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Is Discord Encrypted?

Discord is a very common web chatting and video conferencing website, but many people wonder about how secure the site really is, and what encryptions are in place to protect your information. So, is Discord encrypted?

Is Discord Encrypted?

Discord is encrypted with HTTPS; and though data is encrypted while it is in transit, Discord does not use end-to-end encryption. The Discord site is secure, performs regular security updates, and requires a secure password to create an account so personal information is secure.

Now that you know a little bit about Discord’s encryption, you may be wondering why they do not use end-to-end encryption and whether or not your information on Discord is safe. Luckily, we have the answers to your questions below.

Is Discord End-to-End Encrypted?

Discord is not end-to-end encrypted. However, it does use the very common HTTPS encryption system, so all of the information that you enter into Discord is secure and most companies outside of Discord will not be able to access any of your information.

Now if the government in the country you live in tried to access your information that is on Discord, they would likely be able to break the encryption and find the information that they are looking for.

But again this would take some high level hacking.

Discord is meant to be used for everyday communication between friends and gamers. It is not meant to be used as a super secure chatting and video conferencing platform where you can trade private and valuable information.

For this reason it does not use end-to-end encryption because the people who run Discord do not feel that it is necessary for the intended use of the platform.

Although Discord has mentioned that they want to eventually use end-to-end encryption on their website, it is not currently available and they are choosing to focus instead on improving and fine tuning other aspects on the website before implementing end-to-end encryption.

Now let’s dive into what the difference between basic encryption and end-to-end encryption is and what it means for you when using Discord.

Difference Between Encrypted and End-to-End Encryption

The main difference between basic, or HTTPS encryption and End-to-End Encryption is that with basic encryption the message is encrypted until it reaches the server, whereas with End-to-End Encryption the sent message remains encrypted while it travels through the host server until it reaches the recipient.

What this means is that with basic encryption, or HTTPS encryption, the messages are encrypted when a sender sends them. However, the message becomes unencrypted when it reaches the server, or in this case, the Discord server.

The unencrypted message is then sent to its intended recipient. This means that the people who work at Discord can potentially read the messages that you send and receive.

End-to-end encryption ensures that when a message is sent, it stays encrypted while it goes through the host server until it reaches the intended recipient.

This means that people who work on the host server, or in this case Discord, are not able to read your messages without purposefully breaking the encryption.

So, since Discord does not currently use end-to-end encryption on their system, the people who work at Discord can potentially read the messages that you send and receive on Discord.

Because most people who use this website are not talking about information that is supposed to be secure or sensitive, not many people consider the lack of end-to-end encryption to be an issue.

If you really want to talk about sensitive topics, you can use Discord’s video chatting feature as there is no way to record the video chats and keep them stored on Discord.

However, if you are giving information to people that is supposed to be secure, you may want to use a different messaging application that uses end-to-end encryption.

Is Discord Safe?

Discord is safe. The encryptions that they have in place protect both you and their website. It is very difficult for hackers to successfully hack Discord and access a user’s information. Discord is very secure, and they consistently improve their security.

Discord currently requires two-factor authentication and does not accept a password that they consider to be weak enough to hack. When you are creating your account, they will tell you whether or not the password that you entered is strong enough.

If the password that you chose is not strong enough, then they will not accept it. They do this so your information stays secure.

If you are worried about your information being hacked on Discord, but still want to use it, then you do not have to put any of your personal information on Discord.

The only information you have to provide is your email address, and you can create an email address that you only use for Discord so that all of your personal information stays safe.

Discord offers a “bug bounty” program so people are incentivized to tell them about issues that they come across. This helps them keep Discord secure and identify any areas that are vulnerable to hackers.

Although data breaches on Discord are possible, they rarely occur and there is a team of people that work to prevent hackers from accessing their servers and finding their users’ private information.

Discord is safe for personal use, but you may not want to use it for your private business. If you want to keep what you are talking about private, or if the business information is of a sensitive nature, then you may want to be careful when using Discord.

There are other platforms that you can use for more sensitive conversations, and many businesses have their own methods of communication via secure servers.

If you really want to keep your private information safe and think that Discord does not have enough security for you, my recommendation is that you use other apps that use end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram all use end-to-end encryption and may work better for your private messaging and video conferencing needs.

With that being said, Discord is perfectly safe to use and has proven itself to be secure. I use Discord when I stream and game and it has always been awesome!

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