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How To Get Verified On Twitch And Get The Verified Badge?

While watching some of your favorite streamers on Twitch you may have noticed some that have a checkmark next to their names signifying they are a verified Twitch account. But how did they get that checkmark and how can you get it for your channel. We will cover all that and more below.

How To Get Verified On Twitch

To get verified on Twitch, a streamer must become a Twitch Partner. Once a streamer becomes a Twitch Partner they will automatically be given the Twitch verified badge signifying that they are a verified Twitch account. Twitch may also give the badge to people who are not partners at their own discretion. 

What Is The Twitch Verified Badge?

The Twitch verified badge is a purple octagon with a white checkmark in the middle that will appear next to a streamer’s name on their profile and in chat. This checkmark is given to streamers automatically when they become a Twitch Partner and can be edited in a Twitch Partner’s chat settings. 

Nickmercs Verified

How To Get Verified On Twitch Without Being A Partner

If you are not a Twitch Partner, but would like to have your Twitch account verified, reach out to Twitch support and explain why you feel your account should be a verified account. But keep in mind, Twitch typically only makes exceptions for certain brands and celebrities.

So why does Twitch make special exemptions for brands or celebrities and give them this cool badge without them having to be partners? Well the answer is simple. 

Certain brands or celebrities may not be full-time streamers on Twitch, but perhaps they would like to do some kind of promo stream on the platform.

If it is an established brand or celebrity, rather than having them jump through all the hoops of becoming a Twitch Partner, it is much easier to just give a particular brand or celebrity the verified badge.

This way people who do end up participating in these promo streams can do so with confidence that they are actually supporting the actual brand or celebrity and not some imposter.

That verified badge is Twitch’s stamp of approval saying yes, these people are who they say they are. 

But you don’t have to be crazy famous or well known in order to receive the badge. You may have seen some pretty small streamers who have the verified badge, but this is rare. 

In most cases, Twitch needs a good reason why they should be giving you a verified badge over thousands of other streamers on the platform.

But not everyone can just go out and build a major brand or become a celebrity so Twitch has allowed for Twitch Partners to have their accounts verified as well. 

Let’s talk about becoming a Twitch Partner.

How To Become A Partner On Twitch

To become a Partner on Twitch, these are the requirements:

  • Stream for at least 25 hours over a 30 day period.
  • Stream on 12 different days over a 30 day period.
  • Average 75 concurrent viewers over a 30 day period.
  • Apply and be accepted into the program.

Here is my Path to Partner on Twitch:

Path to Partner

As you can see from that last step above, even if you meet all the numerical requirements such as average viewers and hours/days streamed, you may still be rejected from the Twitch Partner program.

You may get denied from the program for a number of reasons and ultimately it is up to Twitch who they let into the partner program and who they do not. 

But what I have seen in my time on Twitch is that Twitch wants partners who have clean track records with them meaning no major violations of their TOS and streamers who have demonstrated over a few months that they are able to pull in and maintain viewers.

I often see streamers who have one good month where they pull in a bunch of viewers and so they apply to the program only to be rejected by Twitch.

It’s unfortunate, but with Twitch Partner, streamers will usually receive a higher revenue percentage and so Twitch wants to assure that they are only letting in people who will last or who they see potential in.  

The cool thing is that even if you are denied you can always re-apply and Twitch will usually give you a list of things that they want to see you work on before they bring you on as a Twitch Partner. 

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Verified On Twitch?

There is not currently a set number of followers that a streamer needs to become verified or to become a Twitch Partner. Twitch cares more about how people interact with your streams than they do how many people follow your Twitch channel.

Although followers are important for reaching Twitch Affiliate, it is not a major factor in determining whether or not your account becomes verified or partnered. 

You may have noticed on Twitch that some streamers have thousands of followers and hardly any viewers whereas other streamers have tons of viewers and not as many followers. 

Followers are tricky because maybe someone has so many followers because they got raided by a large streamer. The community of that big streamer may drop a bunch of follows, but they are not loyal to that new streamer or their brand. It was just a quick follow to show support. 

I am not saying followers are not important because the more followers you have the greater your reach will potentially be, but after you reach Twitch affiliate your follower count does become much less important in qualifying you for other programs on Twitch.

In the end, the easiest way to get verified on Twitch and getting that cool badge is by becoming a Twitch Partner. There are other ways to become verified, but they are less common and are often more difficult unless you are well known outside of Twitch. 

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