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[35] Best Discord Bots (MUST Have Discord Bots!)

Discord bots are capable of so many things from moderating your chat, to finding songs to play in a channel. Given their usefulness, I decided to create a list of the best Discord bots available today.

  1. MEE6 Bot
  2. Dank Memer
  3. TriviaBot
  4. Dyno Bot
  5. ProBot
  6. Mudae Bot
  7. Apollo Bot
  8. Invite Tracker Bot
  9. Bot
  10. Arcane Bot
  11. Blerp Bot
  12. Tatsu Bot
  13. PollBot
  14. Pokebot
  15. Counting Bot
  16. Bot
  17. Koya Bot
  18. Statbot
  19. Zira Bot
  20. OwO Bot
  21. MedalBot
  22. Xenon Bot
  23. Nekotina Bot
  24. GiveawayBot
  25. Activity Bot
  26. Double Counter Bot
  27. GAwesome Bot
  28. FreeStuff Bot
  29. YAGPDB
  30. Sesh Bot
  31. GameStats Bot
  32. Typical Bot
  33. Translator Bot
  34. IdleRPG Bot
  35. Community Hubs Bot

Keep reading for more details about each of these bots and to see if they would be a good fit for your server.

1. MEE6 Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $11.95 / month

MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord bots available at the moment. If you’ve joined many Discord servers in the last couple of years, then there’s a really good chance that you’ve been greeted by the MEE6 bot.

MEE6 is a must-have for any legitimate Discord server and has plenty of awesome features including:

  • Automatic greeting to new server members
  • Custom commands (only 1 command for free users)
  • Twitch alerts
  • Reaction Roles
  • Levels and XP

MEE6 is the best Discord moderation bot available. Reaction roles are extremely popular nowadays and will make managing new users extremely easy.

When users join your server, they will be put into a welcome channel, where they can react to a message with one of many emotes. Their reaction will determine their roles in the server.

Basically, it’s an easy way for users to customize themselves in your server, and at this point, it’s basically a requirement for servers.

MEE6 also helps with moderation because it can scan your server for banned content and automatically discipline users that spam or post content that you don’t want in your server.

You can set MEE6 up to ban, kick, warn, etc. depending on the severity or number of times the user broke a rule.

Leveling up and XP is also great, and something that a lot of users look forward to when they participate in servers.

The custom commands can be pretty cool as well, but you’ll have to pay for premium if you want more than one.

The free version of MEE6 will handle most use-cases, but premium is only $11.95 / month or $89.90 for a lifetime membership (for one server).

So, if your server is popping already, then MEE6 is extremely affordable, especially for how many features it has.

MEE6 is basically a one-stop-shop so the only other bots you would need are fun ones like TriviaBot (coming up later.)

Overall, MEE6 is the best bot because it’s very flexible and has plenty of features for every single use-case. If you’re a streamer or content creator, the premium version has Twitch and other social media alerts.

If you’re creating a general-gaming server, it has reaction-roles so users can assign themselves roles based on which games/consoles they play on.

If you’re creating a study group, you can have custom commands for creating new study group channels. The possibilities are truly endless with MEE6. It’s easy to pick up and use and well worth the time to truly master.

2. Dank Memer

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $2 – $45 / month

Dank Memer is another extremely awesome bot. If your Discord server is formal or meant to be taken seriously, then I’d go with MEE6.

However, if your Discord server is full of memers and you-know-what posters, you want Dank Memer, no question about it. You can even install both bots to give your members the full Discord experience.

Dank Memer has a ton of general-purpose commands and will cover most of your typical Bot needs. The catch is that it handles its business in a hilarious way, full of memes and sass.

As its name implies, Dank Memer doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a very well-made bot, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also full of jokes and internet-insider jokes.

One thing that makes Dank Memer stand out is its currency system. All members in your server will be able to earn currency, /beg for more, and even /rob other users!

Of course you can enable / disable whichever commands you don’t want in your server. Dank Memer also allows for image manipulation, event management, and tons of other features that you’d expect from other bots.

While Dank Memer offers some premium features, there’s absolutely no need to pay for them if you don’t want to.

The developers are very free-user friendly and it seems like they will be for as long as Dank Memer is active.

3. TriviaBot

  • Price – Free

TriviaBot is one of the easiest ways to add some fun to your server. As the name implies, TriviaBot will add a trivia game to your server that all members can participate in to earn points and even gain a place on your server’s public leaderboard.

