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How To Get More Viewers On Twitch? [37] Things You Can Do Today

How To Get More Viewers On Twitch? [37] Things You Can Do Today

One of the most common question that streamers at all levels ask is “how do I get more viewers on my Twitch stream?”

Now there is not one single answer to this question; and getting more viewers on Twitch takes time and dedication. But if you are willing and committed, then you will succeed.

This article will talk about how you can get more viewers on your Twitch stream.

How to get more Viewers on Your Twitch Stream?

Here is a list of 37 things you can do today to get more viewers on Twitch. Below this list I break each item on the list down in greater detail.

  1. Play games with lots of viewers and not a lot of broadcasters
  2. Always talk during your stream (no radio silence)
  3. Have friends and family watch your stream
  4. Use a chatbot
  5. Stream during the “golden hours”
  6. Invite people you play with to watch your stream
  7. Create and keep a schedule
  8. Use a creative title
  9. Stream often
  10. Create cool overlays
  11. Use high quality equipment (webcam, mic, etc.)
  12. Make Youtube videos
  13. Don’t stream saturated games
  14. Create social media accounts
  15. Create a website and install the Twitch Live Plugin
  16. Guest post on other websites
  17. Get hosted by another streamer
  18. Post and answer questions in Reddit
  19. Be active in forums of the game you play
  20. Giveaways or promotions
  21. Make your stream fun
  22. Make friends in other streaming communities
  23. Stream with high energy
  24. Have your current viewers invite others
  25. Be unique
  26. Enjoy the game you play
  27. Play a game that is newly released
  28. Play in tournaments
  29. Setup notifications for your followers
  30. Create a brand/theme for your channel
  31. Create a Discord server
  32. Find communities in Discord that let you promote your channel
  33. Do a test stream before going live to test the quality
  34. Raid another person’s channel
  35. Post when you are going live on your socials
  36. Play with your viewers
  37. Use Twitch tags

This is the list. All these things will help bring viewers into your stream. Now I will break down each tip in greater detail.

Play games with lots of viewers and not a lot of broadcasters

When you are looking for a game to stream, and you are trying to attract new viewers, you need to stream a game that has lots of viewers and not a lot of broadcasters (streamers).

For this reason I suggest streaming games where you will be in the top 15, top 20 at the most. If there are more than 20 people streaming a game then I would consider that you find another game, especially if the other 20 people have more viewers than you do.

One website that can really help you identify good games to stream is It shows you how many viewers a game had and how many people are streaming that game. This can really help you to identify games that are good for streaming.

This is taken from Twitchstrike. It is an awesome website and I highly recommend using it!

When looking for a game, you also want to make sure that the game you are looking to stream has enough viewers in order for you to have a chance at getting noticed.

What I recommend is at least 1k or one thousand viewers.

So if a certain game has at least 1k viewers, and 15 or less people streaming the game then you are golden!

However, you will also want to check how top heavy a game is. What I mean is that you must check how many viewers the top stream in a particular game is pulling in.

For example, I was browsing through different games the other day and I noticed that Mario Party had 11k viewers and only a few channels. Eeeeerrmmmm what!? So I clicked it and and you guessed it. All or almost all of those 11k viewers were on one channel.

So that means that the viewers were not so much interested in the game, they were just interested in supporting the streamer. If you see a game that is top heavy like that then I recommend you stay away.

You want to stick to a game that has several viewers spread out through only a few different channels. That is where you then come in and try to poach a viewer or two.

For a more in depth breakdown of what to stream, check out this article I recently wrote on the topic.

But if someone pops into your channel then you better be ready to shine!

Always talk during your stream (no radio silence)

This is crucial. If someone pops into your stream, and you are sitting there dead silent, then they are out. Why are they going to stick around? Who wants to sit there and just watch you sitting there?

Just like on TV, radio silence is terrible! People tune in to be entertained. They tune in to converse and interact with you the streamer and so if you are not entertaining or you are not building relationships in your stream then it is highly likely that anyone will be sticking around to watch you stream.

