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What Does L, W, F, GGs, And More Mean On Twitch?

If you have been in Twitch chats recently you have probably heard or seen phrases such as “L”, “F’s in the chat”, or “META”.

But what do these different saying mean? In this article I go over the meaning of some of the most commonly used words and phrases on Twitch.

What Does L Mean On Twitch?

The letter ‘L’ on Twitch is slang for the words lose, lost or losing. It can also be used when something bad happens on stream. For example, if a streamer gets wrecked in a game, the streamer may say “L” while their chat may also spam the letter ‘L’ in chat.

Streamers and chatters may also say things like, “Take the L” which just means take the loss. You are basically just shoving the loss in another person’s face when you say phrases like that.

Saying the letter “L” has become so popular on Twitch and in gaming that Fortnite even created an emote called the “Take The L” that users can use to gloat over their opponents.

What Does W Mean On Twitch?

The letter ‘W’ on Twitch is slang for the words win, won, or winning. It can also be used to celebrate something good that happens on stream. For example, if a streamer wins a match, the streamer may say, “W” while their chat may also spam the letter ‘W’ to celebrate with them.

What Does F Mean On Twitch?

The letter ‘F’ on Twitch is slang for the words fail, failed, failing, or failure. It is often used when something goes wrong on stream. For example, if a streamer gets to the last boss of a game, and then loses and has to start over, the streamer may say “F” while viewers spam the letter ‘F’ in chat.

The letter ‘F’ in chat is often accompanied by the phrase, “Pay respects in chat” which means that users should spam the letter ‘F’ in chat to pay respects for the massive failure that was just witnessed on stream.

This phrase, and pressing the letter ‘F’ key to pay respects, come from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where users could press the ‘F’ key to pay respects to a fallen soldier in the game.

You can check out the famous scene in the short video below.

Using the letter ‘F’ in Twitch chat to pay respects is used more as a joke for when a streamer takes a massive loss.

What Does GGs Mean On Twitch?

On both Twitch, and in gaming, “GG” or “GGs” just means “Good Game”. It is used as an act of sportsmanship after a match ends. However, in recent years people have begun to use the phrase when a match will soon be over. For example, a streamer may say, “If he turns left it’s GGs”.

Typically though the phrase is saved until the end of a match where those who played in the match want to tell their opponent that the match was well played.

What Does OP Mean On Twitch?

The acronym “OP” on Twitch means “overpowered”. It is most commonly used for videogames when something is too good. For example, “That new character is OP”. In recent years OP has started to be used to refer to things outside of gaming such as food or music.

When used outside of gaming though the meaning is still the same. “That food is OP” is just a gamer nerd way of saying, “That food is too good.”

What Does META Mean On Twitch?

The word “META” in both gaming and on Twitch means “Most Effective Tactic Available”. It usually refers to the best strategy currently available in a game. For example, if a weapon in a game was greatly improved and used by the best players, users may refer to the weapon as the META.

This term is especially popular for games that are constantly updating and coming out with new seasons. Game developers are always trying to make tweaks and adjustments to make their game as balanced as possible.

However, even with the best efforts, this rarely happens. Every game has certain tactics and weapons that people like to exploit for their advantage.

And once people begin to notice that one tactic or weapon is superior to the others, it gets labeled as the META.

But as games change so does the META. So one weapon may be the META one season and then totally irrelevant the next season.

Also, in recent years META has begun being used outside of gaming. For example, if the best way to grow as a streamer is by making Youtube Shorts, streamers may refer to Youtube Shorts as the META in regards to growing as a streamer.

It just means the best solution or strategy, whether that be gaming, streaming, or anything else.

What Does o7 Mean On Twitch?

“O7” on Twitch is meant to look like a person saluting. The ‘O’ is the body of the person and the ‘7’ is the arm of the person saluting. O7 on Twitch can have several meanings such as “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Thank you” or it can even be used to sarcastically salute a mod who is being too serious.

O7 can also be used with a lower case ‘o’ such as o7 or even a zero such as 07. Regardless of how it is typed, the meaning is still the same.

Also, Twitch users have even added the number 7 to the end of certain emotes such as NaM and KKona. This is done to make it look like these emotes are saluting.

NaM 7 Emote

Of course it doesn’t look great, but the idea is that adding a 7 makes the emotes look like they are saluting.

What Does RN Mean On Twitch?

“RN” on Twitch means “right now”. For example, a user may type in chat, “The game is starting RN.” The letters of RN can be uppercase or lowercase, but some users prefer to use capital letters when they want to convey urgency.

What Does BRB Mean On Twitch?

On Twitch and in gaming the acronym “BRB” means “Be Right Back”. It is most commonly used when a person will be away from their device temporarily. For example, if a streamer is gaming and they have to use the restroom, they may tell their team that they will “brb”.

What Does LG Mean On Twitch?

The acronym “LG” on Twitch usually means “Last Game”. A streamer who is gaming may say “This is my LG” meaning “This is my last game”. Viewers in chat may also type ‘LG’ in chat if they know it will be the streamers last game.

What Is A Juicer On Twitch?

The word “Juicer” on Twitch refers to members of xQc’s community. Members of xQc’s community are called “Juicers” because xQc uses the phrase “the juice” so often. And the phrase “the juice” can mean “anything” according to xQc.

What Does No Cap Mean On Twitch?

The phrase “no cap” is a slang expression used on Twitch that means “no joke”, “for reals”, or “no lie”. For example, a streamer may say something like, “This game is the best game ever no cap“. Also, if someone is suspected of lying, a person may tell them to “Stop capping.”

Some speculate that the word is actually derived from the Twitch emote Kappa, but this is just speculation. It’s difficult to pin down just exactly where the phrase “no cap” came from.

What Does No Shot Mean On Twitch?

The phrase “no shot” on Twitch means that there is no chance that something happened or is true. For example, if a streamers loses in a game to someone who is really bad at the game, they may say the phrase “no shot” in disbelief of what just happened.

What Does ISTG Mean On Twitch?

The acronym “ISTG” on Twitch means “I Swear To God.” It is most commonly used in chat if something unbelievable happens or if a user in chat is getting really frustrated about something happening on the stream.

The ISTG acronym as the same meaning on other platforms as well such as TikTok and Youtube.

What Does FR Mean On Twitch?

The acronym “FR” on Twitch means “for real”. It is used to emphasize a point, or to have someone else assert that what they are saying is true. For example, a viewer in chat may say, “This level is the hardest level in the game fr”.

What Does FRFR Mean On Twitch?

The acronym “FRFR” on Twitch means “for real for real”. It is used to add extra emphasis to something a user may have said, or to have someone else assert that something they said is true. It is a more emphasized version of the acronym “fr”.

For example, if someone heard a rumor that a certain big streamer quit streaming, someone might ask, “Did they quit streaming frfr?”

What Does Let’s Go On Twitch Mean?

The phrase “Let’s Go” on Twitch is meant to convey excitement or positive energy. It has no real meaning, but rather is used when something good happens. For example, if a streamers just won their match, they may yell out “Let’s Go!”

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