TriviaBot has over 100,000 questions and countless categories (that you can enable and disable as you please), so it’s very unlikely you’ll run into the same questions multiple times.

TriviaBot even lets you add your own questions to the bot for some added fun and flair specific to your community.

TriviaBot gets even better because you can let your members earn more than just points. You can set up TriviaBoard to award custom roles to your community.

TriviaBot has a dashboard available to mods (you) that is very intuitive and easy to use, so you can customize your prizes and categories to your heart’s content and make your TriviaBot truly unique and fun for your server.

There’s really no reason not to add TriviaBot to your server if you’re trying to make it a fun place to hang out.

Everybody can have some fun just sitting around and answering trivia questions for an hour or two, so it’s a great way to incentivize members to actively participate in your server.

The bot is completely free as well, which is really surprising considering its quality and customizability. 

4. Dyno Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $4.99 / month

Dyno Bot is another extremely popular Discord bot that you’ve probably seen quite a few times if you spend time on large servers.

While MEE6 is all about that sweet user experience – user levels, custom greetings, etc. – Dyno Bot is all about making your life as a server moderator as easy as possible. Dyno is a bot that adds a ton of text commands to your server, specifically for moderation.

It lets you set up server announcements (both automated and through manual bot commands), set up moderators with text commands, manage roles, change nicknames, ban, kick, deafen, mute, etc. users as you see fit.

More than commands, Dyno has many necessary moderation tools, such as moderation logs that mods and server owners can look through and make notes on.

This way you can sort of “mod the mods” and ensure no one is banning users just for fun or petty reasons.

The bot has a channel-lock feature as well, for when a channel gets out of hand and you need to clean it up.

There are non-moderator features available as well, such as coin flips, polls, and a few others that make Dyno a great stand alone bot if you don’t want a ton of bots in your server.

Overall, Dyno Bot is going to make your life a lot easier as a Discord moderator and is a must-have if your server gets very popular.

If your server only has a couple of hundred people and most of them don’t cause any trouble, then you can do things manually without much of a headache.

However, Dyno Bot is still a great option and there’s no harm in learning it just in case your server ever blows up. There’s a reason that millions of servers and pretty much every huge server has Dyno Bot invited.

The free version is great and has the necessary moderation tools, but the premium version for $4.99 / month also adds in a ton of custom features, slow mode, autopurge, etc.

5. ProBot

  • Price – Free

ProBot is basically a competitor for Dyno Bot, and which bot you choose will depend a lot on how exactly you want moderation to be handled.

While Dyno Bot focuses a ton on giving you many moderation tools and a very custom-moderator experience, ProBot is all about handling the business for you.

If you just want a Discord moderation bot that is easy to set up and use, then ProBot is what you want. If you want more custom features and moderation tools, I’d recommend Dyno Bot.

ProBot has all of the necessary moderation tools that you’d want in a Discord Moderation bot, including:

  • Anti-raid protection to make sure a ton of new users can’t join and wreak havoc
  • Advanced auto-moderation, that can detect and discipline behavior that you deem unfit for your server
  • Auto-response – the bot will respond to trigger words 

These free features handle most moderation use-cases and do a lot of moderation work for you after you’ve set ProBot up and have determined what exactly you want it to moderate.

ProBot also has plenty of non-moderation features like:

  • Custom welcome images to greet users that join your server
  • Embed creation for your channels
  • Leveling / XP system
  • Reaction roles for easy self-assigning roles

So you can combine ProBot with another bot, or just use it as a general purpose moderation / server tool.

If you have a smaller server, then ProBot can do pretty much everything you need. The only other bots you’d need to add would be fun ones like TriviaBot!

6. Mudae Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $5 / month

Mudae is an entertainment / game Discord bot completely centered around one thing and one thing only – Waifus (and Husbandos.)

The bot basically adds a Gacha game to your server where your server members can roll and claim characters from many different anime, manga, and games.

If you’re familiar with gacha games, then you can already tell why Mudae would be fun. Your server members can roll for characters and try to claim their favorites.

Of course, someone else could claim someone’s favorite, which may spark some drama which could be good or bad depending on your server and the people in it! Either way, it’s sure to be a ton of fun.

Mudae also has a Pokemon game that you can play, with a very similar premise, except your server members can collect their favorite Pokemon.

The free version of Mudae is great and delivers the basics of the game, while the premium versions (bought on Patreon) add extra rolls for your server.