It may seem crazy, but practice talking to yourself. Practice narrating what you do while you play. Do this so that if someone pops into your stream you are not caught off guard and you can keep doing your thing. Make it look natural.

Eliminating radio silence from your stream is crucial to get and keep viewers.

Have friends and family watch your stream

So there are three reasons why you having friends and family in your stream will help you get more viewers.

First off, and this should be obvious, having friends and family in your stream adds to your total viewer count. So even if they just sit there and don’t say anything, they still count as a viewer in your chat.

Second, having more people in your chat makes your channel rank higher when people are searching for channels to watch. So if you have three viewers you will rank higher than someone who has zero viewers.

So having more viewers makes it more likely to get noticed by others, even if most of your viewers are just your friends and family members chilling.

Lastly, people are more likely to come into a stream that has people in it. A big part of Twitch is making friends and being part of a community and so if potential viewers are browsing different channels they will be more likely to visit your channel if they see a few people in it as opposed to zero people.

Having friends and family chillaxing in your stream does more than just increase your viewer count. As you can see, there are many other indirect effects to having a few people chill in your stream.

Use a chatbot

Similar to having friends and family chilling in your chat, using a chat bot has multiple benefits as well.

To start, chatbots can help to moderate a chatroom and answer questions for you in chat. Maybe you are focused on a game and don’t notice someone pop into your stream.

Your chat bot can send out important information regarding your stream or help answer any commonly asked questions.

The next perk to a chat bot is that it counts as a viewer in your stream. So for that reason there should be no reason to have zero viewers in your chat. Ever.

Now I want to clarify that while chat bots are ok to have in your stream, view bots, follow bots or any other kind of bot that is intended to artificially inflate your numbers on Twitch is not allowed. In fact, using such bots can get you in trouble with Twitch and maybe even banned.

Long story short, get a chat bot. They are nifty and give you one extra viewer. Woop woop!

Stream during the “golden hours”

As you may have noticed on Twitch there are certain times that are busier than others. Certain times are just PACKED with broadcasters which can make it very difficult to get noticed.

Like I mentioned earlier you want to stream games with lots of viewers and not a whole lot of broadcasters. You also should be streaming at times with lots of viewers and not so many streamers as well.

For this in the United States, that time tends to be late at night and into the early morning. These times may not be ideal for some, but streaming during these times gives you less competition that’s for sure.

I wrote an entire article on the best times to stream on Twitch and so feel free to check it out here to get more information on the best times to stream.

Invite people you play with to watch your stream

Could it really be that simple? Well yes, it can be.

When you are gaming you often are communicating and talking to other people while you work together as a team to accomplish the task at hand. Why not invite these people to go and check out your stream?

If you are cool and friendly with those that you game with online you would be surprised at how many people are wiling to stop by to check your stream out. Even if they don’t stay, at least ask them to give you a follow so you can help grow your community.

Don’t be annoying. Don’t be pushy. Just offer a friendly invitation to your stream and see what happens. You will be surprised how cool people can be.

Create and keep a schedule

Calendars are great my dudes!

Dude, this one is crucial! Especially if you are new to streaming. When you are new to streaming the most important thing you can do is build your community. You more than likely won’t have a lot of viewers or followers starting out and so it is important that the few that you do have can rely on you.

If you stream at random times, how are people going to be able to keep up with you? How can they rely on you if you say you are going to stream one day and then don’t? Or if you stream 3 hours later than you had scheduled to stream?

Now I get that things come up. Totally understandable. But for the most part you need to stick to your schedule. Sticking to your schedule is part of building trust in your community. Even a lot of the big time streamers have a schedule and they stick to it.

Having a consistent schedule also lets people plan for watching your stream. If you schedule to stream every Monday at 7:00, you best believe that your supporters will be waiting and expecting you to be there.

They will plan to be there because they want to support you. Don’t let these people down.

You can’t just stream randomly and expect to get anywhere. Be responsible and be consistent and you will see results.

