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Discord vs. Skype: What’s The Difference?

Discord and Skype are similar in that they are both platforms that enable users to call and send messages and files to one another. Wondering which platform to use? This article will provide more details about their differences, features, and suitability for gaming.

Difference Between Discord And Skype

The most significant difference between Discord and Skype is that Discord is designed for more casual and ongoing communication between gamers, while Skype is structured more formally and geared towards office use and meetings.

Discord is organized into servers where users can communicate via voice, text, or file sharing. Servers can be about any topic and can range in size from a handful of friends to more than 800,000 members.

Each Discord server functions like a miniature social network. Servers are usually oriented around a hobby, topic, interest, or video game.

A server is further divided into channels, each channel having a particular purpose or topic. Discord users can check in throughout the day and see what messages have been posted in the various channels on servers to which they belong.

Discord users can also join voice channels, which are ongoing voice chatrooms.

Skype, on the other hand, is a straightforward calling, messaging, and meeting platform. Users can make calls to other Skype accounts for free and at a price to landline and mobile phone numbers.

Unlike Discord, Skype requires users to call each other to begin an audio conversion. Although Discord also allows users to place calls, most audio communication occurs in voice channels, which are like ongoing group calls that any user can join or participate in.

Skype is a great way to connect with colleagues or friends for voice and/or video chats. Meanwhile, Discord allows users to participate in servers with strangers where they can gain friends and meet people with similar interests.

Reasons Why Skype Is Better

Skype is better for business uses and conducting meetings. Skype users use their real identities and names, and profile pictures are more professional. Skype allows users to schedule group calls or video chats, which are ideal for scheduling virtual meetings with clients, colleagues, and friends.

Let’s look at a few other areas where Skype is better than Discord.

No Need To Create An Account

As of 2020, Skype removed the need for users to download the app or create an account in order to use it. Now, even without having Skype on your computer or phone, your friends and family can send you a join link that you click and join the conversation via your web browser.

Although you also can either download the Discord app or use it via a web browser, you have to jump through several hoops to join the platform officially. First, you need to create an account and then go through the process of verifying both your email and phone number.

Sound Quality

Skype’s bandwidth for voice calls is 100 kbps, while Discord’s bandwidth is just 64 kbps. This means that voice calls on Skype are of better quality than on Discord. If you’re going to be chatting with someone, you want the clearest, crispest audio possible, which makes Skype the better choice here.

Larger Group Calls

Given that Skype focuses more on meetings than Discord, it is no surprise that it allows more people to join group video calls than Discord.

Currently, Skype allows as many as 100 people to join a video call compared to Discord’s maximum of 25 people.

Call Recording

While there is still no official way of recording calls on Discord, Skype allows users to record up to 24 hours of their calls.

Skype notifies all participants in the call that it is being recorded, and it combines the video streams of all the participants in the final recording. It stores call files for 30 days.

Live Captions And Subtitling

For users who may have a hearing impairment, Skype offers live captions and subtitles during calls.

It officially supports 11 languages, but it is actually ten because US English and UK English are not drastically different.

Discord, however, does not provide any captioning or subtitling support.

File Sharing

Skype allows users to send multiple files, and the file size limit is 300 MB. But it provides an option for those who want to send larger files. Their cloud storage called OneDrive enables you to share even bigger files with others.

Discord’s file size limit of 8 MB seems paltry in comparison. Even though this constraint is for free users, the limit for paid subscribers is not much better at 100 MB.

Reasons Why Discord Is Better

Discord is better for gamers and informal chatting because it doesn’t consume as much data as Skype, allows users to use other programs simultaneously through the overlay feature, and offers more privacy during screen sharing.

Data Saving

Discord’s use of a lower bandwidth for calls than Skype means that it uses significantly less data. This enables users to talk for longer and at a more affordable cost. That’s always a good thing because no matter what you’re paying for, it’s always good to save money on it.

Overlay Feature

When using the Discord app, you have the option of having it appear in a small corner of the screen on top of the game you’re playing instead of requiring you to switch back and forth between the game and the app.

This is an essential feature for gamers as it saves valuable time, and it means that you can continue to interact with your team without interrupting play.

Screen Sharing Options

Although both Discord and Skype allow screen sharing, Discord provides users with more options in terms of how much of their screen they can share.

In Discord’s Go Live and Screen Share feature, users can choose to share either an application window or their entire screen, while with Skype, you only have the option of sharing your whole screen.

Additionally, under Streamer Mode, Discord automatically hides all of your personal information so that you can stream worry-free.

Which Is Better For Gaming?

Discord is better for gaming because it enables gamers from around the world to create communities and interact around any aspect of a game and to chat while playing. It also consumes less bandwidth and supports live streaming channels in servers.

Discord enables users to create communities around their favorite games. Groups can range from a few friends to hundreds of thousands of people who do not know each other but come together to chat, stream, and play together.

Geared towards building community, connection, and interaction between gamers, Discord also has a feature that notifies you when a friend starts to play the game you are playing so that you can communicate and play together if you wish.

Additionally, the platform’s screen overlay feature is specifically designed to allow gamers to continue chatting while playing.

Which Is Better: Discord Or Skype?

If you want a platform that you can use to communicate with family, friends, or colleagues in crisp audio quality or hold a meeting with 100 people at once, then Skype is the app for you.

But if you’re looking to join communities of like-minded strangers who may very possibly turn into friends and have a fun, casual chat while gaming or streaming your favorite, then check out Discord today.

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