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What Is Discord Karaoke? (And How To DO It!)

What Is Discord Karaoke? (And How To DO It!)

Are you into karaoke? Or do you run a Discord server and are looking for something fun for your community to do. Keep reading as I go over karaoke on Discord and how you can participate.

What Is Discord Karaoke?

Discord karaoke is just like regular karaoke, only Discord karaoke is done through Discord. Users can host their own karaoke events on servers that they are in charge of, or they can join other Discord servers that are dedicated to karaoke.

During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, many bars, restaurants, and popular night clubs were forced to shut down, and as a result, several people were deprived of their favorite pastimes, including karaoke.

Because of this, various platforms started offering virtual spaces for users to sing along to their favorite songs. And Discord was one of them. 

Although Discord karaoke is a relatively new concept, it is growing quite rapidly as people can now have access to karaoke anytime through Discord.

If karaoke on Discord sounds interesting to you, then let me show you how to set it up as well as which servers to join if you want to listen to others singing karaoke.

How To Do Karaoke On Discord?

  1. Add the Activities Bot to a Discord server
  2. Enter a voice channel in that Discord server with other Discord users
  3. Use the Activities Bot to find and play karaoke songs on Youtube
  4. Take turns with other users in the channel singing karaoke

For help setting up and using the Activities Bot, check out the video below.

The activities bot is great because it allows you and other users in your channel to watch the same Youtube videos at the same time.

Up until recently you could use bots such as the Groovy Bot to play music in your Discord for others to hear and then just sing with karaoke that way.

However, many of the music bots on Discord have been shut down because of copyright claims. I touch on that more below.

For now, the activities bot is the best option for doing karaoke on Discord. Another option for doing karaoke on Discord is to set up your own karaoke machine.

Use Your Own Karaoke Machine And Stream It

If you don’t want to use the bot like I mentioned above, another option would be for you to set up your own karaoke machine and stream you singing to other users in the voice channel.

Although this option could work, it is also a lot of work. For starters you would have to own a karaoke machine. That can be pricey.

Next, if other people were going to sing they would need a machine as well (unless they just sung the songs off of Youtube in the voice channel which works).

Lastly, the audio probably won’t be great singing this way unless you have a mic hooked up to your computer.

This would definitely be a more complicated option for a Discord karaoke night, but it is an option.

Joining Servers That Host Karaoke Events

Joining servers that host karaoke events is arguably the most straightforward and easiest approach out of the three if you are looking to sing karaoke on Discord.

Currently, there are several Discord karaoke servers, but the most popular Discord karaoke server is called Karaoke Lounge. The server is public and currently has over 60,000 members in it.

On karaoke servers such as this you can choose to sing yourself, or just chill out and listen to other people sing karaoke.

Servers like karaoke lounge make it so easy for those looking to have a good time and sing karaoke. When you join another server all the stress of setting things up is removed and you can just vibe.

Can You Use Bots To Play Music On Discord?

Most Discord music bots are no longer active due to copyright issues with Youtube and other platforms. In recent years Youtube in particular has cracked down on music bots and no longer allows them to pull songs from Youtube to be played in Discord servers.

Several of the most popular music bots such as Groovy Bot and Rythm Bot were forced to shut down and will no longer work on Discord.

In fact, the home page for Groovy Bot states, “Groovy has ended its service. We have received legal notice and cooperated accordingly. Thank you everyone for flying with Groovy.”

You might be able to find a bot or two that works temporarily, but these bots are only awaiting the inevitable. Youtube and others just do not want bots pulling music from them any longer.

Can You Sing Karaoke Together On Discord?

You can sing karaoke together on Discord, but it is not recommended unless you and the other person are in the same room together. The reason being is that singing together over Discord may not sound good given that internet speeds and connections can fluctuate for different users.

This is a big reason why many karaoke servers don’t allow duets or groups to sing together on Discord. It just does not sound good most of the time.

For example, maybe one user’s Youtube video starts lagging. Even if it lags for just 1 second the entire flow of the song is thrown off.

Trying to coordinate group singing online is just too difficult. There are too many variables to consider and it should be avoided, even if it sounds like fun.

Is Karaoke On Discord Fun?

Karaoke on Discord can be a lot of fun, as long as you are doing with an active group. If you are doing it with a group that only wants to listen and not participate, then it can get boring having to hear the same people sing over and over again.

Besides being fun, karaoke on Discord can be a great way to engage with your community. Singing karaoke will allow you to see a different side of those in your Discord community, for better or worse.

If you want to participate in karaoke, but don’t want to host anything, then just join a karaoke server. They are easy to find and can be lots of fun.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your community, then consider doing a karaoke night on Discord. You may be surprised by some peoples talent, or lack there of.

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