Use a creative title

This is perhaps one of the most overlooked things you can do when it comes to getting more viewers on Twitch. The big time streamers can put the word “dog” as their title and they will still get thousands of people flocking to their channels.

You are not there just yet so you need to do things that are going to separate you from the pack and a creative title can do just that.

You have to ask yourself, why is someone going to visit your channel that only has 3 viewers as opposed to another person’s channel that only has 3 viewers?

Sometimes a creative title can be just that edge that causes a person to click on your stream over another person’s stream.

I have found that asking for the help of others in your title is a good way to motivate people to click onto your stream. For example, if you are a noob at a game put that in your title and ask for help to improve at the game.

Another example is asking help from others to meet a certain goal. For example “Help Me Reach My Followers Goal for the Day: Currently 6/10” or something like that.

People always want to help other people and so you would be surprised at how willing people can be to help you if you just ask.

As a beginner streamer I cannot stress enough the importance of a creative title. Don’t sleep on the titles. Trust me.

Stream often

Streaming often should be a given, but it still needs to be said. The more you stream, the more chances you are giving yourself to get recognized by others. It’s really that simple.

Now if you can stream everyday then awesome, but that is not the case for most streamers starting out. Many streamers have to balance things like school, work and a social life. These are three things you just can’t put to the side.

Life is about balance and so you should stream as often as you can, but don’t over do it. If you are just starting off, and you have things like work and school to attend to, then I recommend streaming at least 3 days a week for at least 3 hours each stream.

Again, if you can do more without throwing off the balance in your life, then do it but this is not an option for a lot of people.

Also, if you keep getting zero viewers on your stream then there is no point in streaming to zero viewers 7 days a week. That will just burn you out and you will want to quit.

Three days a week still lets you put yourself out there and gives you time to network with others while you are not streaming.

Another benefit to streaming often is that you will get more comfortable in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect and so the more you stream, the better you will be.

Create cool overlays

Creating cool overlays is an easy way to draw people to your stream. Having overlays in your stream makes you look official, like a referee with a whistle!

When people visit your stream, and they see well designed overlays, maybe with a few animations thrown in there they know you mean business.

The best part is that there are tons of free overlays out there that you can use to enhance your stream. Now I don’t think overlays will make or break your stream, but having overlays on your stream definitely gives you an advantage over someone with no overlays on their stream.

If you want some dope overlays then you have to check out OWN3D.TV (click here to view their overlays). They are one of the most best brands when it comes to overlays and you will no doubt be able to find something that you like.

Use high quality equipment (webcam, mic, etc.)

Having highly quality equipment like a nice web cam or a nice mic will definitely make your stream more appealing to viewers.

If sometime comes into your stream and your camera is glitching or your sound is choppy then they will be much less likely to stick around. I mean who wants to watch a stream that’s fuzzy the whole time.

Now you don’t have to have top of the line stuff, especially if you are just starting off, but having a decent mic and a decent webcam can go a long way to making your stream more appealing.

People are much more likely to watch your stream if you have a camera going. It makes the stream more personal and helps the viewer form a better connection with you.

If you are starting off then there are two pieces of equipment that I would recommend you get and those are: a webcam and a mic. If you are a newbie then stick with something simple like the Blue Snowball mic and the Logitech C310 webcam, both of which can be found on Amazon.

Both of these products are great for beginners because there is no fancy setup. You just like the USB cords in and you are good to go. They are also very cheap relative to how good the quality is.

So if you are looking to better your stream, without breaking the bank, then Blue Snowball mic and the Logitech C310 webcam are definitely the way to go.

Investing in some nice equipment is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your stream.

Make Youtube videos

This one can be a complete game changer! Streamers have gone from zeros to heroes by uploading viral Youtube videos.

One great way to get recognized on Twitch is through Youtube. If you make a video that goes viral, or that gets a lots of views then this can be a great way to promote your Twitch channel.

Oh, and let me just shamelessly plug my Youtube channel right here and here….and here. Feel free to subscribe ????

