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How To Make A Discord Server More Active & Engaging !

Having an active Discord server is important if you want it to grow. However, creating an active server can be difficult. For this reason I created the list below of the best ways to make a Discord server more active and engaged.

1. Have A Focus / Niche / Theme For The Server

This is the most important thing you can do when creating an engaging Discord server. Make sure the server has a certain focus, niche, or theme.

Having a focus for a server assures that those who join at least have one mutual interest they can discuss. And there are tons of things you can focus on such as gaming, finances, health, and so much more.

You can also make the server focused on yourself and your community. You just want to make sure you have a focus so that those who join have a shared interest and will be more likely to engage.

2. Post & Reply Regularly

Part of making a Discord server active and engaging is having things to talk about or react to. To get members to chat, you can post questions, ask opinions, or reply to messages others have sent.

My Reaction Reply

If your server is focused on gaming for example, and a new game just dropped, discuss it in your community. Get the thoughts and opinions of others in your server.

These discussions don’t always have to be focused on your niche either. You can even discuss random topics like favorite foods. Anything that is fun and gets people chatting is great for engagement.

3. Add Discord Bots

Discord bots are another crucial tool to have when creating an engaging server. Discord bots can do all sorts of things like moderate your chat, play music, provide games, and much more.

I use bots on my server to help me with moderation and to supply me with a couple of fun games. Every server is different and therefore the bots you will use will be different. With this in mind, check out my list of the best Discord bots here to help you decide which bots are best for your server.

Discord Bot

4. Make Creative Emojis

Creative emojis in a Discord server play a vital role in enhancing engagement for a number of reasons. First, they add a fun, visual aspect to communication, breaking up text and making interactions more dynamic and entertaining.

Second, unique and creative emojis can also contribute to the overall identity and culture of the server, fostering a sense of belonging and community among users. They can even serve as inside jokes or references that add a layer of exclusivity and camaraderie to the group.

Finally, the process of creating and selecting emojis can itself be an interactive and engaging activity, where users can contribute their ideas, vote on new emojis, or participate in emoji design contests.

This makes users feel more invested in the server, thereby increasing their likelihood to stay active and involved. Here are some examples of my unique emojis in my server.

My Discord Emotes

5. Create Unique Channels

Creating different channels in a Discord server increases engagement by offering users a more organized and focused space for discussions. Each channel can be dedicated to a specific topic or type of activity, allowing members to engage in the areas that interest them the most.

My Discord Channels

This caters to the diverse interests of the community and ensures that users are not overwhelmed with unrelated conversations all happening in one place.

For instance, you could have channels dedicated to different games in a gaming server, different series in a book club server, or different workstreams in a project management server.

By doing so, you ensure that discussions are relevant and meaningful to the participants in each channel, increasing the likelihood of active, sustained engagement.

Furthermore, having separate channels for general chat, announcements, rules, and support can streamline communication and improve the user experience.

Users know where to go for what, making the server easier to navigate. This clarity can prevent frustration and disengagement, ensuring users stay active and engaged in the server.

6. Add Roles

Roles in a Discord server is something that most Discord users expect these days. Roles, in essence, are a way to categorize server members, often coming with distinct permissions and visibility.

My Discord Server Roles

However, in most instances, these roles must be earned through being active on the server. So for example, if a person wants to earn a role, they will have to message in the server for 30 days consecutively or something along those lines.

Giving members roles to work towards increases their commitment to the server and gives them incentives to engage on the server.

7. Assign Mods & Admins

Assigning mods (moderators) and admins (administrators) is vital in managing a Discord server. They act as custodians of the server’s environment to help take out any unwanted trash.

Mods and admins help remove messages or users that go against the servers rules or are excessively spammy. This in turn makes chatting on the server more enjoyable for all users.

Besides cleaning up messages and users on the server, they can also help fix any technical issues on the server such as bots not working or certain emojis not working. Mods and admins basically help servers run smoothly, which in turn makes people more likely to engage.

My Mods & Admins

8. Host Events Or Competitions

Hosting events and competitions can dramatically increase engagement in a Discord server. These activities offer structured, interactive opportunities that bring members together, fostering a sense of community and active participation.

Events can range from trivia nights, gaming tournaments, movie watch parties to Q&A sessions with special guests. These activities create excitement and anticipation among members, giving them something to look forward to.

They encourage real-time interaction, leading to lively discussions, and deepening connections among members.

Competitions, on the other hand, introduce an element of challenge and reward. They incentivize participation and often prompt more in-depth interaction.

They could be art contests, meme creations, writing challenges, or any activity relevant to the server’s theme. Rewarding winners with recognition or prizes further motivates members to engage and contribute.

Both events and competitions generate unique content and experiences that enrich the server’s offerings. They create shared memories and experiences, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and community.

9. Stream On Discord

Streaming on Discord contributes to a more engaging server by providing real-time, interactive content that can bring the community closer together. Here’s how it works:

When a server owner or member streams, whether it’s a game, a live tutorial, or any other activity, it becomes a communal viewing experience.

Most of the time when server members interact with other members, it is through messages. However, it may be hours or even days before someone replies to a message. It just doesn’t feel as authentic.

Live streams make the engagement feel much more real. It allows members to see a different, more human side of the streamer, which can build stronger relationships and increase loyalty to the server.

Also, regular streams can create anticipation and excitement, giving members something to look forward to. This can increase activity levels as members might log in more frequently to not miss out on any streams.

Discord Live Stream Feature

10. Create Content On Other Platforms

Part of having more engagement, is getting people into your Discord server. To do this, you will need to create content on other platforms, and then drive those people over to your Discord server.

You can do this by sharing a link back to your server, adding a link to your server on your social media homepage, or create content that encourages people to be a part of your community.

Not only does creating content help get people to your server, it also gives members things to talk about. Members can discuss your latest YouTube video or Instagram post right in the server.

You can really create content on any platform, but the most popular platforms for those looking to grow on Discord are Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. But again, any platform works. Also, I wrote more about growing a Discord server here. Check it out for more info about growing a Discord server.

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