Mudae is a great way to add some fun and engagement to your server, especially if it has a lot of anime / manga / video game fans that love themselves some Waifus and Husbandos.

7. Apollo Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $5 / month

Apollo is the best event / calendar bot on Discord. It’s great if you have a large server with some kind of weekly / monthly / whatever event (gaming server with a weekly tournament, for example) or even for a small server with a few friends (scheduling a movie or gaming night, for example.)

Apollo is a great event bot, and way more convenient than trying to organize an event the old fashioned way. Some features that make it so powerful are:

  • Reaction accepts / declines – Users can react to the invite to inform whether they will be at the event or not
  • Recurring events – you can set up daily / weekly / monthly events easily
  • Reminders – reminders will be sent to those that accept the invites via reaction
  • Automatic time zones – users will see the time zone that they are in on the invite

In all honesty, if you host any kind of events on your server or plan to do so, then you need Apollo. It does all of the heavy lifting. I even use it in my 5 person server just to organize game nights.

The free version has everything I listed above, so you don’t have to pay a cent for the most valuable features of Apollo. The premium version does have some pretty sick features though, including:

  • Assigning roles to attendees
  • Restrictions on who can sign up for events
  • Animated images on event cards

The premium features are nice but they’re far from necessary unless you have a huge server with many recurring events and members to keep track of. If you need scheduling of any kind, Apollo is the way to go, period.

8. Invite Tracker Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $3.50 / month

Invite Tracker is a useful moderation tool that pairs well with other mod bots like MEE6, ProBot, or Dyno Bot.

Invite Tracker is not a moderation bot, it’s a bot that tracks who invited who to your server, along with a few other statistics like:

  • Captcha verification
  • Join messages
  • Message tracking / rewards for message numbers
  • Graphs for joining / leaving statistics

The main purpose of Invite Tracker is to figure out who is participating the most in your server.

If you have some kind of referral system set up in your server, where you reward users with custom roles if they invite a certain number of people, then Invite Tracker is the perfect bot for keeping track of these statistics.

It also tracks messages sent by users, so you can figure out who is actively participating in the server the most.

Invite Tracker has very specific use-cases, but if tracking invites, messages, and similar statistics is important to your server, then this is the bot that you need.

9. Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $4 / month is the best ticket-management Discord bot on the market at the moment, which is pretty insane considering it is completely free. stands above other ticketing bots due to its easy-to-use online dashboard, so you can manage tickets for your Discord server straight from the web with an intuitive admin panel. is also very flexible because it lets you create staff accounts and manage their permissions.

You can set it up so some higher-level staff members can remove and respond to tickets, while others can only respond to them.

This allows you to set up a well-organized hierarchy where no one has more power than they need.

If your server needs tickets for any reason (if your Discord server is for a product, for example or you have some kind of manual verification that users need to request), then is the bot you want.

The free version of has all of the vital features for ticket management, while the premium versions offer slight quality-of-life enhancements like customization, timed close, custom bot names, etc.

10. Arcane Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $5 / month

Arcane is a general purpose bot that is great for smaller servers that just want a single bot to do it all.

Arcane handles everything from moderation to reaction-roles, and stands out above the other general-purpose bots because its main features are unlimited and completely free. The free version of Arcane offers:

  • Basic moderation – custom punishments (kick, mute, ban, etc.) for cursing, spamming, emojis, excessive caps lock, etc.
  • Unlimited role rewards
  • XP / Leveling system
  • 1 hour message logs
  • 10 reaction roles
  • 2 Youtube alerts
  • 5 Custom Commands

These free features are much more generous than most other bots out there, and for $5 / month you can bump all of these numbers up to “unlimited”, which is also not very common.

Arcane is one of the best free-tier general purpose bots available as well as one of the cheapest premium bots with the features it has.

Still, if your server is fairly small, you won’t really need unlimited reaction roles, custom leveling, and custom commands, so the free tier is going to be more than enough for most servers.

11. Blerp Bot

  • Price – Free

Blerp is a hilarious and fun Soundboard bot that is extremely easy to add to your Discord server.

While Blerp isn’t jam-packed full of features, it is extremely good at being a soundboard and the definitive Discord soundboard.

If you have Blerp in your Discord server, then when you’re in a voice channel, you can use chat commands or Blerp’s easy-to-use web app to choose a sound clip.

