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Is 100 MBPS Good For Gaming? (Read THIS First!)

Is 100 MBPS Good For Gaming? (Read THIS First!)

Internet service providers are extremely stingy nowadays so it can be hard getting high speeds for decent prices. So exactly how fast does your internet have to be for gaming?

Is 100 MBPS Good For Gaming?

100 MBPS is great for gaming and more than enough speed. Download speed does not play a huge role in gaming quality, as long as the speed is over about 10 MBPS. 100 MBPS is more than enough for gaming because your ping will be determined by the location and quality of the game’s server more than your speed.

There is a lot of misinformation about internet speed and game ping. For the most part, your speed (measured in Mbps) isn’t going to play a role in whether you lag or not in game. There is a limit though.

If your internet speed is extremely low (10 Mbps or lower), then you may experience lag due to your speeds. For the most part though, you’re just going to rely on the game’s servers.

Coming from a small town, I’ve personally experienced the jump from 10 MBPS to 400+ MBPS download speeds and there’s really not much of a difference in ping.

However, there’s a huge difference in how long it takes to download games. 100 MBPS isn’t the fastest, but you won’t have to wait a week for a game to download, so it’s perfectly fine for gaming.

What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming?

10 Mbps or higher is a good internet speed for gaming. You want at least 10 Mbps download speed and about 2 Mbps upload speed for gaming. This will make sure that you do not lag. If you download games a lot, then higher download speeds (200+ Mbps) will save you a lot of time waiting for games to download.

You actually do not need very fast internet to play games. Your in-game ping is mostly determined by the game’s servers, not your personal upload/download speed.

There is a minimum amount of upload/download speed you should hit, though. If you have a lot of people in your household and they all use the internet, you probably want about 10-20 Mbps download speed at least.

You’ll also usually want 2 Mbps upload speed or higher. These speeds will be enough to game on, but they’re not perfect.

If you download games a lot, or play games that like to update every couple of weeks, you’ll probably want faster speeds.

Otherwise, every time you download a few GB worth of data for your games, you’ll have to wait hours to play. This is why I really like having 200 Mbps or higher, if it’s possible for you.

The speeds are low enough that they probably won’t cost a fortune, but high enough that you won’t have to download things over night just to play.

How Many People Can 100 MBPS Support?

100 Mbps can support 5 people. Even if all 5 people are using the internet at the same time, 100 Mbps is enough download speed to handle the usage. HD video streaming is going to be the most taxing activity, so 5 people will only get close to 100 Mbps if they are all streaming HD content at the same time.

Most online activities do not take up a lot of bandwidth and 100 Mbps is enough to support a lot of people doing a lot of things.

If everyone is just browsing the internet and watching Youtube videos, 100 Mbps could probably support 20 people.

However, if everyone wants to download games and stream HD Netflix shows, then the 100 Mbps may feel a bit limiting.

My roommate and I are both gamers that love watching Youtube. We both constantly have Youtube playing on our own computers and are both constantly playing games and surfing the web.

100 Mbps is more than enough speed for us. However, we also download new games quite often, so we decided to upgrade to 400 Mbps so that downloads go faster.

So it all depends on how everyone uses the internet, but generally speaking 100 Mbps is going to be good for 4 – 6 people.

Is 100 MBPS Good For Gaming And Streaming?

100 Mbps is more than enough for gaming and streaming. When you stream a game, your upload speed will matter much more than your download speed. You will want at least 20 Mbps upload for streaming your gameplay. If you want to stream content (Youtube, Netflix, etc) while gaming, 100 Mbps is enough.

100 Mbps is going to be more than enough for streaming and gaming. Whether you want to stream your own gameplay or stream Youtube videos while you’re gaming, 100 Mbps will have you covered.

Playing a game barely uses any bandwidth. You might use 10 Mbps while playing a game, but most of the time you’ll use less than 5.

Streaming a YouTube video also takes only about 5 Mbps, so 100 Mbps gives you a buffer of over 90 Mbps to play with.

If you want to stream your own gameplay, then you want to take a look at your upload speed. If you want a high quality stream, you should have 20 Mbps upload speed.

However, you can probably get away with 10-15 Mbps. Your download speed won’t matter much for gaming, as long as you’re over the 10 Mbps mark.

Is 100 MBPS Enough For 4k?

100 Mbps is enough for 4k streaming. 4k streaming uses about 25 Mbps of bandwidth, so 100 Mbps is more than enough. A 100 Mbps plan most likely will not deliver all 100 Mbps, so you shouldn’t stream four 4k videos at once, however as long as you’re only streaming 1-3 videos, 100 Mbps is enough for 4k.

The only time 100 Mbps wouldn’t be enough for 4k streaming is if you have 4 different people streaming at the same time. Streaming in 4k requires about 25 Mbps worth of download speed.

Doing a little quick math, 100 Mbps is four times the data required for a 4k stream.

However, you have to take into account everything else connected to the internet, which means you probably won’t have your full 100 Mbps to play with.

You’ll probably have around 80-90 Mbps, which is more than enough for 4k.

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