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Do Twitch Mods Get Paid? Everything You Want To Know

Twitch mods play a vital role in moderating the chat of a Twitch streamer. Given how crucial their role is, many have wondered if mods on Twitch get paid or not. Here is what I have researched and found out.

Do Twitch Mods Get Paid?

Most mods on Twitch do not get paid, at least not with money. In larger streams with thousands of viewers a streamer may decide to pay a mod for helping to moderate the channel, but they are not required to do so. Instead, it is often the title of “Mod” that is the biggest reward for these users.

For streamers with thousands of viewers it might make sense to pay a few people, who you know will be in every stream, to mod your channel.

With thousands of people watching and chatting it would be too much for a streamer to entertain viewers AND moderate things that are being done and said in chat.

Paying a moderator to be in and help with every stream might be worth it, especially if you are making good money as a streamer, but Twitch does not require a streamer to pay their mods.

In fact, many Twitch users volunteer to be mods without pay because they want to support the channel and want to help the streamer have a successful stream.

They may also enjoy the extra privileges they get on the stream such as the ability to timeout and ban users in chat who are acting out.

Even though Twitch streamers are not required to pay their mods, and most Twitch mods do the job voluntarily, Twitch streamers often choose to reward their mods with things such as free subs, merch and gift cards for their help.

In my streams I do not pay my mods because I can’t afford to right now and I think this is the case for most small streamers.

If you are a small streamer you probably make very little money, if any money at all. So if you are making little to no money as a streamer how can you afford to pay a mod for your channel?

For this reason some of the bigger streamers may choose to pay their mods because they can afford to, but most small streamers do not pay their mods simply because they can’t afford to.

Those mods who help out small streamers, without expecting any kind of reward, are awesome and I promise you the streamer really appreciates their help.

If you want to know how to mod a user on Twitch check out my Youtube video below. And don’t forget to sub!

Below I will discuss some common questions that people have regarding Twitch mods.

Do Twitch Mods Get Free Subs?

Mods do not get free subs, but some streamers do decide to gift free subs to their mods as a token of their appreciation for their help. A mod must sub to a channel just as any other user would.

Most of the time when streamers are looking for viewers to mod they look for people who are present in the stream, active in chat, obey the rules of the stream, frequently donate to the stream and lastly people who have been subbed for a long time.

This is because people who do these things are usually a person that the streamer can trust. Being a Mod for a channel is a big deal and modding the wrong person can really cause some trouble for your channel.

If you want more info on how to become a mod for a channel you can check out my article here.

Do Twitch Mods Have To Be Subbed In Order To Mod?

Twitch mods do not have to be subbed to a channel in order to be a mod for that channel. Although most mods are subbed to the channels they mod because they tend to be major supporters of the channel, it is not a requirement.

When you are just beginning as a streamer you will not have many viewers or subs and so you may have to mod someone on the channel that you trust, even if they are not subbed to your channel.

If you are a small streamer and are looking for mods for your channel then it is best to look for viewers who are in your stream often. Even if they are not subbed, at least they are there in the stream.

Once you have identified a person who is in your stream often, and you think you can trust them, whisper them on Twitch or message them on Discord and see if they would like to be a mod for your channel.

Why Don’t Twitch Mods Get Paid?

Twitch mods don’t get paid because it is not an official job. Being a mod for a channel is something a viewer chooses to do voluntarily because they want to help the streamer. More so, many channels don’t make money and so it would be difficult to pay someone to mod the channel.

It may seem unfair, but you have to realize that people CHOOSE to be mods in a channel and it is a privilege to be a mod. If people don’t like modding a channel without being paid they can always leave.

Why Do People Mod On Twitch?

People Mod on Twitch for three main reasons: first, they like the streamer and want to help mod the channel as a way to support the stream. Second, they like the extra privileges and power that being a Mod entails and third, they like having the title.

Yes, some people choose to be mods just because they like the title and the recognition that comes with that title. If you are a mod in a decent sized stream then you will probably be well known within that community.

And some people have used this tiny bit of fame to help create a small following of their own.

All in all there are tons of reasons why people may choose to mod a channel, and like I already mentioned, those who mod channels without pay are the real MVPs.

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