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What To Do After A Stream? Do These Things For Success

All streams must come to an end, sadly. But many streamers who end a stream often sit there and wonder, “Ok, that was a great stream, but now what?” In this article I will go over 10 things you should do after your live stream is over.

What To Do After A Stream?

Here is a list of 10 things you should be doing after your live streams. I go into more detail further down so be sure to scroll down and read through:

  1. Make sure that you did indeed end your stream
  2. Review your clips and edit a few to use as TikToks or Youtube Shorts
  3. Leave you Discord voice channel if you were in one
  4. Turn off your lights, camera, mic, etc.
  5. Message anyone who raided or hosted your channel to thank them
  6. Share any memorable clips from your stream that don’t need editing to Twitter or Instagram
  7. Watch parts of your most recent stream to see where you could have improved
  8. Raid, host or live redirect to send your viewers to another channel
  9. Review your analytics for the stream
  10. Do something that helps you relax

That’s the list of things you should be doing after every stream. Now let’s break each of these things down even further.

Make Sure That You Did Indeed End Your Stream

This is number one for a reason. I am sure you have seen clips of streamers who forgot to end their streams and then said something or did something that was way out of line and dumb.

Don’t be that person. Double and triple check that you have indeed ended your stream so that way you can avoid having to explain something embarrassing you did while you were still live.

Streamlabs Dashboard

If you are new and don’t know how to end a stream check out my article here.

Review Your Clips And Edit A Few To Use As TikToks Or Youtube Shorts

If you are trying to grow as a streamer, this part is crucial. As I am sure you know it can be extremely difficult to grow as a live streamer. Live streaming content is just not very discoverable.

For this reason it is important that you are creating content on more discoverable platforms such as Youtube or TikTok.

When you create content on these platforms your content becomes what we call “evergreen” content meaning that it will always be there and will always have the chance to collect views, comments, etc.

Live content on the other hand is primarily consumed when it is live and not many people go back and watch a live stream once it has ended.

And so rather than streaming and then going back and creating content for your TikTok or your Youtube channel, just create the content while you are streaming, clip it, and then go back after your stream and find these clips.

Download them, edit them a little bit to make them a little more polished and then post them on different social media platforms. You’d be surprised at how well some of these clips perform.

If you need some help editing your videos, check out this video below form Alpha Gaming. They give some awesome tips on how you can make some great clips for TikTok and Youtube Shorts.

And if you want to know how to link your Twitch to your Youtube account check out my article here. It just makes uploading videos from Twitch much much easier.

Leave Your Discord Voice Channel If You Were In One

Similar to #1, this can lead to some embarrassing moments if you forget to exit the voice channel that you are in on Discord.

Even if you have ended your stream, users in the voice channel with you will still be able to hear you until you leave the voice channel. So when you end your stream just be sure you leave your Discord voice channel as well.

If you don’t know how to leave a voice channel on Discord you can check out my article here.

Turn Off Your Lights, Camera, Mic, Etc.

This is just a friendly reminder to turn your equipment off when you are done streaming. The longer you leave things like your camera, your lights and your other equipment on and running the quicker they will wear down.

Just be sure to turn them off when you are done to help make them last longer and save some electricity too.

Message Anyone Who Raided, Hosted Or Live Redirected Your Channel To Thank Them

This is a big deal. Of all the channels these streamers could have sent their viewers to they chose yours.

When people send their viewers to your channel you should definitely thank them while you are live, but you should also go back after you are done streaming to say thank you as well.

Some people will tweet out a thanks to the person who sent their viewers to them, but for me personally I prefer messaging them privately. The choice is yours though. As long as you are showing gratitude you are good.

Share Any Memorable Clips From Your Stream That Don’t Need Editing To Twitter Or Instagram

I mentioned earlier that you will want to go back and look for clips that you can polish up and turn into TikToks or Youtube Shorts; however not all clips need to be polished up to be successful.

