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20 Twitch Giveaway Ideas

Whether you are trying to grow a community, or want to give back to those who have given to you, Twitch giveaways can be a great way show some love to your supporters.

If you are thinking of doing a giveaway on Twitch then keep reading as I go over 20 ideas that would be awesome for a giveaway on Twitch.

20 Twitch Giveaway Ideas

Here is a list of 20 Twitch giveaway ideas:

  1. Games
  2. Mouse And Keyboard
  3. PCs Or Consoles
  4. Gaming Components And Accessories
  5. In-Game Items Or Currencies
  6. Early Access/Beta Keys
  7. Merch
  8. Gaming Chairs
  9. Twitch Gifted Subs
  10. Channel Perks
  11. Game/Discord Server Perks
  12. Gift Cards
  13. Gaming With Viewers
  14. Q&A Session
  15. Coaching Sessions
  16. Art And Other Services
  17. Discount Codes/Coupons
  18. Ask The Viewers
  19. Give To Charity
  20. Money

Now that you have the list, let’s go into each of these ideas in more detail and how you could make them work with your community.

1. Games

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that giving away games is the first thing on this list. At the end of the day, Twitch is a platform built on gaming.

The last couple of years have been great for the gaming world, with lots of highly anticipated and hyped games coming out.

But at the same time, their prices are also on the rise, which means not everyone can afford to buy and play every game on the market, especially if you have a younger audience.

So giving away a couple copies of newly released, or even 1-2 year old games can be pretty exciting for your audience.

For example, if you’ve been part of the hype, and grinding the newly released Elden Ring, you can give a couple fans some copies of the game so they can play with you.

Elden Ring Game

Or maybe your channel is more focused on fighting games, you can reward a viewer with a copy of Super Smash Bros. Even though that game is a few years old, it’s still cool if your favorite streamer gifts you a copy of it.

2. Mouse And Keyboard

People always complain they would be unstoppable if they just had a better mouse or a better keyboard.

Of course jokes aside, a good set of peripherals can greatly enhance the gaming experience, as much as a bad peripherals can hinder it.

Unfortunately, these also can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly, and especially if someone isn’t gaming full-time it might be hard to justify the expense.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it. So why not make the day of a viewer or two and gift them a mouse and keyboard?

Another positive to this is there are so many options on the market so you don’t have to give away the same one to each viewer if you choose to do more than one giveaway.

You can have endless options, wired or wireless mice, mechanical keyboards, RGB keyboards, maybe even customized mousepads with your channel’s branding. The options are limitless.

If you do choose to give away a mouse and keyboard, I recommend the Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse (click to see it on Amazon) and the Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (click to view on Amazon).

Logitech Keyboard

Both of these items are super good quality (I mean Logitech cmon now) and they are also very well priced. This way if you wanted, you could give away more than just one.

3. PCs Or Consoles

Now, this option isn’t possible for every streamer, you either need a really big channel, or a sponsor willing to help supply some of these things, but it is a really cool giveaway idea that could give your channel some clout.

But giving away a new gaming PC or a console is probably the peak of giveaways. You can’t really beat that. Unless you give away a car perhaps?

If your purpose of doing a giveaway is to draw more people to your channel then nothing will beat a big giveaway like a PC or a console.

If you can’t spend that much, which most can’t and shouldn’t, then you can go for handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck, which cost between $300 and $400. Still pricey, but not as pricey as a new PC.

Of course, when doing giveaways of this scale, you should be aware that not everyone joining in will stick around forever.

While bigger giveaways or events bring more people to your channel, not everyone will be interested in your content, so once the prizes are given away they will move on.

So be ready to accept you will not retain all the new viewers you saw around the channel during your massive giveaway.

And if you do decide to give away a PC, then I recommend something like this PC on Amazon. It’s a good PC, but not over the top expensive.


4. Gaming Components And Accessories

Of course, not every streamer can give away full-on computers or consoles, and they don’t have to.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper, but something that will still improve the gaming experience of some lucky viewers, you could always try prizes like SSDs, graphics cards, controllers, etc.

These products, while cheaper than a whole PC, are very popular choices when it comes to giveaways. If you choose to go with these options, one idea is to not choose a specific product but to let the winner decide what they want.

