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[9] Best PC vs. VR Games (ULTIMATE List!)

VR is extremely fun and multiplayer VR just makes it that much more fun. But there is a genre of VR games that hasn’t gained the popularity it should’ve by now; asymmetrical VR multiplayer games.

These games involve one player playing in VR vs one or more PC players. Since finding good PC vs VR games is pretty hard, I’ve went ahead and put together a nice list for you.

Best PC vs VR Games

  2. Max Exodus Redux
  3. Nemesis Perspective
  4. Fast and Low
  5. Takelings House Party
  6. Puppet Fever
  7. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!
  8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  9. Late For Work


DAVIGO is one of the more famous PC vs VR games and one of the most entertaining as well. One player plays in VR as a giant floating head and hands, while the other players run around with controllers throwing bombs, rockets, etc at the VR player.

Currently, Davigo is only in Alpha but it already looks extremely fun. The arenas look great, the models and visuals have a nice, simple charm, and most importantly the gameplay looks extremely fun and action packed.

The game appears to work for every headset (minus Quest & Quest 2). The only downside is that the game is local play only.

This means your friends will need to play on your computer with controllers. However, the Steam description mentions that it should work with Steam remote play or Parsec as long as the VR player hosts the game.

2. Max Exodus Redux

This is another great VR vs PC game which has the VR player face off against 1 – 4 PC players. In a way, this is a deception game.

The VR player is a giant, evil robot, whose goal is to figure out who the PC players are. The PC players, in turn, are trying to make their way around the map to turn off the control panels.

However, they must act like a robot and not give away which android they are, otherwise the VR player will destroy them.

I love deception games like this. I love trying to act natural and like I belong, and most of all I love tricking my friends.

Just like DAVIGO, this game is local multiplayer only, but I imagine that Steam remote play or Parsec would also work. However, neither of these are listed on the Steam page, so I cannot promise anything.

The gameplay looks extremely fun, but seems like it would get pretty repetitive after a few rounds.

I’d definitely recommend picking the game up on sale if you have a sibling, roommate, friend, etc. that you’d be able to play a few hours with.

3. Nemesis Perspective

The best part about Nemesis Perspective is that it is free. If you’ve ever beaten down a boss in a classic video game and thought “Hey I’d like to beat up a protagonist”, then this is the game for you.

In Nemesis, one player controls the boss while the other player controls the hero trying to defeat them.

The game is very intuitive, simple, and easy to pick up. This is a good thing and a bad thing, but for a free game there’s no room to complain.

You probably won’t end up playing this game every single day, but if you want a fun, simple VR experience then I’d go ahead and download Nemesis.

I wish there were more heroes or bosses to choose from because right now this feels more like a tech demo.

Fun is fun though, and hopefully this will be the inspiration for something bigger down the line.

4. Fast and Low

I came across this game by complete coincidence on Reddit. The developer mentioned they created a VR / PC game and I decided to check it out. I’m very glad I did.

Fast and Low has very goofy graphics, which pairs well with its goofy gameplay. This is a SWAT game where the PC player teams up with the VR player to bust a bunch of bad guys.

The PC player plays as a detective with many cool gadgets, while the VR player plays as the gun nut who can peek around corners and blind fire their weapon.

The reviews for this game all seem to be pretty happy, as long as they played co-op. I wouldn’t recommend this for single player action as the AI is pretty buggy.

But if you don’t take it too seriously and just play it to have a violent good time, Fast and Low is fantastic. You can shoot weapons out of bad guys’ hands, cripple them by shooting their legs, etc.

Not every mission has the same end goal, so you can’t always run in guns blazing, which gives the game some surprising variety, difficulty, and depth.

5. Takelings House Party

This game can actually have up to 8 players playing via PC and mobile devices while one player plays via VR.

In this game, the PC and mobile players play as Takelings which have invaded the home of Hal (the VR player).

Hal’s job is to “exterminate” the Takelings, while the Takelings have to run around, cause havoc, and enjoy mini games.

This game can actually get rather violent, as Hal will toast, smash, and baloon away Takelings as he catches them. It’s great fun!

It’s one of the best VR vs PC party games available right now. Even if it lacks much depth, it’s always fun to boot up on occasion and smash your friends.

This game can only be played in local co-op, but using something like Parsec or Steam remote play may be possible.