If you have a funny moment on your stream, or if something spectacular happens on stream, make sure to clip it and then share it to social media.

For content you feel like is fine just the way it is make sure to share it to your social medias either during or after your stream. The more content you share the more chance you have of being discovered by others.

Most streamers stick to Twitter and Instagram for sharing their gaming content, but really any platform works.

It’s just many streamers feel they will be wasting their time uploading content to platforms that don’t necessarily drive people to their channel. Most streamers and gamers hang out on Twitter and Instagram. It’s just the truth.

Here is one of my Twitter clips.

If you want to know how to upload your clips to Twitter check out my article here.

Watch Parts Of Your Most Recent Stream To See Where You Could Have Improved

This right here is a pro tip. If you have ever played sports then you know that the only way to improve is to identify your mistakes and then work to fix them. Streaming is the same way.

It’s important to go back and see where you could have improved as a streamer. Do you need more energy? Were you on your phone too much? Was the game you were playing taking too much of your attention?

Going back and reviewing your recent streams or VODs will help you see how you can be better as a streamer.

Now you don’t necessarily have to go back and watch your entire stream, but you should certainly go back and watch parts of it. Be honest with yourself and then make a plan to improve in the next stream.

And if you are on Twitch make sure that your past streams are set to save. In this article I cover how to watch your old broadcasts and in the video below I go over how you save your past broadcasts.

Raid, Host Or Live Redirect To Send Your Viewers To Another Channel

If you didn’t know, both Twitch and Youtube allow you to send your audience to another channel when you are done streaming.

With Twitch this is done through Twitch raids or Twitch hosts and with Youtube this is done through Youtube Live Redirects.

But you may be thinking, “Why would I send my audience to ANOTHER streamer?” That’s a fair question, but as I am sure you have heard live streaming is all about networking and making connections.

When you send your audience to another channel you are not only exposing your audience to a new channel, but you are also exposing that new channel’s audience to your channel. Some call it “cross-pollination.”

Often times streamers will also have alerts set up on their channel for when they are hosted or raided and so these alerts can act like a giant billboard advertising your channel.

Sending your viewers over to another channel is something you should do every now and again as it is exciting for your viewers and helps you network.

If you are on Twitch and want to know how to raid or host check out my videos below.

Review Your Analytics For The Stream

Regardless of what streaming platform you are on you will have access to certain stats that you can use to gauge how well your streams are performing.

Important things to look at are things like your click through rate (how often people are clicking on your stream when they see it) and average watch time or average viewers (how engaged are the people who enter your streams).

On Twitch you would find your click through rate by dividing the number of engagements you had with a certain go live notification by the number of go live notifications that you sent out.

My Analytics

Using my stats as an example you can see that I sent out 584 Go Live notifications, but only one person clicked on it. That means my click through rate for that go live notification was 0.17%. Obviously not great for that one.

Average viewers is another key stat because it gives you an indication of how engaged your viewers were during your stream. The more people that stay for longer, the higher your average viewers will be.

Now I don’t think you need to be checking your stats after every single stream unless you are making major changes, but once a week it may be a good idea to look at some of your stats and see what’s working and what’s not.

I go more into more detail about your Twitch stats in this article here.

If you are on Twitch check out my video below where I show you how to edit your go live notifications.

Do Something That Helps You Relax

Lastly, when you are done streaming, make sure to do something relaxing. Streaming takes a lot of your energy and requires you to constantly be very social and engaging.

For many people this can be very draining, especially if you are doing it for hours at a time. In order to decompress and unwind it is good to do something you enjoy.

This could be reading a book, working out, watching T.V., etc. For me I enjoy going on a walk after I am done streaming to get some fresh air.

If you are not taking time to relax you may end up burning yourself out and lose the desire to stream altogether. Taking time for yourself after a stream is crucial.

We have talked about what to do before a stream, but if you want to know what you should do before a stream then check out my article here.

And if you need help with planning out your stream you can check out my page here.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

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