When you choose the sound clip, Blerp will join your voice channel and play the clip in chat for everyone in the channel to hear.

This can create some insanely funny moments, especially if you have some sound-clip gems in your Blerp library.

Blerp has a huge database of sounds to choose from, organized into categories. If there’s a sound you want to play, it’s probably already in the Blerp database. If it isn’t, you can always add your own!

Blerp adds a ton of fun to every server, it’s really easy to set up, and it’s free, so there’s really no reason not to add it.

12. Tatsu Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $4.99 / month

Tatsu is a Discord bot centered around trying to create user engagement through its economy / shop system.

Installing Tatsu on your server will set up a server-based economy that lets your members earn currency through chatting, playing games, etc. on the server.

Tatsu also lets you set up a shop on your server where you can create items, roles, and badges that your members can buy. What’s more is that Tatsu actually has a global shop / economy as well.

So users are incentivized to participate in servers that have Tatsu installed, because they’ll earn points that they can use to build their house, buy pets, etc.

Having Tatsu installed on your server is a fantastic way to generate user-engagement and bring in new users that already enjoy Tatsu.

Tatsu is completely free, and basically all the subscription plans do is add a boost to the coin drop rate. So the subscription is far from necessary, although it is a great way to allure potential members!

13. PollBot

  • Price – Free

PollBot is one of the best voting / poll bots available for Discord. In my opinion it is the best because it is completely straightforward and very easy to use.

PollBot is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a bot for creating polls and votes that the members of your server can vote on. PollBot’s main features are:

  • Creating Polls with set closing times (that can be updated with commands)
  • Sending private ballots to your members so they can vote anonymously
  • Admins can see detailed poll info in a CSV file
  • Display Poll results publicly to all members of the server

PollBot’s only real weakness is that it requires chat commands to use, but they’re pretty straightforward. You can see the list of chat commands here.

The anonymous voting is extremely nice, and guarantees your polls will be completely fair and unbiased.

PollBot may not have a ton of bells and whistles, but it excels at what it was created to do and is the simplest, easiest solution for servers that need polls / voting.

14. Pokebot

  • Price – Free

Pokebot is the original and one of many Pokemon themed Discord bots. Most Pokemon-based bots are going to allow you to collect and manage your Pokemon, and Pokebot isn’t any different.

If you just want a simple Pokemon bot to add some Poke-flair to your server, Pokebot is a good option because it lets your server members:

  • Catch Pokemon (of course)
  • Evolve Pokemon
  • Trade Pokemon to other members
  • See the Pokedex and Pokemon pictures

As you can see, Pokebot is a little basic. It doesn’t have battling or anything like that, but it does have Pokémon collecting and trading, so your members can catch all of their favorites.

If you want battling as well, you’re going to want to look into Poketwo, just make sure to add a bot channel to handle all of the spam!

Keep in mind that many Pokémon Discord bots were shut down by Discord itself, so simple ones like Pokebot are a nice way to ensure your members won’t be too upset if something like that were to happen again.

If you want my list of the best Pokemon Discord bots, check my my page here.

15. Counting Bot

  • Price – Free

Counting is a very simple, yet very fun bot that seems like a joke until you actually play it. As the name implies, Counting is a Discord bot about counting. Simply put, to use Counting in your Discord server you:

  1. Create a channel for Counting and run the command to start the count
  2. Count with your server members
  3. One person can’t count twice in a row
  4. When someone counts incorrectly, the count is completely reset

The game is simple right? You say “1”, someone else says “2”, then you say “3”, etc until you reach as high of a number as possible!

The game becomes hard, of course, when you have trolls on your server that will ruin the count on purpose! Of course, that’s half the fun and all of the challenge.

Counting also lets you assign roles to users that have broken the count, so everyone knows who the bad guys in the server are. There are high scores and user stats available as well.

Overall, Counting is just a fun activity that you can easily add to any server without having to worry too much about it. It’s a great way to increase engagement and just have some mind-numbing fun for a little while.

16. Bot

  • Price – Free is a Discord bot that allows for Crypto currency exchanging on Discord servers. If you manage a server with a lot of crypto users, then is a must.

It’s pretty much a CashApp in Discord, except it uses Crypto. doesn’t charge a single cent in fees, and is very easy to use. supports sending:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Monero
  • Ripple
  • Lumen
  • Tron

As with everything in cryptocurrency, you should always do your own research and make sure anything that you’re using is completely safe. hasn’t had any huge scandals, though, so it seems fairly secure.