6. Puppet Fever

Puppet Fever is pretty much VR charades, but with puppets. One player gets a few puppets and a topic, while the other 1 – 3 players (4 total) have to guess the topic based on the VR player’s puppet show.

You play until a player guesses the correct topic, then the VR headset is passed onto the next player.

You earn a point when you get the topic right, so you pretty much play until everyone has had the headset twice then find out who had the most points.

The game is a lot of fun, but it can be pretty repetitive after you’ve played a few times.

It’d be great if they’d add more topics and cards to the game, but overall it’s a fun party game that you’ll get a few hour-long play sessions out of.

7. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

This game actually requires that the non-VR players have an iOS or Android phone. The good news is that the app on the phone is free.

This pits one VR player against up to 8 mobile players. The VR player plays as a tree trying to protect its acorns, while the mobile players play as wild squirrels trying to steal the acorns.

Acron is pretty fun if you have enough people to play with, but it gets a little stale with anything less than 4 mobile players.

Overall, the game is fun and would make a great addition to your VR party night, even if you’d only want to play one or two games in a single setting.

8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This game is an absolute classic and a masterpiece. While it isn’t technically a VR vs PC game, I had to put it on this list because it’s one of the most fun VR experiences you can have with friends.

One player is alone in a room with a bomb (this player can use the VR headset, if they want).

The player with the bomb needs to diffuse the bomb by cutting the right wires and pressing the correct buttons.

Unfortunately, they have no idea which buttons are right and which wires will cause the bomb to explode.

This is where the non-VR players come in! They have a PDF full of instructions, they must calmly (or hectically) explain to the VR player which wires to cut, which buttons to press, and how to diffuse the bomb before it explodes and ruins their night!

9. Late For Work

Late For Work brings you the opportunity to play as King Kong and smash an entire city while your friends try their best to stop you (or flee for their lives).

This game has those fun, over-the-top physics and low poly graphics that we love in our indie-games and allows the VR player to pick up, throw, and crush just about anything they want.

The only major downside to this game is its lack of polish, which is a bit expected when you look at it.

In deathmatch, the non-VR players can drive tanks and jets in order to fight the VR player, but the controls for these vehicles are a bit clunky.

The game feels a bit unfair for non-VR players, but honestly I don’t mind this much since the game is 1v3 and you can always trade around the headset when you play so everyone gets a chance to smash.

Can VR Games Be Played On PC?

VR games can be played on PC if you have a VR headset that connects to the PC. Even the Quest 2, which is portable by design, can play games that are only available on PC. If you want to play a VR game without a headset, it will depend on whether the developers implemented a non-VR mode in the game.

Most VR games are made specifically for VR and cannot be played directly on PC without a headset.

However there are many games that were made for PC, like Phasmophobia, Fallout, Valheim, Truck Simulator, etc that were modded or updated to have a VR mode.

These games can be played via a mouse and keyboard or with a VR headset.

Do VR Games Require A Good PC?

VR games require a good PC because VR headsets need the PC to be able to render 2 screens at once. This is usually very GPU intensive, which is why an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti or better is recommended for playing VR games. Portable headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 do not require a PC at all to play VR games.

Currently VR games require pretty decent builds to run. VR headsets work by rendering games to 2 displays, which requires a really good graphics card.

Steam actually has a program called “SteamVR Performance Test” that you can download and run to figure out whether your computer can handle VR.

Is VR Healthier Than Normal Gaming?

VR is healthier than normal gaming because it requires users to move around much more than those gaming with a mouse, keyboard, controller, etc. There are many VR games that require a lot of movement and arm swinging, which in turn burns a lot of calories. However, prolonged VR gaming can cause eye strain.

I actually play games like Beat Saber and Creed: Rise to Glory with my roommate daily for quick, fun workouts.

Sure, running a mile outside would be a lot better for us, but I honestly believe this is better than nothing. After going toe to toe for 12 rounds, we’re usually pretty out of breath and even sweating sometimes.

How much exercise you get out of VR will depend on how much effort you put in. It’s easy to play VR sitting down with minimal movements, but if you stand up and get into it, you can definitely burn a lot of extra calories.

VR games are becoming more and more popular and I am sure that I will have plenty more games to add to my list in the future.

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