So what kind of content can you create to get noticed? Well, one thing I have seen streamers do to get noticed is to break records in the game.

For example, when Fortnite was popular, several streamers got their names out there by breaking kill records. If you can make a video of you breaking a record, you can bet that people will visit your stream.

However, if you are like most gamers, you are probably average at best at the game you play. So then what? Well you don’t have to be good at a game to create a video that gains recognition. Maybe you make a video of funny clips from your game play.

Maybe you help people answer certain questions about a game like “how to _______?” If your video is creative enough then it has a chance to get noticed.

It also doesn’t even have to go viral in order to bring viewers to your channel. Even if only 1k people see your video then that is still 1k more people who are now aware of your stream and might be interested in checking you out in the future.

Having a Youtube channel is a great way to get your stream out there and help build your community.

Don’t stream saturated games

When I say don’t stream saturated games what I mean is don’t stream a game with thousands of viewers and hundreds or thousands of streamers. Why is that you might ask. Wouldn’t it make since to go where everybody is at?

Well when you are new to streaming and just trying to get viewers then you may be tempted to play a game with lots of viewers.

If you see a game with 200k current viewers then you might think with 200k viewers, you can at least get a couple of viewers to your stream right? No shot!

I am not here to burst any bubbles, I am just trying to be dead honest with you. If you are a new streaming channel, with no viewers, then when people search for channels in a game they are interested in then your stream will be at or near the bottom.

If you stream a major game, you will be competing with hundreds if not thousands of other streamers for viewers.

Not to mention you will most likely be going head to head with some of the biggest names in streaming when you stream the “hot” new game.

So, you have to be real with yourself and ask what are the chances that someone chooses to watch your channel over the thousands of other options? Not only that, most of the possible viewers won’t even see your channel because it will be so far down on the list. 

Like I said at the beginning of this article; look for games with lots of viewers and lots of broadcasters. As a new streamer, those are the types of games that you should be sticking to.

Create social media accounts

When you are trying to attract viewers to your channel, the key is to try and reach as many people as possible. The more people you invite to watch your stream, the more likely you are to have people go and watch your stream.

Think of it like fishing. The bigger the net you throw out into the water, the more fish you will be able to pull in. Same goes for finding new viewers except in this case your net, or you reach is your social media accounts.

Now you can make a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even a Pinterest, but in my opinion you only really need to focus on Twitter and Instagram. Obviously the more social media platforms that you are active on, the bigger your reach will be; however, most gamers are most active on those two, Twitter and Instagram.

Many streamers don’t even have any other social media platforms besides those two.

Given that Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social media outlets for gamers, I wouldn’t even bother with anything else.

I think it is better to focus on those two platforms and be super active on them rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Focusing solely on Twitter and Instagram will give you the most bang for your buck so to speak.

Now when you are on these platforms you will want to be reaching out and networking with other streamers and followers. Be active in the community. Be supportive. But DON’T go blasting your stream on others accounts.

It may get you one or two followers or viewers, but is doing more harm than good in the long run because you will be building a bad reputation for yourself. Just be cool and be nice.

Also, make sure to post or share content daily and to post links to your Twitch channel in your bio. Again, the more times you are out there the more chances you have to get recognized.

If you never go on your socials then people will stop paying attention to you and often just unfollow you.

Another key to getting noticed on social media is by using hashtags. Hashtags are crucial! Hashtags will greatly help you to get discovered.

Just to sum it all up, social media accounts are a must. Use them to network with others and to invite others to your stream. But DON’T be THAT GUY or GIRL who promotes on others platforms. It’s just not cool.

Oh and lastly, go to my Twitter and my Instagram and give me a follow.

Create a website and install the Twitch Live Plugin

Not many people know this, but there is actually a Twitch Live Plugin that you can install on your website that will let others know when you go live. Pretty cool right?

So what I would recommend doing is creating a website and then installing the plugin so that way people can see when you are live and then click the plugin in order to go straight to your stream. Super cool and super easy.

