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Best YouTube Music Playlist for Streaming 2023 (ULTIMATE List!)

I’ve put together a list of the best playlists on Youtube Music for streaming, no matter what genre you listen to! Keep reading to see my list.

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Best YouTube Music Playlist for Streaming

Electronic / Dance / EDM

Infraction – No Copyright Music – EDM No Copyright Music

This playlist has everything from house to gaming electro and executes every song perfectly and with high energy!

Copyright Free EDM – Copyright Free EDM

This EDM playlist hits extremely hard and will make your stream feel like you’re hosting your own personal rave.

Aim To Head Official – Dark Techno / EBM / Industrial Bass Mix ‘TITAN’ [Copyright Free]

Aim To Head is an amazing label and always produces hard hitting, dark techno music and this playlist is no exception.

RFM – Royalty Free Music [No Copyright Music] – ⚡ EDM MUSIC (NO COPYRIGHT)

The vibe of this playlist changes throughout the playlist and every song has its own unique feel and tempo.

White Bat Audio – Nostalgic Synthwave / Retrowave Mix – Cloud Nine // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music

This playlist is great if you love 80s synth wave electronic music, it’ll basically make your gaming session and your stream feel like an epic 80s movie montage.

Lofi / Chill

Hyp3d Music – DMCA Free Music for Twitch Streaming & Gaming

This playlist has a ton of talented indie artists so no song on the list is generic or boring, which makes it extremely unique.

SunshineStudios – royalty free lofi

This playlist has a ton of awesome lofi music that is very easy to chill and relax too – lots of jazz and hip hop lofi sounds.

Stomp’s Playlist – Lofi Hiphop Mix 2022 | Lofi beats to study | No Copyright Lofi Hip Hop 2022

This playlist has a ton of smooth, ambient lofi, there’s not much hip hop or beats to it – just pure tranquility.

Chill – No Copyright Music – Chill LoFi Hip Hop (Copyright Free) Chillhop Music #NCM

This playlist has a nice variety of ambient lofi and lofi hip hop, but is mostly hip hop (and is royalty free).

BreakingCopyright — Royalty Free Music – Lofi Music (No Copyright) ☕

This lofi playlist has a mix of hip hop and beat driven lofi along with a ton of ambient lofi music and even a splash of funk.


NoCopyrightSounds – NCS : The Best Of Dubstep 🔵

This playlist will take you right back to 2010 and beyond, it has a nice mix of classic and modern dubstep. 

Free No Copyright – Instrumentals, Beats , Music – Dubstep [No Copyright Sound] [ FREE USE MUSIC ]

This playlist is full of very obvious dubstep music, however the dubstep has a much more chill vibe than most other dubstep playlists on Youtube.

Upbeat / Pop

RFM – Royalty Free Music [No Copyright Music] – ✨ POP MUSIC (COPYRIGHT FREE)

This playlist has a ton of royalty free pop songs that sound like they should actually be played on the radio (lyrics and all).

BreakingCopyright — Royalty Free Music – Copyright Free Pop Music ✨

A very chill playlist full of acoustic pop songs with lyrics and high energy instrumentals.

EDMixes – Copyright Free Music for Twitch – Best Trap & Rap Mix

This playlist mixes together a ton of different genres including EDM, dubstep, and hip hop, but every song is very up beat and very hype!


Infraction – No Copyright Music – Rock Music No Copyright

The songs on this playlist hit very hard; they’re all classic heavy rock instrumentals, with some metal mixed in on occasion.

FMD – Rock Music (No Copyright) Royalty Free Songs

This is a fairly large rock playlist full of punk rock / pop rock songs and lyrics, (think music similar to Green Day or sometimes even Nickelback).

BreakingCopyright — Royalty Free Music – 🤘 Copyright Free Hard Rock Music

This playlist is pure hard rock goodness, so expect a very Metallica-like sound except without any lyrics.

BreakingCopyright — Royalty Free Music – 🎸 Copyright Free Rock Music

This playlist has a ton of different sub genres, and includes mostly instrumentals – its main focus seems to be grunge and alt rock, though.

Music Lover – No Copyright Music – 🎵 2 Hours Alternative & Punk Music

This playlist is two hours long and is full of alternative, punk, hard rock, and many other rock subgenres (mostly instrumentals).

Hip Hop / R&B

Trap Nation – 💰 Royalty Free Music

Trap Nation has been around the block a few times and is extremely popular because they make such dope beats!

Simply Beats – No Copyright Music – Top 30 Non Copyrighted Rap/Hip-Hop Songs

This playlist is full of modern rap music with nice beats and plenty of lyrics, so if you want modern rap music without worrying about copyright, it’s perfect.

Simply Beats – No Copyright Music – No Copyright Rap Music Mix 2021

This playlist is full of great rap music and is one of the best playlists if you want rap and lyrics on your stream and not just hip hop beats!

Vee Motsi – Copyright FREE Popular R&B + Vibes Songs for Vlogs *no copyright* || FREE BACKGROUND MUSIC

This playlist is full of great R&B and soul music that is so easy to chill out to while gaming and streaming.

Vee Motsi – Popular Songs || Rap/Hip-hop/RnB – Copyright free music || No Copyright || Chill Music ||

This playlist is made up of many amazing remixes of popular hip hop and R&B songs (all copyright free at the time of the video upload).


Freesound Music – No copyright country music – royalty free bluegrass, folk

This playlist has everything from chilled out, George Strait style western music to super old school country western music. – Best 100 Country & Bluegrass | Royalty Free Background Stock Music 🎵 Shockwave-Sound

This playlist has a lot of bluegrass, a lot of country, and even a little bit of country rock (mostly just instrumentals, no lyrics).

We Have A Tripod – Acoustic/Country Music [No Copyright & Royalty Free] Playlist

The songs on this playlist aren’t traditional country music, they’re basically nature mixed with ambient instrumentals with a splash of country tossed in!

FreeMusic109 – No Copyright Music – Royalty Free Country Music – Top Tracks

A playlist full of banging instrumentals that you’d expect to find in a modern country rock or country pop playlist.

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