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Is It Bad To Put Your PC On The Floor? (Read THIS First!)

Is It Bad To Put Your PC On The Floor? (Read THIS First!)

If you’re like me, you probably have a workstation–where you do everything from work and study to gaming and Twitter. However, what can you do when you don’t have a desk to set up your workspace? Is it a bad idea to put your PC on the floor?

Is It Bad To Put Your PC On The Floor?

Putting your PC on the floor isn’t bad, but your PC may overheat if you put it on thick carpet or allow dust to accumulate in the case. Dust can reduce the efficiency of your PC’s cooling system, causing the computer to overheat and lag. Blocking your fans will result in the same outcome.

When it comes to protecting your PC, heat is truly enemy number one. If your PC becomes too hot for too long, your CPU and other components will start to degrade and possibly break down.

So, although you can certainly put your PC on the floor, you’ll want to make sure it’s not in contact with shaggy carpet, a rug, or some other surface that will cause it to overheat.

Preferably, your PC should sit on a hard surface that does not insulate the air around the PC. Surfaces like tile, wooden floors, or laminate flooring are perfectly fine for your gaming PC.

In addition to keeping your PC off of thick carpet, you’ll also want to make sure there is plenty of space around the PC for air to flow.

Unfortunately, many PC cases have very short feet, so they don’t sit far off the ground. My gaming PC, for example, has feet that are a mere 0.5″ off the ground.

If your PC sits low to the ground, then even if it is on a hard surface it may have a hard time staying cool.

This is because many PCs have case fans on the bottom. If the PC is sitting too low to the ground, the fans will have to work extra hard to bring enough fresh air into the case.

So, while it’s fine to put your PC on the ground, just make sure you are keeping the preceding factors in mind.

A great solution for most spaces is a PC tower stand. These nifty stands lift your PC off the floor, so your PC won’t overheat even if you have carpet floors.

I like this tower stand from Seloom because it has an open bottom design, which maximizes ventilation around the case.

to put your PC on the floor, let’s see if it’s okay to put it on carpeted floors.

Is It Bad To Put Your PC On The Carpet?

It is bad to put your PC on the carpet. Carpets are notorious for trapping dust, pet hair, and other fine particles which can clog your computer’s cooling system. There’s also the risk of static electricity build-up that can result in hardware damage and electric shock.

While you can get away with putting your computer on a tiled or wooden floor, the risk is too high when dealing with carpeted floors.

PCs suck things up as much as they blow air out, and your carpet is a giant repository of everything you don’t want in your device.

Therefore, you’ll be putting your internal electronics and cooling fans at risk if you put the PC on a carpet.

Some PCs come with air filters to minimize dust intake and safeguard the internals of your computer, but there’s still the chance of static electricity build-up.

PCs also need hard, flat surfaces for safety and efficiency reasons, so I recommend you don’t place them on carpets.

If you have to put your PC on the floor and you have carpet, put it on insulated blocks or a plastic stand to lift the PC higher off the ground.

Doing this will help minimize the risk of static electricity build-up, but your computer will remain close enough to the carpet to suck up dust and fine particles.

So, what about wooden floors? Are they any good?

Is It OK To Put Your PC On A Wooden Floor?

It is ok to put your PC on a wooden floor, but be careful of ventilation issues since there’s the risk of dust getting into your computer. Wooden floors can also block PC airflow and affect cooling system efficiency.

Wooden floors pose similar risks as regular floors, and you can use your PC on them if you ensure no obstruction to your cooling fans.

There’s also less dust on regularly cleaned wooden floors, but they get to hold on to a bit of heat. I recommend you monitor your computer’s temperature if it’s on a wooden floor.

In a nutshell, regular and wooden floors are fine for PCs, but how far off the ground should your PC be?

How Far Off the Ground Should Your PC Be?

Your PC should be at least 6″ off the ground in order to ensure proper ventilation. If your computer is on a surface that collects a lot of dust, such as carpet flooring, then your PC should be 1′ off the ground or more to avoid dust accumulating in your PC.

Many PCs are built with case fans along the bottom of the PC. What this means is that the fans can become strained if your PC is too close to the ground.

To alleviate the strain on your PC’s case fans, try to keep it at least 6″ off the ground.

Not only does being too close to the ground cause a lot of strain on your PC’s fans, but it also contributes to the build up of dust in your PC case.

If you have floors that trap a lot of dust, such as heavy carpet flooring, then you may want to elevate your PC even farther off the ground.

If your PC’s feet are short, then you may want to invest in a PC stand. PC stands elevate your PC higher off the ground and can help improve ventilation around your PC and its fans.

What Objects Can You Put Your PC On?

Here are a few objects you can put your PC on:

  • A TV stand.
  • A bookcase.
  • A wooden board.
  • A night stand.
  • Cardboard.
  • A side table.
  • A printer stand.
  • A PC stand.

Almost any flat surface will work, but you must ensure it’s strong enough to support the weight of your computer and other accessory devices.

Also, the surface shouldn’t absorb dust or heat, as these things can cause your PC fans to strain.

Some examples of poor surfaces for a PC are carpeting, rugs, blankets, or your lap.

Best PC Stands

When it comes to PC stands, try to find something with an open-air design.

You aren’t really improving the situation much if you opt for a stand that has a flat metal bottom, for example, because this surface won’t let your PC breathe any better than the ground.

Personally, I like this stand, because it only makes contact with the perimeter of your PC and not the bottom, leaving plenty of breathing room for your PC and its fans.

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