Overall, if you don’t have many crypto users in your Discord server, then is probably unnecessary.

However, if you have any crypto discussions at all, or your server members use crypto, then it can make sending and receiving crypto within your server a breeze.

17. Koya Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $3 / month

If you’re a fan of One Piece, then you’re going to love the general-purpose Koya bot. Koya has almost as many features as One Piece has Volumes.

I’m exaggerating, of course, but Koya has a ton of features, since it’s a general purpose bot similar to MEE6 or Dank Memer.

Koya is newer than these bots, so it doesn’t have quite as many features, but it still has:

  • Moderation for server mods (no automation yet)
  • Highly customizable new member greetings
  • Mini games like rock-paper-scissors, hangman, 8 ball, and more
  • Image manipulation

Koya also has an exclusive One Piece Discord game that lets its players customize their character, complete quests, fight bosses, sail their ship, etc.

So if you’re looking for a general purpose bot to add to your server and you have a feeling that most of your server members are One Piece fans, you literally cannot beat Koya.

It doesn’t have as many quality-of-life features as the bigger bots do, but in my opinion it has a lot more heart and plenty of features for smaller servers.

18. Statbot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $14.95

Statbot is the best Discord bot for tracking your server’s statistics, period. It tracks everything from where your members are spending the most time, to their online status, even to which games they are playing.

You can head over to the Statbot dashboard online to see a preview of how Statbot shows you stats. But why would you want to see these stats, you might ask?

Well, if you have a huge server full of many different people, then Statbot is a nice way to figure out what your members enjoy doing and then you can mold your server to fit their needs.

If you see that 30% of your members play Valorant, for example, then why not add in a Valorant team finder channel?

Stats are king when building communities and Statbot is the best option for getting the stats of your server.

You can monitor activity to figure out whether your changes had a positive impact or not, and figure out whether your users are spending time in the channels you want them to.

Statbot’s free features will be plenty for most servers, but their premium option gives you access to older data (over 30 days old) and lets you expand your dashboard even more to get as much data as you could possibly want.

19. Zira Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $2 / month

Zira is a reaction role bot. This means you can create a channel with Zira in it, Zira will post a message with a few reaction options, and your members can react to the message to choose their roles.

For example, when a user joins, you may ask “are you happy or sad” with smiley and frowny reaction options.

Users that react with a smiley will automatically be given the “Happy” role, while frowny face users will be given the “Sad” role.

We’ve covered a few bots that offer reaction roles on this list, but most of the time those bots add reaction roles as an afterthought.

Because of this, the reaction roles aren’t very customizable and are usually pretty boring in general.

Some key Zira features are:

  • Auto role colors so that multiple roles don’t have the same color
  • Multiple messages and channels are supported
  • Can set up auto-assigning roles when a new member joins
  • Reactions can be custom emotes for the server

If you already have a bot with reaction roles, I still recommend at least taking a look at Zira.

If your server heavily relies on roles (like a gaming server for finding teammates), then you’ll want something like Zira that has the specific purpose of adding reaction roles because Zira will look and feel much better.

20. OwO Bot

  • Price – Free

OwO is a bot that keeps track of how many times you, your server, and your guild say ‘OwO’. I’m not sure what more you could want out of a Discord bot, but OwO does even more.

OwO has a Pokemon-esque game built into it where your server members can hunt for animals, fight, and kill other members of the server.

There are a few fun commands available in OwO bot, but its main purpose is keeping track of the best OwOers, and it excels at this job.

You can compete against your server, globally, or pit your guild against other guilds in the same server.

If you want to add a little fun to your server, or if you just think your server OwOs a little too much, you might as well enter the competition and invite OwO bot.

21. MedalBot

  • Price – Free

MedalBot is kind of like a Reddit / Gaming Discord bot. What I mean by that is that it adds a “social leaderboard” to your server and your members can earn points by interacting on your server and just hanging out.

They can see a leaderboard of their points and compare their points to other users. They also earn global points which are compared to every other server with MedalBot invited.

Now onto the gaming aspect of MedalBot. MedalBot’s main selling point is that it lets users post clips and highlights to Discord.

MedalBot shares these clips to the server, which can then be upvoted by other members and add to the user’s social ranking.

There are plenty of other features too, like category-subscription that will post random videos from specific categories (aka games), and much more.

MedalBot is a great bot for a gaming-centric Discord server and incentivizes members to interact and upload clips for each other to see.

