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[7] Best Discord Roleplay (RP) Bots (ULTIMATE List!)

Discord Roleplay servers can be pretty hard to manage and immersion can be difficult to create through text. However, there are plenty of Discord bots available made specifically to help you out!

Best Discord Roleplay (RP) Bots

  1. Tupperbox
  2. Kajiwoto
  3. Roleplay Tools
  4. Arcane
  5. ZeroTwo
  6. Miki
  7. KyuBot

Keep reading to learn more about each of these bots and to see why they rank where they do.

1. Tupperbox


  • Lets users create multiple characters and switch between them easily
  • Very easy to use for server owner and members
  • Lots of character customization
  • Has a web dashboard
  • Useful moderator features
  • Most immersive RP bot on Discord
  • No core features locked behind premium
  • Messages can be edited or deleted after being sent by proxy


  • Not many features beyond the main proxy character feature

Whether you’re running an RPG or a group RP server, Tupperbox is a necessity because it will add immersion like no other bot on Discord.

Tupperbox lets your server members create custom characters / proxies / “Tuppers” that they can use to talk through.

When someone sends a message in character, instead of their Discord account sending a message with their name attached, an embedded message will be sent showing their character’s picture and name instead.

This is very handy because it helps users to more easily keep track of which characters are saying what during the roleplay session.

Beyond Tupperbox’s core feature of the Tuppers, it also has great quality-of-life features like the ability to edit and delete proxy messages after they’re sent and a very convenient web dashboard where you can organize your server’s tuppers.

Tupperbox is the best roleplay (RP) bot on Discord because it can easily add immersion to any kind of RP server.

Whether your server is focused around action, fighting, and adventuring, or if its just a server to RP as your favorite characters from a show / game, Tupperbox has what you need.

Tupperbox will let you easily take on the roles of your characters and make your RP world feel much more alive.

2. Kajiwoto


  • The best AI companion bot on Discord
  • Handy tutorial for setting up Kajiwoto
  • Many datasets available to change the behavior of Kajiwoto
  • Can be used for solo roleplay with an AI
  • Extremely robust and customizable
  • Lots of potential for cool RP uses


  • Bit of a learning curve makes it hard to set up
  • AI responses sometimes feel very cookie cutter and cannot keep a conversation
  • More of a novelty as of right now, but some datasets are very cool

Kajiwoto is another really cool bot that will fit into just about any RP server, whether you’re running an RPG or just have a server for casual roleplay chatting.

Kajiwoto is an AI companion that you and your server can talk to so adding Kajiwoto to your server is a great way to add an extra RP member.

Keep in mind, though, that Kajiwoto isn’t going to be very human-like, so you’ll mostly just talk to it for fun.

What’s really cool about Kajiwoto is that you can download different bots and datasets in order to change its personality.

So if you want Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia in your server, you can easily add him and then your server members can talk to him during their RP.

Kajiwoto isn’t quite as useful as Tupperbox, since Tupperbox was made specifically for group RPs; however, Kajiwoto is a great bot because it lets you add dynamic AI characters into your RP group, which is really cool.

I’d mostly use Kajiwoto as a utility and a way to add some “NPC” life into my RP server. Combined with Tupperbox, these bots will push the immersion of your Roleplaying through the roof.

3. Roleplay Tools


  • Many moderation tools to keep your RP server civil and deny entry to spam and bots
  • Can speak as characters and game masters
  • Useful for all kinds of RP from general roleplay to full RPG mechanics
  • Many quality of life features like loot / experience / money channels
  • Full economy
  • Simple to use despite the many features
  • Premium is only used for “more” instead of blocking actual features


  • Premium is a bit expensive ($11 / month)
  • No dashboard makes it harder to use than other tools

Roleplay Tools is, yet again, completely different from Tupperbox and Kajiwoto so I’d actually recommend using all three. Roleplay Tools, as the name implies, has many useful tools for setting up an RP server.

It has moderation features, a full economy, loot / xp rewards (and channels for those rewards), and many more features that will make your life as a dungeon master or roleplay moderator much easier.

Roleplay Tools also has a character system, similar to Tupperbox, that lets you speak as a DM or as one of many characters.