But now what should you put on your website? Well that’s up to you. You definitely want to have your brand (which we will discuss later) but in order to drive traffic I recommend helping people answer questions about games they play.

How many times are you sent articles about different video games that you play or games that you might be interested in playing? All the time right?

So why not create some of your own content and see what kind of traffic you can drive to your website.

More traffic means more potential viewers.

Guest post on other websites

This one might take some networking, but it can be a great way to get your name out there.

Guest posts are just that; guests or people not associated with your website who get permission to post on your website. It’s a win win for both the website owner and the person who writes the guest post.

On the on hand, the website owner gets a free piece of content or article that he can then use to monetize and drive traffic to.

And on the other hand the guest writer gets their own name or brand out there giving them a chance for some exposure.

Again in order to guest post you will have to do some kind of networking, but it can be a great way to put yourself out there in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

Try reaching out to websites and offer to write an article or two and see what happens.

Get hosted by another streamer

I know being hosted by a major streamer is every streamers dream, but being hosted by smaller streamers is cool too and much more likely.

Host for host is something that Twitch frowns down on so don’t do that, but if you make friends with streamers in the community and you guys host each other every now and again then you are good.

And getting hosted from another streamer, big or small, can help you to get more viewers on your Twitch.

Ok, I am just going to be honest with this next part, there may be a lot of luck involved with this one, but if you get hosted by a big time streamer it can be a game changer.

Streamers who get hosted by big time streamers usually see a major boost in follows and sometimes even subs.

Now although I do admit there is a lot of luck involved, there are things you can do to improve your chances of being hosted by a major streamer.

For one, be active and supportive in their communities. If they see you as a cool dude they may just give you a host just to do you a solid.

These big time streamers will be more likely to host you if they at least are familiar with you.

Another you can do is to follow and be subbed to the stream. Sometimes these big streamers will choose a random sub and host them. It is not likely, but anything is possible right?

Post and answer questions in Reddit

Reddit can be a low key gold mine. I am dead serious. People go on reddit all the time asking questions and looking for answers.

If you can answer their questions and slip in a little stream or social media invite then they will be much more likely to to help you out since you helped them out.

Not even joking, people are more likely to help someone out who has helped them out. They feel a sense of debt and want to repay it.

So be active and helpful in reddit. Post discussions and help lead people back to your social medias, Youtube videos, stream, etc.

Be active in forums of the game you play

Being active in forums of the games you play goes back to networking again. These forums can be on social media, on Reddit or on a website. The whole point again is to be helpful, supportive and positive in these forums.

If people see you as a chill person why would they not come check out your stream? If you can get people from the different forums that you are a part of to check out your stream it also helps you to build your community as well.

Weather you are in the early stages of streaming, or you are a seasoned vet, community will always be very important and participating in forums helps to build those communities.

Giveaways or promotions

Giveaways and promotions can be a great way to draw people into your stream. If you are browsing through different channels and you see someone giving away a $20 gift card with only 10 viewers don’t you like those odds!?

Giveaways and promotions can be a great way to draw people in, but I have to offer a word of caution when using giveaways and promotions to promote your channel.

For one, having to pay for gift cards or whatever can get pricey. Doing giveaways often can really add up.

The other issue that can occur with giveaways is that people come in, stay for the giveaway, then dip. These giveaways may be good for attracting viewers, but it may not always be a good thing to help build your community.

I am not saying to never to giveaways, but what I am saying is set them up in such a way that it helps to build your community rather than just being some kind of transaction.

Make your stream fun

This is pretty straightforward. When you go live, you are an entertainer. People are tuning in to you to be entertained and to be distracted from the real world.

If you are streaming and not talking or falling asleep or seem disinterested then people are going to bounce. Now to be fun means different things to different people and different communities.

You don’t have to have some silly dance you do every time someone follows your stream, but you should find ways to make your stream fun, interesting and engaging.

This could be by the way you talk, the way you dress or the way your stream is laid out. Whatever you do, just be entertaining.

