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How To Lock & Unlock Your Keyboard? (Easy SOLUTION!)

How To Lock & Unlock Your Keyboard? (Easy SOLUTION!)

There are plenty of reasons to want to lock your keyboard, but most of them are going to lead back to a cat. So, how can you lock your keyboard to prevent accidental key presses?

How To Lock Your Keyboard?

To lock your keyboard, you will need to use a third party keyboard locking software. Windows does not natively provide users a way to lock their keyboard, other than locking the entire computer. So, if you want to lock your keyboard without locking your entire PC, you’ll need to download additional software.

Here is a trusted keyboard locking software available from the Microsoft store.

There are other programs that do the same thing, but I like this one (KeyboardLocker) because it’s directly from the Microsoft Store, it’s free, and it’s super minimalist.

KeyboardLocker is a neat little program for locking your keyboard.

Plus, it still lets you use shortcuts while the keyboard is locked. This means that even when your keyboard is locked, you can still use ctrl-alt-delete to do anything you need.

If you aren’t keen on downloading dedicated software, then there are still a few options you can try. Below are some additional ways to lock your keyboard.

Unplug Your Keyboard

One option is to plug your keyboard into one of the front USB ports on your computer. This will give you easy access to the USB and allow you to unplug it quickly whenever you want to “lock” your keyboard.

Of course, this solution isn’t possible on your laptop’s built-in keyboard, but it’s one of the best options for a lock without having to download a third party program.

Lock Windows

To lock your keyboard, you can simply lock your whole computer by opening up the Windows start menu (bottom left corner), clicking on your profile icon, and selecting “Lock” from the menu that pops up.

This will lock your keyboard and your computer, and require that you log back in if you want to use them again.

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in way to only lock your keyboard even if this would be an extremely useful feature. The only native option on Windows is to completely lock your computer.

Get A Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard like the Logitech G Series G613 LIGHTSPEED is a great option if you don’t mind buying a new keyboard.

I suggest wireless because wireless keyboards usually have an On/Off switch that you can use to easily lock your keyboard and prevent key presses.

When it comes to keyboards, I never skimp on quality. I always opt for Logitech G products, and I really like this G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless keyboard with a super accessible on/off switch.

The Logitech G Series LIGHTSPEED keyboard has an on/off switch on the side.

Shortcut To Lock Your Keyboard?

Windows-L will lock your keyboard and your computer in order to avoid accidental key presses while you’re away from your computer. You will need to log back in to continue using your computer. There are no built-in shortcuts to only lock your computer, but keyboard locking software is available.

Unfortunately there are no built-in shortcuts that will only lock your keyboard. Windows-L will lock your entire PC, and require a password in order to unlock it.

This will serve the same purpose as locking your keyboard most of the time, but it stops being useful if you want to lock your keyboard while you watch a movie, show, etc.

If you want to lock your keyboard without locking your computer, you will need a keyboard locking program like KeyboardLocker.

This doesn’t have a traditional hotkey shortcut for locking your keyboard, but the program minimizes to your system tray (Bottom left up arrow).

KeyboardLocker minimizes nicely to your PC’s app tray.

So you can simply right click its icon in the tray and select “Lock” to lock your keyboard. It’s very handy, and one of the only legitimate keyboard locking programs available.

How To Lock Keyboard While Watching A Movie?

To lock your keyboard while watching a movie, you will need a third party program like KeyboardLocker from the Microsoft app store. Alternatively, you can unplug your keyboard while watching a movie (or turn it off if it is wireless). Windows does not have a built-in way to lock only your keyboard.

If you’ve ever tried watching a movie or show on your computer or laptop while a cat runs around and climbs everywhere, then you’ve definitely thought about how nice it’d be to lock your keyboard.

If you’re using a computer, the easiest option would be to unplug your keyboard or get a wireless keyboard that you can switch off. The Logitech G Series G613 LIGHTSPEED would be my keyboard of choice in this situation.

The Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED has an accessible on/off button on the side.

However, if you’re on a laptop, then you’ll need third party software to lock up your keyboard for you. The best software I’ve found is KeyboardLocker.

KeyboardLocker is free and minimalist.

KeyboardLocker is free and it minimizes to your system tray for very easy access. I also like KeyboardLocker because it leaves system shortcuts alone, so you’ll always be able to ctrl-alt-delete.

How To Unlock Your Keyboard?

To unlock your keyboard, restart your computer. If your keyboard is still locked after restarting your computer, ensure that it is turned on and working (all lights are lighting up). If your keyboard is still locked, then try plugging it into a new USB port or replacing its batteries if it is wireless.

Unless your keyboard has a physical “lock” button on it or your computer has a special program installed on it, then your keyboard shouldn’t lock up.

Windows does not have a built-in keyboard lock function, so if your keyboard is locked there’s a good chance something is faulty.

A quick restart should fix it, but if not, check that the keyboard is turned on and that it has fresh batteries. If so, then try unplugging it and plugging it into a different port.

If this still doesn’t work, unfortunately, the keyboard is probably faulty.

Keyboard Is Unlocked, But Unable To Type?

If your keyboard is unlocked but you still can’t type, hold down the right Shift key on your keyboard until you hear a beep. If a popup opens up asking to turn on “Filter” or “Sticky” keys, click “No”. If you only hear a beep, then the setting should be turned off and you should be able to type now.

Filter keys is a setting that prevents quick keypresses, but it can be pretty annoying and get in the way for a lot of people so it’s best to disable it.

If your keyboard still doesn’t work after disabling this feature, then you should try restarting your computer or turning it off completely and then back on.

What’s The Point Of Locking Your Keyboard?

The point of locking your keyboard is to prevent any unwanted key presses while you’re not using your keyboard or computer. For example, if you’re watching a movie or wiping your keyboard down with alcohol wipes and don’t want to press buttons on accident, locking your keyboard can be very useful.

There are a ton of reasons for locking your keyboard. This is especially true if you like to watch movies on your computer or you need to walk away from your computer for a while and happen to have a keyboard-loving cat wandering around.

Locking your keyboard will prevent unwanted key presses, which could lead to everything from a computer restart to an unwanted sent email.

If you have a cat, child, or anyone else running around that may mess with your keyboard, locking it can be a life saver.

Is Locking Your Keyboard Safe?

Locking your keyboard is completely safe. If you are locking your keyboard by using a Windows function (like pressing the Windows key + the L button), then there is no way for it to harm your computer. Just avoid using third party programs that are not entirely secure and that you do not completely trust.

If you use software like KeyboardLocker that comes directly from Microsoft, then locking your keyboard is completely safe.

Just make sure you understand how to lock and unlock your keyboard before using the software, otherwise you’ll need to restart your computer before you can use your keyboard again.

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