For example, I used a green screen to make this Youtube background in the video below.

But green screens can also take up a lot of space and so that’s why I recommend going with the Emart Collapsible Green Screen (which you can view on Amazon here).

It gets the job done, and better yet it is portable so you can roll it up and store it away. Here is the green screen set up, and taken down below to give you an idea.

Green Screen Set Up
Green Screen Collapsed

It’s easy to use and extremely convenient. Like I said, a green screen would be a super unique gift that nobody sees coming. 

14. Astro Gaming Headset

I already mentioned the headphones I would recommend, but what if you are buying a gift for someone who streams on console?

Well if that is the case then you will want to get a gaming headset. And the headset that I recommend is the Astro Gaming A20 Wireless Gen 2 Headset (click to see it on Amazon).

This headset can be used on both PlayStation 5 and PC.

The Astro brand is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to gaming headsets. They are used by major streamers such as Nickmercs and Aydan. 

They have phenomenal quality and often come with both wired and wireless options. 

Now I know I started by saying this headset would be great for a console streamer, but they would also work well for a PC streamer as well. 

Some people prefer to have their headphones and microphones all on the same device and that is what a headset offers. 

If you are looking for a headset to gift a streamer then the Astro Gaming Headset (which you can see here on Amazon) is the way to go. 

15. SCUF Gaming Controller

SCUF controllers are what most pro gamers use. SCUF Controllers have paddles on the back of the controller that allow you to jump and aim at the same time. Total game changer.

I don’t use the SCUF myself, I use an Xbox Elite controller, but the concept is the same. Paddles on the back to allow you to have more control of what you do.

And having switched over I can tell you that wow, having those extra paddles on the back is a complete game changer. I was a way better player after upgrading.

I am still trash, just a smaller pile of trash if that makes sense.

These controllers are not cheap, but boy oh boy would they make a gamer’s day. Oh and did I mention you can get custom SCUF controllers with special designs on them? Pretty cool huh?

Anyways if you want to look more into these controllers you can check out their store on Amazon here. I think they would make a great gift for any streamer/gamer. 

16. Twitch Merch

If you know someone who is into streaming, they are probably into Twitch as well. Twitch is one of the largest live streaming platforms in the world, and is extremely popular for gamers and streamers.

The cool thing about Twitch is that it is much more than just a live streaming platform, it is a true community built around gaming and streaming.

And many people who are part of the Twitch community like to show their support by repping some of their merch.

If the person you are getting the gift for is into Twitch, consider getting them a hat or a t-shirt that they can wear. These gifts are cheap, but are very popular among Twitch users.

17. Twitch Gift Card

One of the coolest things about Twitch is being able to subscribe to and donate to a streamer. Subscriptions and donations usually come with added emotes and perks that viewers can use during a stream.

This is a simple gift, but one that would be great for someone who watches a lot of streamers on Twitch.

18. Steam Gift Card

Most streamers are gamers, and most gamers get their games from Steam. Steam is an online store where gamers can go to buy different games.

If the streamer you want to buy a gift for plays a lot of PC games on their stream then a Steam gift card is a great idea.

Steam has thousands of games to choose from in their store and so the streamer you buy the gift card for should be able to find something they enjoy and will want to stream.

19. PlayStation, Xbox, Or Nintendo Switch Gift Cards

Like I already mentioned, most streamers like to game; however, not all gamers are on PC. Many gamers and streamers actually play and stream their games from their console.

If the streamer you want to buy a gift for plays primarily on console (PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch), then a gift card for one of these consoles would be an awesome gift.

These gift cards allow a person to buy more games or to buy add-ons for games that they already have.

I occasionally stream on console myself and I can assure you that it would be cool if someone bought me a gift card for one of these consoles because these video games can cost a lot.

As always, if you have any questions or just want to hang with me, stop by my Twitch channel here and say what’s up!

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