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Discord vs. Twitter: What’s The Difference?

Discord vs. Twitter: What’s The Difference?

Discord and Twitter are both very popular platforms, especially for gamers and streamers. But how do they compare and which one is the better platform? We discuss that and more below so keep reading.

What’s The Difference Between Discord And Twitter?

The main difference between Discord and Twitter is that Discord is organized into servers, which function like miniature forums or private social networks. Twitter has a flat structure, where individual accounts can interact with each other and build a following.

Twitter and Discord are very different platforms, and they are used for different purposes.

Discord has about 140 million active users, while Twitter has a bit more than 200 million active users. However, Discord has only existed for six years, whereas Twitter has existed for 15 years.

Discord And Twitter Have Different Structures 

Discord has subject-dedicated servers which are further broken down into channels. Each Discord server is a distinct virtual space where people can hangout online and get to know each other.

Discord channels can be text channels or voice channels. Voice channels are spaces where users can hangout and chat over voice in real time, like a group phone call. Text channels are like chat rooms where users can post messages, images, videos, and files.

Twitter, on the other hand, does not impose any particular structure on users’ interactions. Users’ Tweets exist as part of an individual user’s profile. Fellow Twitter users can choose who they follow, and view the Tweets of accounts they follow in a single newsfeed.

Twitter Interface vs. Discord Interface

Discord has menus to switch between servers and channels, whereas Twitter shows users a single stream of posts from users they follow.

Twitter users can also search the site for any posts containing certain words or hashtags. This wide open format makes it easier to find content, but it doesn’t lend itself well to forming personal connections with new people.

On Twitter, the Trending section shows topics that users are discussing that day. This is useful for following the news and staying current on pop culture.

On Discord, there are servers for specific games, television shows, YouTube channels, and organizations. Each server is broken down by subtopic into channels. For example, the Bravo Real Housewives server has channels for each of the franchises. 

Twitter Communities vs. Discord Communities

Discord allows its users the flexibility to participate in niche communities centered on topics they care about. Twitter is more of a platform where users can reach a large audience with their thoughts and opinions, so it’s more of a free-for-all.

Discord is like a private chat forum. Members can only join servers with a custom link invitation. Anyone can join Twitter. Twitter allows you to keep your tweets private, but only after taking steps to do so. 

On Discord, moderators ensure user safety at the server level. The biggest Discord servers are around 500,000 users, but most are smaller. This allows for closer monitoring. Twitter is moderated at a site-wide level by anonymous moderators. 

Reasons Why Discord Is Better Than Twitter

Discord Is Better Than Twitter At: 

  • Organized, ongoing discussions
  • Safety and custom moderation
  • Privacy 
  • User experience 

Discord requires its users to create their own servers. Doing this allows them to focus discussion on a common theme or subject.

There are general discussion servers, but far more bring together users with a common interest or goal. Twitter makes this harder to do since it only has hashtags to focus the discussion. 

Discord emphasizes users’ safety and privacy. It doesn’t influence how users behave on the platform using their personal data.

In fact, they don’t use personal tracking data at all. They encourage users to use pseudonyms to protect their anonymity and ban bad actors. 

Finally, Discord provides a better user experience because it allows users to shape their own experience. Twitter has been criticized for curating its users’ newsfeeds.

Twitter’s algorithm decides which tweets to show you in your newsfeed, and which tweets to hide from you. This gives Twitter unprecedented power in shaping public opinion and forming the public conversation.

Discord doesn’t push anything onto the user with a continuously scrolling feed. 

Reasons Why Twitter Is Better Than Discord

Twitter is better than Discord for discovering new content and building a following of users. Due to its open format, Twitter is a better place for your content to go viral and gain the attention of a massive audience. 

Some people have a hard time understanding Discord’s user interface. It has a lot of parts to it, and it overwhelms some users.

Twitter’s user interface is simpler and more intuitive, with a single newsfeed for viewing new tweets. So, Twitter is better than Discord because it provides an easy-to-use interface. 

Although Discord has expanded beyond the gaming community, it’s still geared towards younger users who game. Twitter is widely accepted as a open forum, or public square, where everyone can share their opinions. 

Which Is Better: Discord Or Twitter?

Discord is better than Twitter because of its use of subject-focused servers and channels. Discord also excels in user safety and privacy. Additionally, Discord gives more control to its users to customize their experience.

Discord is better than Twitter in the modern online world. People value privacy and safety. They also don’t want their online experiences controlled or manipulated.

Discord allows users to shape their own chats by joining the servers they want and only by invitation. 

Moreover, Discord is better than Twitter because the discussion is more chat-oriented as opposed to Twitter’s open sharing. Although Twitter allows for users to only see tweets related to specific hashtags, the discussion often includes a group of disjointed viewpoints.

Discord focuses conversations within channels to common interests and ideas. 

Finally, Discord is better than Twitter because it doesn’t collect user data. User data is used to influence large numbers of people.

Twitter collects user data and uses it to advertise and control the user experience. Twitter also curates users’ feeds, giving the platform power over the information its users are allowed to consume.

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Final Thoughts

The decision between Discord or Twitter comes down to your purpose. If you want to chat with people, Discord is better.

But if you want to reach a large audience that includes people outside of your immediate interest group, Twitter may be better. 


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