22. Xenon Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $4.99

Xenon is a bot built for backing up server information. If you invite Xenon to your server, you’ll be able to save the state of your Discord server, including its roles, settings, and channels. You’ll be able to revert your server back to this state anytime you want.

This is useful if you plan on making some major changes to your server and are worried about breaking something – or if you ever just feel like going back to simpler times.

The free version of Xenon lets you backup your roles, server settings, and channels, but the paid version will allow you to save messages, role assignments, bans, and nicknames.

The premium version of Xenon will also allow you to sync these things across multiple servers. So, if you ever needed to switch to a different server, Xenon is the best tool to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Overall, Xenon is the best backup and sync tool for Discord. The premium plans let you save multiple different states, so you can swap between them at will. If you have a small server with not-so-many features then Xenon isn’t necessary.

If you have a larger server with a ton of thought put into the roles and settings, then you definitely want Xenon in there just in case anything ever goes wrong.

23. Nekotina Bot

  • Price – Free

Nekotina is a one-stop-shop Discord bot themed around Nekos – AKA cat girls and guys. Do note, though, that Nekotina is only in Spanish.

When I say one-stop-shop, I mean it because this bot has pretty much everything you could want in a bot. If you’re a fan of the theme, then it’ll probably be the only bot you need in your server because it has:

  • Music
  • Interaction / reaction commands + over 7k anime gifs
  • Note / pin messages
  • Roles and specific channels
  • Birthdays
  • Levels
  • Customizable profiles
  • Global economy (spans across servers with Nekotina Bot)
  • Mining and fishing
  • Daily quests
  • Slot machine
  • Server-specific economy
  • Store
  • Pets with levels and stats (200 catchable pets)
  • Marriages
  • Clubs
  • Moderation (bans, kicks, mutes, role assignment, automatic penalties, etc.)
  • Records / logs

Nekotina is literally packed with features, so if the theme appeals to you, and there are Spanish-speakers on your server, then I highly recommend picking it up.

24. GiveawayBot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $1 / month

GiveawayBot is the best bot on Discord for hosting giveaways and giving back to your community. The reason this bot stands out above the rest is because it is just very simple and easy to set up.

GiveawayBot uses slash commands to set up and configure giveaways. When you first create a giveaway, though, there is an interactive setup that makes it very easy.

Make sure to read all of the instructions when inviting GiveawayBot because you’ll need to make sure your server members can’t input destructive commands.

The free version of GiveawayBot has everything you need. You can have multiple giveaways happening at once (20 per server), you can have multiple winners (20), and you can have your giveaways last up to 2 weeks.

If you want even more creative control, you can get the very cheap premium plan, which will let your giveaways last up to 5 weeks, have up to 30 winners, and host 25 giveaways per channel.

If you plan to host any giveaways, GiveawayBot is going to be the best and easiest option. It does all of the hard work for you and is completely free.

25. Activity Bot

  • Price – Free

Discord has recently added activities to its servers, so that you and your friends can join a voice channel and start an activity.

These activities cover everything from Poker to Checkers in the park, to putt putt, to even just watching Youtube together.

ActivityBot is a bot that allows servers without access to these games to get access to the games and try them out.

Nowadays, most of the Discord server activities are completely available on Discord servers, so make sure to check whether or not your server can host an activity or not before inviting this bot.

Join a voice channel in your Discord server and look toward the bottom left of your Discord app (near the share screen button). If you see a Rocket Logo, hover your mouse over it.

You should see “Start an Activity”. If you can start an activity, then you don’t need Activity Bot! Otherwise, it’s a great bot for checking out the Discord activity feature.

26. Double Counter Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $6.99

Double Counter is a Discord bot that was made to detect alt accounts, VPNs, and bots. It’s a great bot to ensure that your server isn’t being filled with spammers, trolls, and scam artists.

At its heart, Double Counter is a Discord bot that will make sure everyone on your server is a real person and that they only have one account.

It does this by verifying all of your users’ IP Addresses and checking them against well-known VPNs.

Double Counter has a few more moderation features like auto-kicks for time-outs, staff alerts for alt account detection, etc., but its main purpose is its alt detection.

Double Counter is also customizable, so you can decide who you do and do not want on your server, and what to do if an alt, VPN, etc. are detected.

The free version of Double Counter has all of the main features, so there’s no need to upgrade if you don’t want to.

