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Can You Curse On Twitch? What To Know

If you have watched Twitch you have probably noticed that many streamers let it fly when it comes to curse words. But is this okay to do or are these streamers actually breaking Twitch’s terms of service by doing this. I’ll touch on that and more below.

Can You Curse On Twitch?

You are allowed to curse on Twitch, but any language directed towards an individual that is violent, sexually inappropriate, hateful or meant to harass is strictly prohibited and may get you removed from the platform. If you do curse a lot while streaming be sure to mark you stream as “mature content.”

As I read through Twitch’s “Community Guidelines”, and their policy regarding hateful content and harassment, I realized that they are not so much concerned with what you say, but more so what you mean by what you say.

They do not have a list of words that are banned, but instead they encourage their users not to use language that is demeaning or meant to target and attack certain groups of people.

I won’t go into detail as to what these words are, I am sure you can figure out what words would and would not fall into those categories, but as far as cursing is concerned they are actually quite lenient.

Now like I mentioned if you do curse a lot on your streams, or if you frequently discuss adult topics on your stream, I highly recommend that you label your stream as mature content.

If you want to know how to do this you can check out my video here:

This just makes it so that way people have to agree that they understand that your content is intended for mature audiences and is recommended for users 18+.

Why do this? Well if you want to discuss mature topics you probably don’t want a bunch of kids hanging around your stream right?

Enabling mature content helps to deter younger viewers who wouldn’t be or shouldn’t be in your streams and will help to attract the more adult audience that you are looking for.

You are not required to do this, but again I do recommend it if you are trying to target an older age group.

Can You Curse On Twitch Titles?

You are not allowed to use profanity for your titles on Twitch. Twitch has many words, not just curse words, that are banned from being used as a title for your stream. In fact, if you try putting these banned words in your title you will receive an error message from Twitch.

Banned Word For Twitch Title

Now there is no list of words that are banned for use as a title for your stream. From what I have read some curse words are ok to use in your title and others are not.

On top of that certain words such as “genocide” are also banned for use in your Twitch title as you can see in the image above.

Since there is no list of words that are banned for use as a Twitch title it will be up to you to play around and see which words are ok to use and which words are not.

If you want to know how to change the title of your stream on Twitch you can check out my article here.

Below I will answer a few questions regarding cursing and streaming on Twitch as well as how to set your stream to family friendly if you plan on running a pretty clean stream.

How To Make Your Stream Family Friendly

To make your stream family friendly you should first abstain from using profane language or discussing adult topics such as sex, drugs, etc. Next, you should add the “Family Friendly” tag to your Twitch stream so people recognize your stream as a family friendly stream.

If you are a pretty clean, straight edge streamer then I recommend adding the family friendly tag to your stream. In my experience it is one of the more popular tags on Twitch and one that many people search for.

But again, if you do choose the family friendly route, you have to put the potty mouth away and not everyone can do that so do what works for you.

If you need help adding tags check out my article here or watch my video below.

What Curse Words Are Allowed On Twitch

Twitch does not state which curse words are allowed or not allowed on the platform, but specifies that slurs, put downs and other forms of hate speech are not allowed on the platform. Certain words such as “virgin” are ok to use as long as they are not used in a derogatory manner.

Like I already touched on, there is no list of banned words on Twitch. Context and how you use these words is what is most crucial.

Not to mention the fact that some words are horrible words to say in one country, and completely normal every day language in another country.

But if you have been around Twitch long enough you probably know that you can really let it fly when it comes to curse words on Twitch and you don’t have to worry about being punished.

Can You Say The “F” Word On Twitch

You can say the “F” word on Twitch; however, if you use curse words such as the “F” word repeatedly on Twitch you may want to consider labeling your stream as “mature content” in order to keep out anyone who may be offended by such language.

Again this is one of those words that I feel like is really bad in the United States (where I live) and not so bad in other parts of the world.

This seems to be the favorite word of some of the streamers that I watch and Twitch seems ok with them using this word and using it often.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about using the “F” word on your stream as many people do this already.

When it comes to language on stream I suggest you use language that is consistent with your brand and that portrays you as the streamer that you want to be portrayed as.

If you want to know where Twitch stands when it comes to smoking on stream you can check out my article here. And if you want to know about Twitch’s rules regarding drinking check out my article here.

I also made a pretty big list of things you can and can’t do on Twitch that you can see here.

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