Make friends in other streaming communities

This has to do with networking….again……so I hope that you are starting to see how important networking is for streaming. You should take time each week to visit other streams and just chat with people in the stream and with the streamer themselves.

This technique is going to work better in smaller streaming communities where you can engage with people easier. Often times in large streams it is impossible to get a word in so you may be wasting your time trying to network in these large communities.

When you are in other stream DO NOT self promote. Again just be present, ask questions and be supportive.

Stream with high energy

Is there any better example of this than Nickmercs!? That guy brings it every single stream. Right now he is my favorite streamer to watch for this reason. He is just pumped every time you tune in to watch him.

Now I am not saying you have to bring his same energy because honestly it would be very tough to match, but you do have to bring some kind of energy and excitement to the stream.

Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t a snooze fest. People didn’t tune in to watch you take a nap. They came to be entertained.

Go ahead and show some emotion. Be excited and have some freaking energy in your streams. When you stream with high energy people like that and are more likely to stick around.

Have your current viewers invite others

People are more likely to do something when they are asked to do it. So if you are chilling in stream and have a few viewers in there watching, ask them to invite their buddies over to watch with them. They may not bring anyone, but if you don’t ask then you will never know.

Be unique

There are literally thousands of streamers on Twitch and so you have to ask yourself why is someone going to choose to watch your channel over the thousands of other options that are out there?

Is it the cool costume you where while you play (Dr. Disrespect)? Is it the high energy you have on stream (Nickmercs)? Are you just an absolute beast at the game you play?

In order to get recognized on Twitch you will have to do something unique in order to stand out and get noticed. Just turning on your camera and streaming is just not going to do it. There are thousands of others doing the same thing.

So find what you can do to stand out from the crowd and just do it, no Nike.

Enjoy the game you play

If you are going to be streaming several days a week, for several hours a week then you better enjoy the game that you play! When you enjoy the game that you play you have more excitement and more energy which therefore makes people more likely to want to be a part of your stream.

If you you don’t enjoy the game you are playing then you will get burnt out quick and your viewers will be able to tell. I saw this when Fortnite started to decline.

I could tell several of the streamers I was watching were over the game, but they felt that they had to keep playing the game to appease their community. Some of them even came out and said as much.

If your community is there for YOU then it won’t matter what game you play. Streaming is meant to be fun so enjoy the game that you are playing to keep the good vibes rolling.

Play a game that is newly released

If you can be one of the first people to stream a brand new game then you have a leg up on the competition.

If there is a cool new game out, and you are one of the few people streaming that game, then what other options do people have then to tune in to your stream to check the game out.

Some games offer early access for an additional cost or for signing up for certain promotions. If you can get the game early and start streaming it before anyone else then you have something that nobody else has which makes you unique.

Again, early access will help you cut down your competition big time and make people who are interested in the game more likely to click on your channel.

Even without early access, just being one of the first streamers streaming a new game can give you a chance to get seen before the game becomes too saturated.

Play in tournaments

Some streamers have gotten their starts from dominating in tournaments. For those of you who were in to Fortnite like I was, think about how many times we saw streamers go from nobodies to being some of the top streamers on Twitch just because they balled out in a tournament.

Major tournaments are going to be where you would get the most exposure, but obviously getting into the big leagues is not a possibility for new streamers.

But don’t worry, even doing well in smaller tournaments hosted by different streamers can get your name out there.

Sometimes you don’t even have to do well though. Sometimes just getting in to some of these tournaments puts your name out there which can then lead to more viewers and more followers on Twitch.

Putting yourself out there in the community is huge. Win or lose.

Setup notifications for your followers

This another straight forward tip. You can setup your Twitch account to notify your followers when you go live. Even if you have a schedule, many of your followers will still need to be reminded of when you go live.

It doesn’t hurt and those who follow you can always just turn off the notifications if they are annoyed by them.

Here is a guide that teaches you how to set up your notifications on Twitch.