If keeping alts and VPNs off of your server is extremely important, though, then the premium version has better detection and even more features.

Double Counter is pretty easy to set up, so I highly recommend it for medium – larger servers because there’s nothing more annoying than being spammed by bots and banning users just for them to come back with an alt.

27. GAwesome Bot

  • Price – Free

GAwesome Bot is a general-purpose entertainment and moderation bot that sets out to do pretty much everything.

One of its main features is that it allows you and your server members to post to social media outlets like Reddit straight from the Discord server. However, GAwesome Bot also has a ton more features like:

  • Kick + Ban commands
  • Trivia
  • Wikipedia / Urban Dictionary snippets
  • Mod Logs
  • Giveaways
  • Ranks
  • Weather
  • Unit Conversions

If you’re looking for a general purpose bot, then GAwesome is a pretty simple one to add in. It’s a bit older, though, and most people end up going with something a little newer like MEE6 or Dank Memer.

However, GAwesome is still a decent bot  for smaller servers that just want a simple bot to add a few neat features.

28. FreeStuff Bot

  • Price – Free

FreeStuff Bot is one of the best bots on Discord and it will fit perfectly in any server that features gaming in any way. FreeStuff is a bot that will alert you and your server when a game becomes free for any reason.

Epic Games, for example, constantly makes games available for free for limited times only.

The FreeStuff bot scans Epic Games and countless other online stores to find games that are free for a limited time, and then it sends a message to your server telling you that the game is free and how long it is free for.

There’s pretty much no reason not to add the FreeStuff Bot to your server. It does its job well, it is completely free, and it’s a great way to expand your library with awesome games.

It doesn’t have any bonus features tagged onto it, and nothing is locked behind a paywall (although you can donate if you’re feeling generous).

The bot does what it says it will do, it’s very easy to use, and you can even customize which free games you want to see.

FreeStuff is a great bot to add to your server, and your server members are sure to appreciate all the free games they receive just for being a part of your server!


  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $3 / month

YAGPDB (“Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot”) is exactly what its name implies – a general purpose Discord bot that does pretty much everything you can imagine.

If you want a bot like MEE6, but don’t want MEE6 for whatever reason (tired of the paywall, want to try something new, want to stand out, etc.), then YAGPDB is a very good option because it is very feature rich and will do pretty much everything.

YAGPDB includes most of the features you’d expect, like:

  • Reddit / Youtube feeds (updated within a minute)
  • Join / leave messages + direct messages to new members
  • Self assign roles
  • Auto-mod with custom disciplinary actions for number / type of offenses
  • Custom commands
  • Regular moderation tools (kick, ban, mute, warns, logs, etc.)
  • Cat facts

One thing that makes YAGPDB stand out is its customizability and its documentation.

It’s very easy for even noobies to use, and a great alternative to other general-purpose bots because it’s free and still very powerful.

If you are looking for more Discord moderation bots, check out my list here.

30. Sesh Bot

  • Price – Free
  • Premium – $5 / month

Sesh is an event management bot and a great alternative to Apollo for those looking to branch out and try something new.

Sesh has most of the same features as Apollo, and everything you could want in an event management / calendar bot, including:

  • Create events easily with a single message
  • Automatic time zones
  • Linking to Google Calendar
  • Web interface
  • Exportable Data
  • Poll Support

The main thing that Sesh is missing in its free tier that Apollo has is the ability to create recurring events.

Sesh has this in its $5 / month premium option though, along with a few more nice features like role-assignment on RSVP / Event attending.

Overall, Sesh and Apollo are both going to do their job pretty well and both are great options for an event management bot.

Apollo has a few more free features and supports recurring events, but it’s also a bit more limited in the number of events you can create.

I recommend taking a look at both bots and determining which one best suits your server’s needs.

31. GameStats Bot

  • Price – Free

GameStats is a super cool bot that is basically a video game social media platform that you can add to your server.

GameStats lets your server members create profiles for their favorite games and connect them to stat trackers.

The members can then customize their profile for that game and create very cool looking cards with a picture + their stats for that game.

Once connected, members can view each others’ stats for whichever games they are connected to.

The nice thing about GameStats is that they’ve already done the work of creating the social media platform, and by adding their bot you’re just allowing your server members to use the service.

It’s a great way to help your members connect with each other based on which games they play and quite frankly, it lets them show off which is always fun!

