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How Many Twitch Streamers Are There? Answer Will Shock You!

Twitch has steadily grown throughout the years to become one of the largest live streaming platforms on the internet today. But just how big is Twitch? In this article I answer how many streamers, affiliates, partners, and more are currently streaming on Twitch. Keep reading to find the answers.

How Many Twitch Streamers Are There?

There are currently over 8 million active streamers on Twitch. In addition to that, Twitch has over 1 million streamers on average who stream to the channel daily, with over 100,000 streams going at any one time on the platform.


This means that anytime a user opens up Twitch to watch a stream they have over 100,000 options to choose from. That’s insane!

What is even more incredible is that these numbers don’t even represent Twitch’s highest numbers. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic the total number of active Twitch streamers was close to 10 million!

Inevitably, as the world began to open back up, the number of active live streamers on Twitch began to dip as people started to go outside more and more. But 8 million streamers is still a massive number.

Now the next question, of those 8 million active streamers, how many of them are Twitch affiliates?

How Many Twitch Affiliates Are There?

Twitch has over 1.2 million affiliates. That means that out of the 8 million total active streamers on Twitch, roughly 15% of them are Twitch affiliates.

Also, it is estimated that only 5% of channels average over 5 viewers a stream. The vast majority of streamers, around 95% of them, average less that 5 viewers a stream.

This just goes to show how difficult it is to grow and create a following on Twitch. Now that we have gone over Twitch Affiliates, let’s talk about how many Twitch Partners there are.

How Many Twitch Partners Are There?

There are currently over 51,000 Twitch partners. That means that out of the 8 million total active streamers on Twitch, approximately 0.64% of them are Twitch Partners.


The Twitch Partnership Program is usually reserved for successful streamers with established audiences. It gives access to more monetization options, as well as special features to help grow a creator’s channel.

To become a partner a streamer must broadcast 25 total hours in 12 unique streams to an average of 75 concurrent viewers.

That means that if you are a Twitch Partner you are literally in the top 1% of viewed channels on the platform. At least most of the time.

I say that because it used to be much easier to get Twitch Partner than it is today and so some channels with smaller audiences were able to get in back then that would not be able to get in today.

But even then, Twitch Partner is still a very select group that is reserved for the top streamers on Twitch. Now that we have talked about streamers, affiliates and partners, let’s dive into how many users Twitch has.

How Many Users Does Twitch Have?

Twitch currently has over 30 million active users every day on the platform and averages around 2.5 million users on the platform at any one time. These users combined watch an impressive 71 million hours worth of content each day on Twitch.

When talking about how many people use a website, the important number is the daily visitors. According to Twitch, the platform draws in 30 million active users daily, which is impressive. 

One interesting fact about users on Twitch is the percentage of creators that use the platform compared to sites like Youtube. Among the daily users of Twitch, approximately 35% of these are also creators, compared to the 20% on Youtube. 

An average user watches almost 100 minutes of video in one session, compared to the 40 minutes on average with Youtube. Twitch may not be as big as Youtube, but it’s clear that its users are very dedicated to the platform.

How Many Monthly Users Does Twitch Have?

Twitch currently has over 140 million unique visitors a month. Theses users on average watch a combined 2 billion hours of Twitch streams each and every month.

With such a variety of live content to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many people visit Twitch each and every month both to stream and watch streams.

While being some of the highest numbers in the history of the platform, this 140 million is still only 7% of the monthly users a platform like Youtube has.

Still, to put that into perspective, 140 million is almost as many people as half of the US population, which is an impressive number.

Who Is The #1 Streamer On Twitch?

The #1 streamer on Twitch in terms of subscribers is Casimito with over 127k. The #1 streamer in terms of followers in terms of followers is Ninja with over 18.2 million followers. And lastly, the #1 streamer in terms of average viewers is AuronPlay with over 107k average viewers.

As you can see, there are so many metrics to use when measuring a Twitch streamer that it is hard to say who is #1. The metrics I used are the ones most people care about, but they don’t take into consideration other things such as hours streamed, watch time, etc.

Watch time and sub count can sometimes be misleading. A couple of viewers gifting massive subs or streaming more than the competition can skew the comparison in someone’s favor.

For this reason many consider followers as the number #1 metric to consider when determining how successful a Twitch streamer is. When someone follows you it means they actively found you and decided to follow you.

Right now, Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is number one on the list of the most followed Twitch streamers. He has over 18.2 million followers on his channel. So I guess you could consider him to be the #1 streamer.  

But again, this is up for debate depending on which metrics you value the most.

Where Is Twitch Most Popular?

Twitch is currently most popular in the United States. In fact, the United States accounts for over 20% of Twitch’s total traffic, followed by Germany at 7%, South Korea at 4.5%, Russia at 4.3%, and France at 4.1%.

Even though gaming and esports as a whole are popular in Asian markets like South Korea and Japan, streaming platforms like DouYu, Huya, and Twitch are banned in China.

This wipes out a HUGE number of potential Twitch viewers, over 1.4 billion people to be more specific.

But even with being banned in several countries, Twitch still has a massive following and a very dedicated user base that continues to grow.

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