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Twitch Vs Patreon (EVERYTHING You Need To Know!)

As a content creator you have probably heard of the subscription website Patreon. But how does this website work and how does it compare to subbing on Twitch? I cover that and more below.

What’s The Difference Between Twitch And Patreon?

The main difference between Twitch and Patreon is that Twitch streamers usually engage with their supporters live during streams whereas those who create content on Patreon usually engage with their supporters on other platforms, and then provide bonus content on Patreon.

Here is what I mean by this: when a Twitch streamer streams, anyone can watch. You don’t have to be a subscriber in order to simply watch a stream.

With Patreon though, in order to access the content on the platform, you will have to pay / subscribe to the content creator.

Both have a subscriber system, but Twitch subscribers don’t usually get extra content with a Twitch sub. What they usually get is more engagement features in chat and more access to the streamer.

On Patreon however, subscriptions are everything. The content on Patreon tends to be exclusive and usually contains bonus content that only Patreon subscribers get to see.

For example, some Youtubers upload their regular weekly videos to Youtube, but then upload extra weekly videos or bloopers to Patreon for those who are subscribed.

Also, since Patreon bonus content is typically not live, there is less interaction between creator and supporter. For more interaction, Twitch’s live streams are much better. So can you just use both then?

Can You Use Patreon On Twitch?

You can use Patreon with Twitch. In fact, many streamers live stream on Twitch, but then provide extra content for those who are subscribed to their Patreon. This can include things like bonus videos, e-books, long-form posts, etc.

Furthermore, some streamers who don’t want to be a part of Twitch’s affiliate or partner programs, may choose to monetize their channel with Patreon.

The way this works is instead of users subbing to a streamer on Twitch, they visit their Patreon and sub to them there as a way to support their content.

Now streamers should, and usually do offer some kind of bonus for their Patreon subscribers, but why even use Patreon? Does Patreon pay more than Twitch?

What Pays More: Twitch Or Patreon?

Patreon pays more for subscribers to their content creators than Twitch does. On Patreon, a content creator earns between %88 and 95%, depending on their plan. On Twitch, streamers earn 50% of subscriber revenue; however, Twitch does have more monetization options than Patreon.

Although Patreon has a better split, they only offer tiered subscribers similar to Twitch. With Twitch, apart from subscribers, streamers can earn through bits, ads, sponsorships, affiliates, and more.

So Patreon might have better splits, but that is the only way people can support you. On Twitch, you have many more opportunities to make money, even if the sub-split is much lower.

For this reason, it’s up to you to decide which works better for you and your content. Both platforms have their pros and cons in regards to monetization though.

Does Patreon Have Live Streaming?

Patreon does not offer live streaming. If you want to do a live stream on Patreon you will have to use a third party platform like Crowdcast or Youtube.

Crowdcast is probably better than Youtube for streaming on Patreon because it integrates with Patreon; however, it costs money.

Youtube is free, but you will have to drive users from your Patreon or other platform to Youtube to watch your live stream.

You can even use Twitch for your live streams if you wanted to, but it might be challenging making these streams exclusive.

The truth is, there is no great way to run a live stream with Patreon. You will have to use another platform or pay extra money for a streaming service.

But since you can use Twitch and Patreon together, I have created a list below of the best ways to use Patreon as a Twitch streamer as a way to make extra money.

Best Ways To Use Patreon For Twitch

  • Exclusive content: Offer patrons access to exclusive content that is not available on your Twitch channel. This can include behind-the-scenes footage, bonus streams, or edited video highlights.
  • Early access: Give patrons early access to new content, such as videos or podcasts, before they are released to the general public.
  • Community engagement: Use Patreon to create a closer-knit community by offering exclusive Discord access, private chat rooms, or community forums where patrons can interact with you and other fans more directly.
  • Live stream perks: Offer Patreon-exclusive live streams, Q&A sessions, or gameplay with patrons. You can host these on Twitch or use other platforms like YouTube or Zoom and share the links with your patrons.
  • Custom rewards: Create unique reward tiers that cater to your audience’s interests, such as personalized messages, shoutouts during streams, or signed merchandise.
  • Creative input: Allow patrons to have a say in your content by voting on upcoming stream themes, game selections, or other creative decisions.
  • Behind-the-scenes access: Share behind-the-scenes information about your streaming setup, equipment, or insights into your content creation process. This can include tutorials, tips, or recommendations for aspiring streamers.
  • Monthly giveaways: Organize monthly giveaways exclusively for patrons, such as game codes, merchandise, or other related items.
  • Collaborations: Partner with other creators on Patreon or Twitch and cross-promote your content, offering exclusive collaborations or joint events for your patrons.

Remember that the key to success on Patreon, as well as Twitch, is to maintain consistent communication with your supporters and deliver valuable, exclusive content that makes them feel appreciated and engaged.

Tailor your rewards and perks to your audience’s interests and preferences, and always be open to feedback and suggestions to continue refining your offerings.

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