So you could have a controller, headset, and mic all ready to give away and you let the 1st winner choose that they want, the 2nd winner chooses from what’s left, etc., etc.

These giveaways are awesome and a lot more affordable. In fact, one of the most popular items I see given away on Twitch is the Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic (you can see it here on Amazon).

This mic is one of the best budget mics in the streaming industry. The relatively cheap price, coupled with the quality of this mic are what make it such a common item for streamers to give away.

5. In-Game Items Or Currencies

Some other gaming-related prizes come not in the real world, but in the game itself. Nowadays most games have microtransactions where you get to buy a lot of cool stuff in-game.

For example, in some games, you can buy items like weapons or clothes and in other games you can buy skins for playable characters or even weapons.

These purchases are wildly popular as they let their owners flex their status or show off a unique skin they have purchased.

And you can give away products related to the games you already play like League skins, CS:GO gun skins, or Fortnite skins.

If you don’t want to choose a specific skin or item to giveaway, most games already have in-game currency to buy things with.

So instead of giving away a skin, you could just giveaway in-game currency for a game and let your viewers decide what hey want to get.

6. Early Access/Beta Keys

Playing and streaming games in early access or Beta can create a lot of hype. Knowing that not everyone gets to play games early, giving early access can be one of the better gifts to give.

Now, it can be a little hard to find an early access game to giveaway (unless you have a decent sized following), but you can try to reach out to developers of games that fit your community or maybe some of the creators of smaller indie games with less of a following and see what they can do.

They might be interested in a deal because letting you stream the game and create content around it can be good advertisement for the game itself.

And in some cases they will even give you extra early access keys that you can giveaway to members of your community. It’s worth a shot and often comes at no cost to you.

7. Merch

With the spread of websites that help creators create and sell merch in one place, coming up with your own merch has never been easier.

It is a good opportunity for creators with a small following as these sites let them sell merch as orders come in, without the need to produce the product first.

Merch giveaways are generally popular not only because things like hats, hoodies, and t-shirts are practical and no one would say no to a free one, but because they also promote the brand itself.

It is a good way to create hype around your brand and who knows, you might sell more than you think.

And since we are on the topic, one of the easiest ways to sell merch is through Streamlabs. They allow you to create and sell on their website without any upfront charges.

However, if you want more products for your merch store and higher splits then you should go with Streamlabs Prime. You can learn more about Streamlabs Prime here, and if you sign up through my link then you get a discounted price.

StreamersPlaybook Merch Store

8. Gaming Chairs

              Good posture while sitting is one of the most important things have and maintaining good posture can be really difficult with a suboptimal chair.

Gaming chairs make great giveaway prizes, as almost anyone watching Twitch has a computer, and so they could definitely use a chair.

One of the most popular gaming chairs for streamers is the Gtracing Gaming Chair on Amazon. And the fact that this chair is not insanely over priced, like some gaming chairs can be, is what make this chair perfect for a giveaway.

9. Twitch Gifted Subs

Subbing to a channel on Twitch has a lot of benefits for the viewer as it enhances the viewing and chatting experience. Also, think how happy people get when someone gifts subs to multiple people.

Gifted subs are an easy way to hype up your chat, and you gifting can lead other people to do so as well, which only hypes your channel even more.

You can choose to give away one sub, or one hundred subs, the choice is yours. But if you are doing it as part of a giveaway then it is best to gift the subs to those who have won the giveaway.

Sub Gifting Button

If you want to learn more about how gifted subs on Twitch work then check out my article here.

10. Channel Perks

Channel perks are another easy way to reward people, and better yet these perks are totally free. Being made a mod or a VIP can be cool for users and it lets them show off to others their special badges.

However, if you do decide to give away channel perks such as these, I think you should only include your loyal followers in the giveaway.

It wouldn’t be right to give VIP to someone who only popped in because they saw you were doing a giveaway and then walks away with a VIP badge.

11. Game/Discord Server Perks

If you are playing games like Minecraft, where you can have your own server, or if you have your own Discord server, you can set up special perks you can award to people who win a giveaway.

Viewers enjoy having status in a community, and they enjoy showing it off. Having special access to certain servers within a community is certainly a status symbol within a community.