I like Tupperbox’s character system more because it is much more robust since it was built for that one specific purpose.

However, if you want to keep your bot-count down, you can install Roleplay Tools and be completely good to go.

4. Arcane


  • One of the best leveling system bots on Discord
  • Reaction roles are very handy and can help section your server members
  • Logging
  • Custom commands
  • Included Dashboard


  • Not RP specific, so will have to play with some of its features to suit your needs
  • Lots of features behind a $5/month paywall

Roleplay Tools does a lot of what Arcane does, but Arcane does a lot of it better. Arcane is the bot to go to for things like a leveling system, reaction roles, etc.

It also has a very good logging and moderation system. However, Roleplay Tools also has other tools specifically for roleplay, which is why it came in above Arcane.

If you have a larger server, I’d probably look into using both, Arcane and Roleplay Tools. Arcane for the leveling system and maybe the moderation, and Roleplay Tools for its RPG mechanics, loot, economy, etc.

If you have a smaller server, I’d use Roleplay Tools if you plan on using all of its features. If you just want the leveling features and some simple moderation and role-management, then go with Arcane because it is proven and trusted across many types of servers.

Just because a bot wasn’t made specifically for RP doesn’t mean it isn’t a great RP bot.

5. ZeroTwo


  • Extremely customizable profiles
  • Themed around the ZeroTwo character (if your server would like that)
  • Has an economy and leveling system
  • Quality of life features like reaction roles
  • Lots of commands


  • Themed around the ZeroTwo character (server might not like that)
  • No dashboard (but one is coming soon)
  • More of a moderator bot than a roleplay bot

The ZeroTwo bot is pretty cool, especially if you’re a fan of Darling In The Franxx. If you’re not a fan of Darling In The Franxx and your server isn’t full of anime fans, you should just go with Arcane or Roleplay tools.

ZeroTwo doesn’t do anything very special compared to Roleplay Tools and Arcane. It has an economy and leveling system that is on par with Roleplay Tools, but doesn’t have many of the other RPG features.

It has a bit of moderation and some commands that would help out with Roleplay, but that’s still not the main focus.

To summarize, if your server likes the character ZeroTwo, then this bot would be a great way to grab their attention. It has custom profiles, and some RP features, plus an economy / leveling system.

I’d still use Roleplay Tools alongside ZeroTwo just to ensure I had all of the RP features, but I’d use ZeroTwo’s economy and leveling system. If your server doesn’t like ZeroTwo or anime, I’d go with Arcane instead.

6. Miki


  • Lots of features that can be used for roleplay
  • Reaction roles
  • Currency and leveling
  • Marriage system
  • Online dashboard makes it easy to manage your server
  • Actions and Reactions commands for roleplaying


  • More of a general bot than an RP bot, but its features can be used for Roleplay easily
  • Not as feature-packed as bots higher up on this list

One thing that makes Miki stand out from the other bots on this list is its marriage system and its Action / Reaction commands that make it great for roleplay.

Miki isn’t going to be a great bot for RPGs and playing Dungeons and Dragons in Discord, for example, but it is great for just general, casual roleplaying.

You can use commands like /bite and /pat or reactions like /cry in order to roleplay in the server.

You’re definitely going to have to combine Miki with a tool like Roleplay Tools, but it can take the place of ZeroTwo or Arcane because it has an economy and level system as well as a marriage system.

It all comes down to whether or not your server would be interested in the marriage system or not, but if so then Miki is great.

7. KyuBot


  • Very good and unique leveling and XP system
  • Can import levels from other bots
  • Role rewards


  • Barebones beyond the leveling system

KyuBot is pretty much an Arcane-light bot. In my opinion, most RP servers should have some kind of leveling bot, and KyuBot is a solid option, especially if you don’t want to deal with all of the extra features a bot like Arcane will come with.

KyuBot doesn’t have custom profiles and characters like Tupperbox or Roleplay Tools will have, and it doesn’t have the extra moderation features like Miki or ZeroTwo have.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. If you just want a barebones leveling system / XP bot for roleplaying, then KyuBot has you covered.

I’d recommend combining it with Tupperbox for its character embeds and Roleplay Tools if you want extra RP features, but overall KyuBot will be a great addition to any RP server.

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