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Is Subbing On Twitch Worth It? What To Know

So we’ve all been there. There’s a streamer you really like and you want to show your support, but you sit there and think to yourself “is subbing even worth it?”

Is Subbing On Twitch Worth It? 

Subbing to a channel is worth it because you get ad-free viewing for that channel, access to the channels custom emotes, are able to participate in sub only chat and earn more channel points when you are a sub than when you are just a viewer. 

Other benefits include being able to watch VODS if the VODS are in sub only mode and being able to participate in any giveaways or special events that are only available for subs.

And not to mention that you subbing to a channel is what allows the streamer to continue doing what they love to do. Those streams are made by viewers like you. Cheesy, but true. PBS had it right.

I know a lot of people will say “why pay for a sub when you can just watch the streamer for free?” But that’s like saying why eat at Subway when you can just make a sandwich at home?

If everyone had this mindset, there would be no Subway. But we eat at Subway or other places because they provide us quality food and so we want to support them so they can keep doing what they do.

Making amazing meatball subs. 

Same goes for streaming. We like the entertainment these streamers provide and so we choose to support them so that way they can continue to entertain us. 

My Tier 3 Sub Page

Like I already mentioned, if we didn’t support them with out subs, donations, bits, etc. then they wouldn’t be able to stream as much as they do if at all. They’d be working a 9-5 like the rest of us.

But since there are so many generous and loyal supporters these content creators are able to keep doing what they love and what keeps us entertained. It’s a win win. 

And being subbed to a streamer and being part of a community is super cool. It is like a small virtual friend group that links up and watches games together or just chills together.

Some of the most popular communities on Twitch are the Tatman Army (TimTheTatman community) and the MFAM (Nickmercs community). 

These communities are HUGE! Thousands of people strong and they have inside jokes and interact with each other. Shoot they even put their community affiliation in their Twitter bios that’s how tight nit they are. And all this because they are part of those streamer’s channels. 

So all in all not only do you get cool things like channel emotes and ad-free viewing, but for most people it is being a part of a community or friend group that really draws people in and causes them to sub.

But what exactly does a streamer get from your sub?

How Much Money do Streamers Get From Subs on Twitch?

If a streamer is a Twitch Affiliate they will get 50% of the sub and Twitch will get the other 50%. If a streamer is a Twitch Partner then the amount the streamer gets from a sub will vary depending on the contract agreement they sign with Twitch, but typically partners get more than a 50% cut.

Typically, bigger streamers get an even higher percentage of the sub split i.e. 70% for the streamer and 30% for Twitch, but again this will vary.

Now how much money exactly a streamer gets from subs on Twitch will depend on what tier their subs are because each sub costs different amounts and therefor the split between Twitch and the streamer will be different.  

For example, tier one subs on Twitch cost $4.99. So if a Twitch streamer, who is a Twitch affiliate, gets one tier one sub then they would get roughly $2.50 and Twitch would get the other $2.50. 

Tier 2 subs on Twitch cost $9.99 and tier 3 subs cost $24.99. So if a streamer was a Twitch affiliate they would get roughly $5.00 from the tier 2 sub and roughly $12.50 from a tier 3 sub and Twitch would get the other half.

For Twitch Partners these numbers will vary depending on the contract these streamers signed with Twitch, but in almost all cases Twitch Partners will get more than a 50% split. 

Now think of some of your favorite streamers. If they are a Twitch Affiliate, and they have 1,000 subs, then that means they will be earning at least $3,000 a month off of subs if not more depending on those sub’s tiers. 

And in many cases this is enough to pay the bills and keep the stream rolling because streamers will also be earning money from things like donations, Twitch Bits and ad-revenue.  

So now that you see how crucial subs are to supporting a streamer, the next question is whether or not you should sub to a channel. 

Should You Sub to a Streamer on Twitch?

If you like a streamer that you watch, and you want to help them create even more content, then it is absolutely worth it to sub to their channel. Subbing helps streamers financially and helps them to build their community as well.  

Typically, the more subs or financial support a streamer is able to receive, the more they are able to stream and create content for their viewers. 

Many streamers only stream part-time because they must work a job in order to support themselves and their families. They just don’t make enough money streaming to do it full-time.

But, the more subs and donations they get the less they will have to work a “job job” and the more they can focus on streaming. That’s why some of the major streamers are streaming and gaming all day. They have the support to do so. 

Not only does subbing to a channel support a stream financially, it also makes you feel like part of a community. 

I like subbing to channels because it makes me feel even more like I am part of the community. I get the emotes, I get to type in chat and many other cool perks that the channel offers for subs. 

When I sub to a community, the inside jokes just hit different and I just feel like I belong more rather than when I lurk in the shadows and watch a stream with nobody knowing. 

A major part of Twitch is building or being a part of different communities. Subbing is usually the best way for you to show support for that community.

In fact, many streamers will tell you that they prefer receiving subs rather than donations because even though subs are usually worth less money, they do more to help build the community than donations do. 

So in the end, if you really like a certain streamer or channel, it is definitely worth it to sub to that channel and become a part of the community. 

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Subbing is worth it. Streamers love their subs and it the people who do sub and show support are totally rad!  

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