GameStats is pretty easy to use and doesn’t take much setup on your part, as the server owner, so there’s no reason not to add it to your server if gaming is a big part of your community.

32. Typical Bot

  • Price – Free

Typical Bot is another great general purpose / moderation bot that can handle all of your moderation in one place.

Typical Bot doesn’t have as many features as a bot like Dank Memes or MEE6, but it has one distinct advantage over other bots – it is completely free!

There isn’t even a premium option available, so if you want a simple bot that does its job without requiring a single cent, Typical Bot is the bot for you.

While free, Typical Bot doesn’t lack any features that you’d expect from a general purpose bot. It has:

  • Moderation tools, including auto-mod, spam / ad detection, etc.
  • Role selector with a nice GUI
  • Role invites
  • Invite tracking to see who is inviting who to your server
  • Social media alerts (get new reddit posts in your server, for example)

As you can see, Typical Bot isn’t doing anything too crazy, but that may be exactly what you need.

If you just want a simple bot that gets the job done and isn’t locking anything behind a premium paywall, Typical Bot is the best solution!

33. Translator Bot

  • Price – Free (10,000 characters)
  • Premium – $10 (200,000 characters)

Translator Bot does exactly what its name implies – it translates. The reason Translator Bot is so nice, though, is because of how easily and how well it translates messages.

Translator Bot is the best translation bot on Discord because it has the most quality-of-life features and has the most accurate translations.

Translator Bot lets you translate texts by reacting to them, with slash commands, and you can even set up automatic translations for your server (although this can be pricey if you have a very active server.)

Translator Bot’s pricing plan is a bit unique. You will be paying by translated characters. The free option gives you 10,000 characters total, while the $10 option will give you 200,000 characters total.

There are no time limits or monthly pricing options. So if you pay $10, you will receive 200,000 translated characters and once those characters are used up, you will need to pay another $10 to receive 200,000 more.

If you have a diverse server that requires translations (A guild server for a game with many nationalities, for example), then Translator Bot is well worth the price and the best option for accurate, easy translations.

For my list of the best translation bots on Discord, check out my page here.

34. IdleRPG Bot

  • Price – Free

IdleRPG Bot basically adds an MMO to your Discord server. It’s a ton of fun and one of the best ways to add a unique, engaging experience to your server to increase activity amongst your members.

IdleRPG is exactly what it sounds like, an RPG game that your members can play while not really playing a game.

IdleRPG has everything you could want in an RPG game including:

  • Classes and Races for character creation
  • Currency / Shop system
  • Dungeons
  • Items
  • PvP
  • Gambling
  • Marriage
  • Raids
  • Guilds

There are a few bots that attempt to do what IdleRPG does, but in my opinion, IdleRPG has one of the most intuitive “classic” MMO feels. Dungeons, bosses, and guilds all feel very familiar and rewarding.

The best part of it all is that IdleRPG is completely free, so there’s no reason not to add it to your server and give your members something fun to play!

35. Community Hubs Bot

  • Price – Free

Community Hubs basically turns your server into a mini-Reddit. It allows your server members to create “Hubs” which are communities themed around whatever topic your members choose.

Members can create gaming hubs, sports hubs, coding-class hubs, etc. What’s more is that after someone creates a hub, they can populate it with whatever they want whether it be articles, tutorials, etc.

As the server admin you’ll have a lot of control over who can create Hubs and what kind of Hubs are allowed in your server.

Community Hubs is still in development and missing some nice quality-of-life features, but the idea is very solid and it’s a great way to increase activity in your server and add a unique form of engagement and purpose.

How To Add Bots To A Discord Server

Most Discord bots have instructions for adding the desired bot to your server on their website. If you are trying to add the bot through or, then just click the “Invite” button in the bots details and follow the steps for adding the bot to your server.

I added links to each of the bots I mentioned above so feel free to click on one of the links and then go through the steps I just mentioned to add the bot to your server.

If you didn’t find any bots you like on my list above, then here is where you can find more Discord bots that may be better fits for your server.

Best Place To Find Discord Bots

The two best places to find Discord bots are and On these sites there are thousands of bots that people can choose from and add to their servers.

There are other websites that have a wide selection of Discord bots, but these two are the biggest and most popular.

Are Discord Bots Worth It?

Discord bots are worth it, regardless of the size of your server. These bots help to automate certain tasks which makes running a Discord server much more manageable. Besides automation, they can also do things like create events, manage users, and much more.

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