Create a brand/theme for your channel

Having a brand or a theme for yourself is going to help you stand out and get noticed which will in turn attract more viewers. There is a streamer that I recently found named Eagle Garret and he is a perfect example of this.

His name is Eagle Garret across all of his social media and Youtube. His subs/followers are called the flock. He has eagle noises on his stream for different things that occur and all his social medias have his logo on them.

Why is this important? Well if you have one name and logo on Twitch, another name and logo on Twitch and then another name and logo on Youtube well nobody is going to know who you are. Part of building a community is building a brand.

If someone sees your cool clip on Twitter and wants to check out your stream, don’t make them have to play Dora the Explorer to have to find you.

Create a brand and a theme for your channel in order to stand out and help build your community. And also, be creative with it.

Create a Discord server

Discord is a great way to interact with your community. Discord is basically like a chat room for gamers. Discord is easier to monitor than your stream chat and you can have greater control of who goes in.

If people feel special for being in your Discord then they will be more likely to visit your stream.

Because, I mean after all, who doesn’t want to feel special.

Find communities in Discord that let you promote your channel

If you are just starting out then joining a Discord is probably going to help you get noticed more than creating your own Discord would. Being part of another person’s Discord not only helps you to network, there are actually some Discords that will allow you to promote your streams in their Discords.

Again, be respectful and only promote you channel if it is permitted within the Discord.

Do a test stream before going live to test the quality

Before you even begin your stream you should always do a stream test. The reason being is that if someone tunes into your stream and the quality is really bad then they will take off no questions asked.

More people will view your stream if it is looking good: good sound, good connection and good video quality. In order to make sure all these things are up to par, do a stream test before hand to fix anything that needs fixing.

To do a stream test is simple. I have a whole article about it showing you how to do a stream test and what exactly to look for.

It may take you an extra minute or two, but it is better to stream test and then go live rather than having to cut the stream short because of technical issues.

Raid another person’s channel

Raiding another streamers channel is a simple way to get your channel out there. When you raid another channel, the streamer of the channel you are raiding will be notified and they usually will give you a shout out.

If you are new to streaming, getting your name shouted out on another channel probably won’t put you over the top, but it can be another small victory that can lead to more followers and more viewers in the end.

Post when you are going live on your socials

Posting when you are going live on your socials is very, VERY important. Even the big time streamers do it so why would you be an exception? Even if you only have 10 followers, you still need to post and let them know that you are going live.

For one, it gets you in the habit of posting every time that you go live and two it lets your followers know that you are going live. Maybe you only get one viewer that comes over from posting that you are going live well one is better than none right?

Posting that you are live is just another reminder/invitation to come over and check out the stream. Don’t be shy, just do it….no Nike.

Play with your viewers

Playing with your viewers not only strengthens your current community, it also helps pull in new viewers to your stream.

What I noticed during my time as a streamer is that many people are looking for people to play with.

Video games are more fun with other people and people will stop by your stream more often if they have the chance to play with you.

But how will people know that you are playing with viewers? Well see the section below.

Use Twitch tags

Twitch tags are a great tool for streamers who are trying to grow their audience.

Twitch tags are special tags that streamers can add to their streams to help potential viewers find them. And the best part is there are hundreds to tags for streamers to choose from.

So for example, if a streamers adds the “Family Friendly” tag to their stream, and a user searches for streams that contain the family friendly tag, that streamers stream would be more likely to appear in the search results.

This is because only streams with that tag will be displayed. This is especially useful for streamers who stream saturated games.

As a small streamer this is one of the best tools you can use to help you get discovered on Twitch. Oh, and there is also a “Playing With Viewers” tag for viewers looking for streamers to game with.

If you want to know how to add tags on Twitch then check out my article here, or watch my video below.

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And if you are looking for more ideas of things to do and stream on Twitch then check out my article here.

Stream Tips

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Well, that’s it. That’s the list. If you have any other things that you think I should add let me know,

Remember, to grow a stream takes time and effort. Success will come a little bit at a time so be patient and keep grinding my friends.

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