Special game/Discord perks may seem small compared to other options, but sometimes sentimental gifts are just as valuable.

Plus, this will keep your servers more active, which is never a bad thing.

12. Gift Cards

Sometimes you can’t find a gifts or rewards that satisfy everyone, but this is what gift cards were made for my friends.

Some ideas could be gift cards for online game stores like Steam and Epic, or in-person stores such as Target and Walmart. There are literally so many options for this one. Amazon is always a good choice too just saying.

Gift cards are sometimes seen as a little impersonal compared to a regular gift, but when given as a prize for a giveaway, there isn’t much that can beat them.

13. Gaming With Viewers

People love to interact with the streamer, it is possibly the main reason streaming is even a thing. So if the game you mainly play allows it, let a couple of your viewers win a giveaway and join you in a gaming session.

You don’t need to grind ranked or anything, even two or three normal games will help you bond with your viewers.

Make sure to announce a specific day and a timeslot for viewer games, these tend to create a lot of interest and people don’t like to miss them.

Also, before starting, make sure to set some strict rules and really make sure the chosen viewers know how to behave when live. The unfortunate reality is that trolling is a thing and you need to be careful.

And if you are going to play with lots of viewers, then I suggest creating a queue on Twitch to help you keep track of who is next in line. I go over how to create a queue on Twitch in this video below.

14. Q&A Session

One way to increase engagement with viewers is to have a question and answer stream. You can do this as a reward for your whole stream, or open Discord channel and only allow those who won the giveaway inside the channel.

Q&As are the perfect event whether you have 100 followers or 1000 subs. Let your viewers get to know you and it will help strengthen your community bonds. Plus, it will help expand your channel into different categories like Just Chatting

If you want to know how to add tags on Twitch then check out my video below.

15. Coaching Sessions

It’s not uncommon to see high-ranking streamers offer paid coaching in the games they play as a side gig. Why not give away one of these coaching session to a viewer?

These coaching sessions can be on stream or off stream and you can coach the lucky winner in a game you are good at or even offer advice about streaming. The choice is yours.

Not only can coaching streams be fun, they also let you showcase different skills than the ones you use while playing.

16. Art And More

Twitch may have started as a gaming platform, but in recent years it has expanded to include many different categories besides gaming, including art.

There are a lot of artists on Twitch that stream their creative progress and share their work with their audience.

If this is something you are doing, or can do, giving away a piece of your own artwork can result in a very thoughtful and unique giveaway. You can even broadcast the actual making of the prize itself.

17. Discount Codes/Coupons

Discount codes are used commonly by sponsors in the online content creation space. Because most audiences are used to different kinds of coupons it may seem weird to use them as a giveaway.

However, certain sponsors will provide you with unique coupon codes that you can give out to your viewers as part of a promotion. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend anything.

So try reaching out to a few companies in your niche and see what happens. It doesn’t hurt to ask and the companies will benefit from you promoting their brand.

18. Ask The Viewers

When you run out of ideas, you can never go wrong with consulting your community. Sure, you’ll get some joke answers like a Bahamas vacation or a private jet, but still, most people will give good suggestions that can point you in the right direction.

Community feedback guarantees you have a prize that will create hype and engagement. It will also show that you listen to what your audience says and value their contribution to the stream.

And if you are feeling really generous, you can do what Ludwig did and let your viewers buy things for you. But I don’t recommend it.

19. Give To Charity

Giving to charity is always a good thing and charity streams have become more and more popular on Twitch. So what does charity have to do with giveaways?

Why not do a giveaway where the winner gets to choose which charity you have to donate to.

This is a cool idea because not only are you donating to a good cause, and not only does your community get the power to choose, you can also decide how much you want to donate.

$10, $100, $1,000 ? The choice is yours and nobody can ever get mad about you giving away to those in need.

20. Money

Now this one is a little unusual. You won’t find too many streamers that are going to give away money, but why not? With apps such as PayPal and Cashapp, giving away money has never been easier.

You could even give away cryptocurrency if it fits your community.

Money is not the most creative give away idea ever, but who is going to complain about winning money am I right?

I hope this list was helpful as you plan what to give away on Twitch. If there are any other ideas you think I should add then reach out to me on Discord. My Discord or my Twitch. Links to those are down below.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

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